Tools to Find Social Media Accounts

Top 10 Best Tools to Find Social Media Accounts

Social media has undoubtedly become the most significant part of our daily routine as anyone has an account on one or more social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

It may happen sometime that you look for a long-lost friend or an ex-colleague, or perhaps you want to keep up with the weirdest trends on social media. That is why a need is felt to figure out a way to search social networks.

It is also a fact that most social networks have their own search engines by default, but they’re primarily limited by the fact that they can only search their own database. The clear solution is that you should look for free tools that can search all of the most prominent networks and also lots of the niche.

In most of the cases, email address can be the best way to find social media handles/accounts owing to its accuracy. This can be estimated from the fact that two individuals may share the same names as well as date of birth on social media platforms but the same email address is not even a possibility.

Why Social Media Profiles are so significant?

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Moreover, social media has been playing a crucial role in our life. Regardless of the fact that social media is not real; most of us are pretty sensitive about it. That is why; finding social media of the person often gives you a rough idea of their nature, behavior and certain other factors of their personality.

In the business world as well, an employer who is looking for an employee is very interested to find social media profiles whether it be Facebook or Twitter, or even LinkedIn.

Employers of big corporate houses use the email address to find social media accounts of their potential employees. It is also significant as Social Media depicts some real facts about the person. Moreover, your social media profile can influence your job profile and that is why, prior to posting anything, you should think about your career.

Free Tools to Find Social Media Accounts

In case if you ever opted to do social media search through social media platforms, you definitely would have found that the results are usually not that satisfactory. However, there are certain tools that can help.

Take a look at some of the best tools that will easily help you find more thorough and precise information on social media associated with your business or anything that is of your interests. Let’s dive in,

1. Lullar

This fascinating tool is often dubbed as the ‘Google of social media’. It has a colossal database of innumerable email addresses. Lullar makes the most of this database to find social media accounts.

You can easily access the tool only through its website and Lullar is not just as a browser extension/add-on for now. In order to search for someone’s social media profile, you need to visit and feed the person’s email address. The best part is that Lullar is free to use. 

2. Email Qualifier

Email Qualifier by Many Contacts is the best Google Chrome Extension that would enable you to easily find the Social Media Account of any kind of person using their email address.

You can easily install the Email Qualifier Chrome extension and it would instantly get to work. Besides, you would also see the Blue Tick icon on the upper right corner of Chrome. 

Moreover, Email Qualifier extension is also quite smart and would sync all Gmail addresses that you have with it. Besides, you can also get all the social media accounts of all kinds of people who email you. All you have to do is just click on the Blue Tick icon right on the top right corner with a list of contacts that will pop up showing you social media profiles.

3. Truthfinder

Truthfinder is yet another tool that can help you to trace social media profiles as well as other information such as the first as well as last name of the relevant person. Besides, it also helps you in knowing about the city and also the state they live in.

However, there are two cautions with Truthfinder and it is a paid tool and only mentions people who are from the US. So you will be disappointed if the person you are looking for lives in other parts of  the world.

4. FullContract

FullContact is a software application that offers specifics on social media profiles. You can easily find people on this tool by entering their emails, Twitter handles, and also contact numbers. The software helps you with the location, job profile, and also much detail about the person. Moreover, you may also lookup companies through their website URLs. FullContact in turn gives you detailed information about the organization from various social networks.

FullContact can be incorporated with other websites through its API. With FullContact, you can also gain unmatched recognition and insights by mapping split identities into a persistent PersonID through an identity group.

5. Pipl

Just in case if you want to search someone’s special social media using email for professional work, you can make the most of Pipl.

Pipl is undoubtedly the best tool for searching social media accounts using email and other ways. Besides, you can also look for social media while making the most of a username, email address, or simply by adding the name of the person. Moreover, Pipl claims as many as 6 Billion non-web results which are truly big numbers when it comes to finding social media accounts using email.

6. Clearbit

Clearbit is yet another significant tool that must be featured in this list. While entering an email address as well as domain on Clearbit, you can also find an individual social media profile, bio, employment, role, Twitter specifics, and details from LinkedIn to name a few.

7. Direct Social Network Search

Another best alternative to all the aforementioned tools is the search bar available on various social media platforms. In more simple words, “direct social network search” can easily help you out with finding social media profiles.

The reason why these search bars filter profiles can be the best option is because these are based on the information you provide in them. The information can be anything i.e. a person’s name, platform-specific ID, or the academic institution they attended.

In addition, you can also enter an email address in the search fields and use it to locate the linked profile/account.

8. mSpy

mSpy is yet another advanced tool to easily find social media accounts. You can make the most of the mSpy app to find social media accounts without any hassle.

In addition, you will not only be able to get the social media account but also the detailed activities that are happening in that social media account.

9. PeekYou

You can also make the most of tools such as PeekYou that can easily search the social media account of the individual using their First & Last name, usernames, and also contact numbers.

The most important part is that PeekYou is a free platform where you can easily get various options to look for social media accounts with the help of Username, First Name, Last Name, Contact Number and location.

10. Spokeo

Spokeo is another tool that can easily help you in finding anyone’s social media account through email. Moreover, you can also easily search for people that can use their Name, Email, Phone, and also address. In other words, they are giving you the clear option for easily finding people you are looking after.

Wrapping Up

Social media platforms have truly become town squares of the modern world. Everybody is joining creating profiles and sharing pictures, crucial life events, and also speaking their minds here. With the help of the aforementioned tools, it can be pretty easy for you to find someone’s social media accounts through an email address.






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