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How to Get More Followers on Pinterest?

Every social media platform users want to boost their followers, especially the one who own any brand or work for any business. Get followers on Pinterest is one of the necessary parts of content marketing for online businesses.

Even from micro-influencers to mega-influencers, everyone is on the same line.

The same goes for Pinterest. Certainly, Pinterest users want to grow their follower list, and they 24/7 think about it.

Undoubtedly, every social media user has the same thoughts, but what to do even if you have these thoughts but don’t have any ideas to get more followers? 

The most irritating query that comes to the mind of every second Pinterest person is how to get more followers on this platform.

Currently, “getting more followers” has become the way to judge brands, businesses, and influencers in people’s eyes.

Moreover, Pinterest is a platform with 445 million monthly active users and over 200 billion Pins on Pinterest worldwide. Hence there should be some unusual or exceptional ideas to get more followers on Pinterest. In addition, 83% of weekly users were motivated to make purchases by Pinterest brand pins.

Tips to Get More Followers on Pinterest

Let’s get started with strategies to get more followers.

1. Be aware of Platform Users

Get Pinterest followers

The first thing that you need to know about is Pinterest’s users. If you don’t know who is using the platform, what they find appealing, what exactly they want to see, or what deeply attracts them? Then you can’t get more followers just by some terrible tricks. Moreover, you must be aware of the standards established by Pinterest users based on their preferences for the content they want to explore.

According to Statista statics, 76.6% of users on Pinterest are women.

Finally, knowing these facts will make it easier for you to manage the content on Pinterest. 

2. Make Your Profile Attractive

No doubt, beautiful images attract more users. Just the most incredible picture doesn’t overcome all the challenges of getting more followers on Pinterest. But also need to employ catchy keywords to enhance your username and profile. Write the bio as a blogger who knows their audience, what they want to read, and what attracts them. You can get a significant number of new followers after undergoing all of these modifications.

3. Know All About Latest Trends

Latest trendy Pins

When you want to give 100% focus to your work but don’t know the tricks and tantrums about your work, you are not going to be successful in your aims or objectives.

The same is true for increasing your following on Pinterest or any other social media platform. 

So, you have to be aware of the latest trends on Pinterest.

For example, in 2022, many trends went viral and were successful such that “emotional escape rooms” stand as one of the trends.

As you know that women are more in number on Pinterest, so many trends are about women’s empowerment and women’s products.

One of them is period care.

4. Communicate with Your Audience 

Express your gratitude to your audience by giving a “shout-out” to them. Additionally, interact with them by responding to their reviews and comments so you can use these reviews and testimonials as user-generated content(UGC) for your brand or business.

Moreover, just by interacting with your audience, you can increase your followers more rapidly. When this process speeds up, invent new ideas to communicate with your audience that also lure your audience, and you stand out of the crowd. Lastly, just using the same way for communication may feel boring to your audience that may cause you to lose your followers.

5. Create Idea Pins 

Increasing followers is crucial for many social media platforms. So many platforms introduce new features for users. Similarly, “idea pins” is a feature introduced by Pinterest in May 2021. 

Create idea pins

You can use this feature to produce high-quality content and saveable content directly for Pinterest. Moreover, it involves recording and editing videos for up to 20 pages of information.

By using this feature, you can attract a relevant audience.

6. Make Original Pins 

If you want to keep the interest of your followers, then you have to create original content or pins relevant to your brand or business. Original and authentic content can increase your followers.

Further, this is the most significant way to show your credibility and authenticity to your audience.

Moreover, you can also make pins by using your business or brand products. These pins look more original than the written content. Make videos of your products or give relevant information about your business in these videos.

7. Join boards related to your page

Join boards related to your brand or business. You can thus reach the largest group of people interested in your brand or topic.

Furthermore, when you share your post on these forums, the users on these boards will read it, and if they find it interesting, you may gain their followers on your account. Lastly, you have to utilize this way wisely.

8. Share Pins Daily

The most helpful and functional method to engage your followers is sharing pins daily on your account. Further, categorized the content according to the access of the content. Make a schedule of sharing posts according to categories. For example, you make lists of graphical content, video content, and written content separately.

Classify content for every week. In addition, you decide to share video pins on the first week, graphical photo pins on the second week and written content on the third week, and product-based content on the last week of the month. In these classified contents, try to follow the latest trends also. That way, you can get more followers on Pinterest.

9. Follow Other Accounts Everyday


Following other accounts daily is the most typical way to get more followers on Pinterest. But this way is somehow a convenient method to get more followers. The only thing you have to do is follow other people on Pinterest. Some people follow you back and check your content too. But Pinterest defines a limit to following people on Pinterest. Additionally, it is impossible to follow back or follow thousands or millions of people in a single day.

Hence this method is not reliable enough to get more followers on Pinterest. But this could be the little dedication toward your brand or business.

10. Identify Your Website on Pinterest

In case you haven’t already, identify your website on Pinterest because you can see on Pinterest that famous brands or business pages claim their website on Pinterest by official Pinterest account.

Additionally, it can enable you to audit and balance your website’s analytics.


In brief, any social media service is only as valuable as the return on investment you get out of it. Additionally, Pinterest is one of the more engaging platforms employed to attract audiences to websites and achieve digital marketing objectives. These strategies are valid whether you have a blog or not; they’ll help you attract more followers and drive traffic to your website.”

These tips should help you get more followers, but getting them engaged will have to come down to your unique voice and product value proposition. Finally, growth on Pinterest is organic by nature (at least at this point). So, be patient and focus on consistency above all else.

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