What is The Best Time to Post on Reddit

What is The Best Time to Post on Reddit – 2022 Guide

You would probably be well aware of Reddit at this point as it is dubbed as the front page of the internet these days, and is also a brilliant way to ideally curate content and most importantly share it with others. That is the reason why it’s worth knowing about when you must post on Reddit. All of this would obviously get you a lot of up votes as well as attention.

While most folks would think that the best time to post on Reddit is when you come across a lot of activity, marketers must have to figure out the time as to when they should post content on Reddit and also as to what they should opt to post during those times. Keep in mind that if you post at the appropriate time, you can get innumerable views for your content in no time.

When is the Best Time to Post on Reddit?

The question that pops up in mind right now as to when should be the best time to post to Reddit? There are certain things that should be kept in mind prior to deciding about the best time to post on reddit.

While keeping in view the fact that the majority of folks who use Reddit are based in America, we should figure out when they are online the most if we want to be successful with our Reddit content.

That is why, it should be kept in mind as to what specific times are best, based on most of the Reddit users.

Besides, it is also worth mentioning that all the posts that were submitted during these times will supposedly perform best while factoring in the subreddit as well as your target audience which will obviously give you the most optimal outcomes.

It should also be kept in mind that most resources on the internet will obviously tell you that the best days to post on Reddit are Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays. Moreover, posts that are submitted right in the early morning are more likely to receive engagement.

While the aforementioned advice can be useful, the urge to apply them blindly still remains under question and most importantly when most Reddit users are from the US, so this posting time data is certainly skewed toward those in US time zones.

Just in case if you’re opting to promote a product that is more associated with a community outside the US, you need to adjust your posting schedule keeping this in mind.

This is so the opposite of what a lot of folks actually think about there as it is not the best practice to be uploading content to your Reddit account just in the middle of working week.

Also, there is a market of captive audiences where most of the folks are glued to computers during the week, however very little of this demographic will definitely have the time to log right into their Reddit and comprehend what’s going on.

It’s mostly the weekends where the real action is and where most folks really find the time to relax and also sit back while thinking about what’s going on with their Reddit feed.

This is undoubtedly one of the best ways for most of the Reddit fans to easily spend their leisure time on the weekends and that is the reason it’s one of the best times to post.

The fact that posting in the morning is comparatively better is just because if you get your content up at the earliest, it’s got the entire day on the weekend to easily find American users to upvote it and also interact with it in general.

Besides, it also allows for the several time zones in America while posting early in the morning and which clearly means that there will be more time to drum up discussion just around your post, and one of the best ways to promote a Reddit post is by thoroughly replying to questions as well as comments. 

What are the Peak Hours on Reddit?

While keeping in view the fact that the majority of the folks use Reddit between the hours of 10 and 11 a.m. EST, you should accordingly schedule your content keeping this thing in mind. Most importantly, this is when most of the Reddit users are online and are thoroughly looking at content, that is why it makes sense to post during this time.

When is Reddit the Most Active?

It is on weekdays that Reddit is more active and especially with the most amount of comments as well as posts happening in the mornings, you should keep these two factors in mind.

As far as the weekends are concerned, things slow down a little bit and this is just because people mostly catch up on sleep and also stay outside on the weekends.

When are the Best Days to Post to Reddit?

As we mentioned earlier, one of the best days to post on Reddit are Mondays, Saturdays and Sundays.

The very best time to post on Saturday is just between 07:00 AM and 09:00 AM.  As far as Sundays are concerned, the optimal posting time is right from 06 AM until 08 AM with a rise in activity just around 11 Am EST (noon). When it comes to Mondays, there’s less competition for views and that is why it can be an ideal time of the week to post although there are also certain other variables that must be kept in mind.

Subreddit Traffic Analysis for Specific Subreddits

While keeping in view the optimal times to appropriately submit content wouldn’t overlap with the suitable times to rightly submit with respect to the default subreddits.

Just in case if they partly do, this could be just because of the insanely large numbers of US users that are skewing the Reddit data.

Luckily, there is a free online tool that has got you covered while analyzing the top posts of any kind of given subreddit and telling you as to when they will be posted.

This exceptional tool is called Later For Reddit and ideally shows you as to which days of the week and at what times of the day the top posts of a specific subreddit were submitted.

A thorough analysis of the “Sweden” subreddit clearly reveals that the appropriate days of the week to post should be at 5 to 7 AM US Central Time (11 AM to 1 PM GMT, 12 PM to 2 PM Swedish time) on a Thursday or Friday.

Moreover, if you wish to promote something to a Swedish audience, however, you’ll have to publish your blog posts even earlier, at an appropriate time when folks in Sweden have just woken up and gear up for their day through checking the several social media platforms they opt to use.

All of this is due to the fact that US users are in great majority of Reddit users that the “Sweden” subreddit will obviously receive lots of web traffic from the US at US-centric times.

That doesn’t mean that all subreddits will obviously have such a catch, though – it must be something to keep in mind majorly when posting to place-specific (local, regional, national) subreddits. And also, nothing must replace your own testing as well as analysis.

There can be some other post popularity factors which must be easily picked up on through numbers. That is why, you must think carefully and try to adapt your posting times according to subreddits that rightly follow TV shows, sports, games or several other niches that have a particular rhythm of activity.   

Wrapping Up

That is why, the very best times to post on Reddit must be on Mondays, Saturdays, and Sundays and also in the mornings.

Keep in mind, folks usually have more time to spend on Reddit on the weekends, however you should not forget that this must change slightly depending on which subreddit are you part of or have created.

While there’s no harm in doing some more research yourself on the topic too, you should keep in mind that these are tried and tested times that should have worked for a lot of other folks.

Try to make sure that you are still an active member of the Reddit community too and you can’t get anywhere if you just try to post content and must not reply to comments and messages.

Reddit can be handy to navigate, so it should be kept in mind to thoroughly learn as much as you can about it and figure out how to ideally interact with your community in a proper way.

That is why, starting with the appropriate times to post on the renowned social media platform is one great step.






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