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How to become a successful Freelance Marketing Expert?

It won’t be an overestimation to say that freelance marketers have one of the most amazing jobs on the planet.

The best part about this oh-so-inspiring world of freelance marketing is that there is a never-ending stream of fascinating new projects to work on and also some inspiring clients to work with. Besides, what matters most is the better livelihood involved since it can help businesses grow in the very best way.

Truth be told, freelance marketing is an amazing choice for you to flourish professionally, polish your skills, expand your network, and also get with the job you do.

The question arises at this point is what is meant by freelance marketing, what does a freelance marketer do and what is the day-to-day of a typical freelance marketer? Besides, you will also want to know how to do freelance marketing and how to do freelance advertising? How to do your freelance business and what are the most selling skills of freelance advertising?

Let’s dive in to find answers to the aforementioned questions below.

What exactly is freelance marketing and why is it such a big deal?

You should first keep in mind that freelance marketing is not too different from what other stuff you do as a full-time marketer for a brand.

In the digital world of freelancing, what you do is wider.

However, here you get to work with several brands at once, you pick what you want to work on and you decide your hours, and also you get to know how much your contribution is worth.

As far as a freelance digital marketer is concerned, he is a professional with exceptional ranges of skills from content and copywriting to social media as well as search engine optimization and also ad creation as well as building websites, strategy building, and also design.

3 Steps for Becoming a Successful Freelance Marketer

1. Figure out your niche

While keeping in view the fact that marketing is a diverse field, covering a wide array of roles such as social media marketing, SEO, paid acquisition, conversion rate optimization, email marketing and product marketing to name a few, it depends upon you as to what you should decide to try your luck in.

Moreover, when businesses are on a lookout for a freelance marketer, they’re usually looking for a specialist to figure out a specific challenge for them.

Most of the companies need more traffic and that is why, they mostly need SEO. Besides, a company would need a copywriter for increasing conversions and also an email specialist for improving open rates.

Besides, they can also go even deeper with your specialties and let’s say if you’re a copywriter, you could easily specialize in certain areas such as copywriting for email, copywriting for SaaS companies and also copywriting for ecommerce product pages.

The most important part is that the more specific you are, the better it would be for you to sell yourself and stand out from any kind of potential competition.

Let us take the example of social media community management in a particular sector such as the sports industry. The freelance role in this industry would be to help in helping successful social media agencies and while just landing a sporting client and carefully planning the content while managing that account.

The question arises at this point is how do you find your niche and the simplest way would be to look at what you are brilliant at doing as a freelancer. Besides, you should also be able to produce results, so choosing a particular niche you’re an expert in is necessary.

Besides, you should also be able to know what you’re passionate about and if you’re building your career with this skill or market sector, you must be really passionate about that area or you will build a career that you won’t enjoy.

Some of the few suggestions would be an SEO specializing in ecommerce, an email marker focused on B2B, and also a social media marketer in the sports sector.

Besides, you shouldn’t find clients that can match your goals ideally, but knowing what you’re going for helps you to make sure that you’re moving toward your favorite career as a freelance marketer. .

2. Know your Stuff

This is really a prerequisite; if you want to be a freelance marketer and you’ve got to understand your marketing.

It sounds pretty obvious, but you would be really amazed how many folks get into the business without any complete grounding in basic marketing principles.

There are certain things such as targeting, branding, engagement, communication, as well as sales, advertising, messaging, follow-up and you can’t possibly freelance on this stuff if you have no idea about it already.

There is a possibility that you are already aware of all this stuff, however just in case if you need to brush up, you should do it on a frequent basis and should check out some useful resources.

You should regularly read some of these posts on a frequent basis and also keep a book or two for your free time. This will easily help get you in the ideal framework for the day’s work.

3. Unforgettable branding

You should also need to create a brand identity that will efficiently communicate your skills as well as attitude with specialization.

If you can easily align your messaging and how you are capable of delivering it with what your customers want to hear to make the most of every kind of informed decision.

Although your business brand could not ever have that much of a reach that hockey teams or news channels do, however that doesn’t mean that your brand can’t have the same kind  effect on your customers.

Let’s take the example of a specific channel as they have positioned their brand so strongly with a certain ideology. All of the content that they create adheres to this kind of ideology, and their specific messaging supports it.

Consumers of any mainstream channel are comfortable with what the company expresses and how they say it. They can easily recognize the brand imagery and any kind of messaging anywhere and they should have a strong loyalty to every aspect of it.

Moreover, the same is the case with sports teams as they are a very strong brand and evoke feelings of patriotism, community as well as victory. Every sports fan in a particular area must easily recognize the sports brand and talking about it creates a sudden rapport, even with strangers.

While keeping in view the aforementioned facts, you will be able to know that your business brand won’t have quite the reach that hockey teams or news channels have, but it doesn’t mean that your brand would have a similar effect on your customers.

You develop a specific brand by having a clear vision and also a value statement, and then you will be making sure that they are ideally reflected in every piece of your marketing ranging from advertisements straight through to customer support.

You should also comprehend the qualities that you expect your target niche to ideally respond to best to. Is it really significant to your most ideal clients that they can do business with anyone hip and technologically knowledgeable.  Maybe it’s more significant to them that you can be trustworthy and also reliable? Or maybe you’ll do ideal if you are the best company, catering only to those with the best of standards?

Even if you are not clear yet, you should keep in mind that branding is an art and science all on its own, and that is why it’s been written about, analyzed, discussed and also dissected by some of the most amazing minds in the world. You should also take help from some of the best books on the subject.

Wrapping Up

Freelancing advertising can be one of the best decisions that you have ever made. However, it can also be very challenging. Hopefully, this article has given you everything you should take the first steps in becoming a freelance marketer and also building your dream career.






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