A Useful Guide to become a Successful Game Developer

A Useful Guide to Become a Successful Game Developer

You might have heard from so many people that becoming a professional video game developer can be a more challenging task. The reason behind this fact is that among the majority number of games that are created for computers, consoles, as well as mobile platforms, most make little or no money in certain cases. 

As per the facts revealed by Electronic Entertainment Design and Research Institute, there are only 4% of games that go into production and make a profit. Moreover, the game produced for big guys such as Nintendo, Xbox, and other high-profile platforms, only just 20% is profitable. 

What is the basic job of a game developer?

If we take simple mobile games out of the equation, video game development needs a large team to be successful. As far as the creative side is concerned, you definitely need writers and artists. On the tech side, you will need help from programmers, QA testers, and also engineers. While keeping in view the fact that video game development is a business, you will obviously need marketers, accountants, and also managers. However, the majority of the people who are fascinated by game development are interested in careers in game development.  

Why Game Development matters the most?

Why Game Development matters the most

As in the case of the majority of the video game companies, the vast development team and staff address all levels of game design, i.e. from conceptualization to the end product. Each department is assigned a specific role, with all the moving parts working in collaboration to ensure a memorable gaming experience for players. One of the most significant roles is the game developer, as they are the ones who are responsible to turn the game designer’s ideas into a real, enticing and playable video game.

As a gaming developer, you might design main game features, supervise game testing and also conduct design reviews. Besides, you could also show your skills in production, artistic concept, and also gameplay. In a nutshell, a game development career needs great creativity, but the competition for jobs is also very much intense.

Various Specialized Roles of Game Developers 

Various Specialized Roles of Game Developers

While keeping in view the fact that video game development is a vast field, there are certain specialized roles that you should keep in mind prior to joining the field. Some of these specialized roles include,

1. Gameplay developer 

The basic job of a gameplay developer is to help develop a game’s overall feel, and he/she may work on audio and graphics. 

2. UI developer

These developers are responsible for building and maintaining user interfaces.

3. Game engine developer

The game engine developer basically work on both graphics as well as simulated physics

4. Physics engine programmers 

As far as the physics engine programmers are concerned, they determine and program the simulated physics in games. 

5. Graphics engine developers

 These kinds of developers design and troubleshoot 3D graphic renderers for both 2D and 3D games

6. AI developers

The basic job of AI developers is to design and develop the technology that helps NPCs in games to behave in a lifelike way.

7. Network developers

These kinds of developers write the code that lets players in various locations while playing together online.

8. Audio developers

The basic job of an audio developer is to build sound engines for games

9. Input developers 

As far as the input developers are concerned, they develop the code that lets peripherals control game-play.

10. Porting developers 

 The porting developers are responsible for what’s necessary to make games made for one platform playable on another platform.  

5 Important Skills for Game Developer in 2021

5 Important Skills for Game Developer in 2021

With so much happening in the gaming market, game development truly looks attractive as a profession. However, that being said, it is also true that you need certain skills to become a top-notch video game developer. Let’s discuss some of the essential skills required to become a successful game developer. 

1. Strong grip over IT skills 

To become a successful game developer, it is necessary that you have a strong grip over IT skills, including programming, video graphics and also hardware. 

Beyond coding, you should also have a flair for design. While keeping in view the fact that graphics and animation play a significant role in video games, game designers are required to be familiar with character design, scenery design, and also user interface design. 

Keeping the artistic as well as technical chops in these areas will clearly help you to create a game that is stunning and life-life with realistic animation. Most importantly, this will also help you to stand out in the highly-competitive marketplace.

2. Time Management Skills

Video games nowadays are complex products with various moving parts. Quite often, they will require multiple teams of key artistic and technical professionals that are responsible for bringing various pieces together. To progress in such kind of environment, you are required to be able to work hard under pressure and also learn to collaborate with others while at the same time, keep up with project deadlines.

3. Keep yourself updated with the industry development 

 As a game developer, you need to have a strong affinity for games and play them quite often. Apart from being a gamer, you need to keep yourself updated with what is happening with competitors and the gaming world in particular. 

The basic concept often comes from current elements of other games. The more you learn and play and tear apart, the more you will be able to know as to what makes a game more renowned with its audience. This will easily help you to refine and also improve your own game ideas as well as designs. 

4. Storytelling

Storytelling is the most important skill that needs to be mastered by game developers. Narrative developers can add elements such as suspense and humor to attract players’ attention.

The best thing about developing games with a good storyline is that it can help you leave a lasting impression on the players. 

5. Develop high level math skills

Owing to the fact that coding is by default the creation of a mathematical equation that helps the computer to perform in various ways, game programmers also need to develop high level math skills to progress in the field. According to Northeastern University, the incoming freshman must seek a degree in video game developing must have high school coursework in certain areas such as trigonometry, physics, and calculus. 

Besides, it is also essential that the game developers need to understand linear algebra as well as basic algorithms. If you want to pursue a career in game development and lacking in some of these courses, gear up to take them in your college years at the earliest. 

Game Developer Job Description

The basic aim of a company must be to hire a creative and passionate game developer in order to create exciting new video games. A seasoned game developer must be responsible for creating the overall game storyline while building character biographies and also constructing the base engine. Moreover, he would also need to design specific role-play mechanics while contributing to audio as well as graphic design, creating the game specs, and fixing any kind of bugs before the final game release.

To excel as a game developer, you need to have strong artistic skills and also sound working knowledge of various coding software, and most importantly, be able to work as part of a team. At the end of the day, a top-notch game developer will have to turn basic ideas into exceptionally crafted games that are able to meet desired company specifications.

Job Responsibilities of a Game developer

  • Must Create initial storylines as well as character biographies.
  • Should be able to translate ideas into efficient code.
  • Should be capable of constructing the game base engine.
  • Can easily generating storyboards and game scripts.
  • Must contribute to the audio and graphic design.
  • Can easily animate game characters and environment.
  • Should be capable of developing milestones and schedules.
  • Must create game quality unit tests.
  • Must create game specifications as well as operating instructions.

Game Developer Requirements

  • Preferably have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering.
  • Must have a proven work experience accomplishing a full video game life-cycle.
  • Must be proficient in C++ and various other programming languages such as Java or C.
  • Must have excellent knowledge of APIs and build libraries.
  • Strong artistic as well as graphic design skills.
  • Capable of solving complicated problems using best practices.

Game Developer Salary 

According to Glassdoor, the median salary of a game developer is approximately $68,000 in the United States. As far as the minimum is concerned, it lies somewhere around $37,000, and the maximum is around $119,000. The value may change depending upon the location. According to Payscale, the average salary for a Video Game Programmer is $64,562. 

 Wrapping Up

It’s not that easy as it apparently seems, as it can take many years of hard work to finally capable of creating a game. You’ll need to master the art of coding and even creating out-of-the-box concepts for the game. So you should have to think well if you want to become a seasoned game developer and excel in the field. 






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