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10 Useful Tips to Write a Professional Freelance Proposal 2021

If you want to attain progress by leaps and bounds in the field of freelancing, the best recipe would be to create the most professional and perfect freelance proposal to win the best jobs.

Owing to the flexibility involved in freelancing, this work has lured a huge number of professionals in so many niches to shift from the tiresome nine-to-five to freelancing.

However, things are not that easy in the world of freelancing as the market has truly become more competitive and you have to be more than sharp and witty to attract lucrative clients.

What is a Freelance Project Proposal?

What is a freelance project proposal

A project proposal is a unique freelancer’s opportunity to offer a solution that could possibly meet the client’s demands. By successfully writing a freelance project proposal, a free contractor can easily highlight their related capabilities and present some extra ideas relevant to the project as well as the client’s industry.

Mainly, it’s all about what you can offer to the clients and not your skillset in general.

A freelance proposal is a precise summary that proudly presents why you are entitled to a specific job. While professionally addressing a warm greeting to the buyers, a bid proposal should also mention your qualifications as well as past work experiences and also vested interest in the job.

Most importantly, a proposal also mentions the bidding amount and also the timeframe required to complete the project successfully.

How to Write a Professional Freelance Project?

As a freelancer, it is really crucial for you to comprehend how to write an ingenious freelance proposal to win clients.

If you are someone who has a way with words and can write numerous gigs simultaneously, the following tips will help you create the winning freelance proposal, without any hassle.

1. Try to Capture Attention Quickly

The very first thing your proposal needs to do is ideally capture the attention of your possible employer. You should do it rapidly or they will conveniently initiate reading another proposal and skip what you have to say.

This is why it is important not to initiate from afar and get to the point on an immediate basis. Try to think of a catchy one-liner to ideally place at the very start of your proposal. It can be a rhetorical question or any claim about your kind of services that you will explain later in the proposal. As long as it ideally grabs the attention of the reader well and doesn’t misinform them, the sentence should work amazingly fine.

2. Try to Present a Warm Friendly Greetings

Make sure that you have started your proposal on a friendly note. Everyone loves to hear about themselves initially prior to knowing the other one. Try to talk about their business as well as appreciate their endeavours.

The very first few sentences must focus on the prospective client while growing a professional relationship. Making a strong as well as a friendly entrance adds even more dedication towards the project.

3. Don’t Go for Every Project

The very first thing to keep in mind while bidding is not to waste your energy by bidding on every single project. It is also worth mentioning here that has as many as 2,000 plus writing-related jobs on which to bid at any particular time? Obviously, you can only bid on a minor fraction of jobs. You can really expect more favorable jobs to come your way.

In case if you’ve really worked in a dynamic environment like or, you’ll clearly notice every time you log into your account, buyers across the world can easily post for new jobs.

4. Discuss The Jobs More Passionately

Try to offer a precise comprehension of the client’s needs. Elaborate how you will help them to successfully meet the desired goals.

Put yourself in their place and rationalize what they will expect from you. Simply understanding your efficiencies will not put them conveniently, instead get down to essential details and explain in a step-wise guide on how you are going to complete their task.

Also, mention the timeframe as well as relevant dates (if possible) required by you to accomplish the job. Include particular deliverables in your proposal and when you would require them. Quote your price for the aforementioned job and also the mode of payment that ideally suits you.

5. Explain Your Services

There are lots of freelance writers who wish to do this same job. What makes you a stand-out contender is your job and not just about accomplishing the work, but doing it in the very best way.

Try not to shy away from sharing any kind of previous works and reviews. Try to talk about how good you are at delivering exceptional content, rapid response times and also free editing until the client is completely satisfied. \

However, if you opt to focus on any kind of irrelevant strengths, there are chances that your proposal might get rejected.

6. Try to Sell your Strengths

Regardless of the fact as to whether you’re applying to do any kind of task for a potential client, it still remains your job to tailor your strengths to a specific job.

Learning how to easily highlight your most extraordinary abilities for the particular needs of an individual client is truly an invaluable skill, and the best practice to give to freelancers would be to start a business of their own.

Besides, you should also need the right mindset to up your game. If you have the right kind of marketing skills and blogging skills to sell your expertise as content marketer, and not merely a writer, then opt to lean on all those strengths — give them enough proof of the outcomes you’ve driven for any kind of previous blog posts.

7. Choose and Include Relevant Work Sample

It’s necessary that your portfolio and previous work examples speak for themselves. Ensure you cherry-pick just the best and also relevant samples with your freelance proposal.

Employers are desperate to see that you have previously worked on something relevant to their project. It makes any kind of sense that you’ve done this side-hustle kind of a job in the past, employers have a strong sense of reliability that you’ll be able to replicate or extend your results from before.

Pick some samples and opt to link in your potential reach out email and also within your freelance proposal. Make sure that you have also briefly explained in a sentence or two and as to how your contribution easily helped the previous client in accomplishing their goals.

8. Ask As Many Questions As Possible

After thoroughly discussing the job and portfolio, it is also very crucial to inquire about the right questions. It is worth mentioning that the majority of the project descriptions by clients are also uncertain as well as confusing. Hence by asking relevant questions, you can associate your services first-hand with the desired goals of your client.

One of the most general questions asked by freelancers for any kind of content writing jobs include the desire to be rightly accomplished with the job, the primary topic as well as word count and also the desired tone of writing to name a few.

9. The Proposal Layout Must be Attractive

It is necessary that a winning freelance proposal must be aesthetically pleasing, crisp, and also well-organized.

Prior to the fact that the potential clients initiate reading your proposal, they need to form an attitude towards the real content of your work, wholly and solely by the looks of it.

Moreover, depending on what you’re trying to propose, you might need nothing more than just a Microsoft Word document to explain your case, or you might need something stylish to sell your services—more specifically if you’re working on an internal project proposal for any kind of company you are already working with.

Also, making sure that you have used a more advanced visual layout tool can easily give you the opportunity to communicate with a high value on personal branding and also maintaining the best quality deliverables.

10. Finish it With a Winning Statement

Make sure that you have finished your freelance proposal with a statement or a kind of phrase that is just appropriate to invoke a positive response from the client.

The best way could be to ask your closing statements that push the client to ask for even more questions and also some further discussions that will optimize your chances further for getting hired.

It is also important that a perfect freelance proposal must be attractive enough to beat fierce competitors while enabling the client to effectively respond positively in 20 seconds of reading and enhance your freelancing income.







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