Top Programming Languages in 2021

Top 5 Programming Languages in 2021

It is true beyond the shadow of a doubt that technology in the contemporary advanced world has abruptly changed at a rapid pace. Besides, we are also observing more rapid progress of alternative technologies surpassing each other with regular updates & progress. However, it is also a concrete fact that there are certain domains that can badly get affected with such a volatile nature of technology.

One of such domains is programming languages that are undoubtedly the most significant prerequisite for every discipline, including Web Development, Machine Learning, Data Science, or any other. That is why we observe as to how the ranking of these Programming Languages dramatically changed in accordance with their demand & popularity in the developer’s ranks.

Moreover, it becomes essential on your behalf to be updated with the latest digital trends and indices of Programming Language to remain persistent in the tech market. 

Let’s discuss some of the best programming languages that will be in top trends in the year 2021. 

1. Python 

A ranking report published by RedMonk for the year 2020 reveals that Python outranks JAVA while becoming the second most renowned programming language.

The language has undoubtedly experienced extraordinary growth of almost 18-19% in the last five years. Besides, Python has also ranked at the #1 position for PYPL December 2020 index. 

Python has been the most favored programming language of almost every individual who wants to initiate with the programming domain for the last few years. The fundamental reason behind this is the simplest syntax that makes it convenient to read, learn, and use.

The language has been extensively used for web development and software development, to name a few. Besides, with various trending technologies such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, etc. are on the rise; the language proudly offers some enriching features including rich library support, garbage collection by default, convenient integration with other languages, and GUI Programming support to name a few.

Besides, several renowned Python frameworks will make things even more easy for efficient & convenient are Django, Flask, and Pyramid, to name a few. 

2. R Language 

R has undoubtedly seen an exponential rise in its ranking when we observe various reputed indexes for programming languages. Most specifically, if we have a look at TIOBE ranking, we will observe that it has jumped to 9th position from 16th position in a short span of just 12 months.

There are several big giants such as Facebook, Google, Uber, etc. that are using the R language for their businesses, and are considering the fast increasing demand for data science as well as machine learning trends. While keeping the aforementioned fact in view, it can be worthwhile for programmers to learning the R programming language for their future career endeavors.

The best part is that it is an open-source programming language that is highly regarded in the area of Data Science, Statistical Analysis, and Machine Learning while offering you with a huge set of libraries and also frameworks. 

3. Kotlin

Kotlin was developed for finding some better alternative than Java. Many of the experts claim that the goal has been achieved in the best possible ways. Despite the fact that Kotlin hasn’t turned out to be that trendy, statistics do reveal that its demand is growing gradually.

The effortless interoperation between Kotlin and Java has undoubtedly made Android development rapid and even more enjoyable. Since Kotlin has addressed the major issues surfaced in Java, developers have also tended to rewritten various Java apps in Kotlin.

The best part is that a good compiler, an effective programming language and offers an improved run-time performance. 

4. Go

Being developed by Google in 2007 for APIs and web applications, Go has undoubtedly become one of the rapidly-growing programming languages in the past few years. In the opinion of some of the programmers, it is an exceptional alternative to Python.

Go is undoubtedly an ideal for minimal web applications, including APIs, and web servers. Moreover, it also includes some amazing features such as C-like semantics, memory management, efficient performance, and contemporary data structure support.

The best part is that you use it for system and network programming. Besides, it can also be an efficient tool for big data, machine learning, audio, and video editing, and much more.

5. Golang 

Golang goes with the name “Go” in the market. It is a programming language developed by Google. In contemporary times, with concepts of multithreading and distributed systems getting highly renowned, Golang is gradually gaining fame as a consequence. This language is presently one of the widely used programming languages in Silicon Valley.

The best part is that this language has been designed in such a way that it conveniently supports multithreading while allowing processes to run at the same time, which is why this language was effectively used for creating projects such as Kubernetes, Docker, Blockchain, etc.  

Wrapping Up

The craze for learning programming languages has risen very high, and that is why these folks have one simple question in their mind, and that is a question pops up in mind as to which programming language should one choose in 2021 and why. The best advice would be to invest your skills in the trendy programming language emerging and the top trends.  






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