Boost Your Pinterest Followers

25 Easy Ways to Boost Your Pinterest Followers in 2021

It won’t be an overestimation to say that Pinterest is a true game-changer for entrepreneurs, bloggers, and even big companies. It is highly inspiring how many businesses and bloggers have gained huge success with this marketing wonder.

Just in case if you’re not making the most of Pinterest to flourish your business by leaps and bounds, you’re missing out on a huge scale. Most specifically while considering Pinterest as one of the most renowned social networks.

It is also worth mentioning here that more followers mean more credibility and authority in your niche. However, in the case of Pinterest being a visual search engine, it obviously means a whole lot more.

Why Growing Pinterest Followers is such a big deal?

Pinterest Followers

Pinterest is without any doubt the highest converting social sites on the web and that also for e-commerce related products. Thanks to the enormous Pinterest user base, there are so many reasons that compel you to focus on this wondrous social media platform.

The most significant reasons include building credibility and authority in your niche, building rapid growth in website traffic, enhancing email subscribers, free marketing for your business and most importantly an increased income and financial position of your business.

Keep Up with What is Why Growing Pinterest Followers is such a big deal?

Pinterest is without any doubt the highest converting social sites on the web and that also for e-commerce related products. Thanks to the enormous Pinterest user base, there are so many reasons that compel you to focus on this wondrous social media platform.

The most significant reasons include building credibility and authority in your niche, building rapid growth in website traffic, enhancing email subscribers, free marketing for your business and most importantly an increased income and financial position of your business.

25 Surefire Ways to Get More Following on Pinterest

1. More Popular

Make sure to have a look at what’s currently performing well on Pinterest by scrolling the popular feed. Make sure that you have taken enough notes, evaluate commonalities, and also consider how you could easily apply these ideas to the content you are sharing.

Whenever you come across attractive content, try to re-Pin to one of your own boards, follow the user, or post a thoughtful comment. All of these actions will in turn enhance your brand’s exposure on Pinterest.

2. Be Active and Engaging on Pinterest

Keep in mind that success on Pinterest is partly due to making friends with the Smart Feed. If you outsmart the smart feed, you will definitely get more and more followers.

However, it is also worth mentioning here that the formula of success involves being present as well as engaging physically on Pinterest as well. This can easily improve your Pinterest ranking.

All of this can be easily done if you are active and engage on Pinterest. This can be easily done by manually pinning on a frequent basis. You can also go to the ‘’Explore’’ and ‘’Trending’’ pages and opt to re-pin from there.

In addition, you can also pin other people’s pins manually and when you see a ‘’Board to Follow’’ in your feed, try to follow them if they’re relevant.

3. Make the most of the search bar

 It is true beyond the shadow of doubt that keywords are invaluable on Pinterest. Keywords enable searchers in finding what they’re looking for.

Most importantly they make it easy for followers to easily find you. That is why; it is highly advisable never to underestimate the power of Pinterest SEO.

While keeping in view 2 billion searches that are made every month on Pinterest and also 87% of pinners bought something because of Pinterest, you should pay more and more attention to Pinterest.

The most amazing way to find relevant keywords that you’ll be making the most of in your board titles, board descriptions, pin descriptions, as well as your profile is to use the search bar.

4. Use Keywords and Hashtags

Try to use keywords in your description as well as images so that when users look up for a particular keyword your board reveals. The use of hashtags is also very crucial as that will easily help you in reaching out to a comparatively vast audience.

You can easily find the right keywords and hashtags by using guided search. This can be easily started by putting a few keywords in Pinterest’s search bar, and also take note of the most automatic suggestion.

Besides, you should note the key word bubbles that easily appear in the search results header.

Apart from that, you should also look at the hashtag suggestions and also usage stats as you can easily add hashtags to your Pin descriptions. You can also search a relevant hashtag, and then look at the tags as well as keywords being used by Pinners using that hashtag. Most importantly, you should also look at the trending hashtags in your category that are only available on the mobile app.

5. Try to Post Original Images

It is also pertinent to mention that more than 75% of the images are repins on Pinterest which clearly means that there is less number of pictures that are original.

Besides, you should make sure to post original pictures as well as info graphs so that more people can be easily attracted to your profile. Apart from this, try and repin posts that easily reflect your brand so that you are easily connected with other pinners and thus get more followers as a result.

6. Join Relevant Group Boards

Make sure that you search for the top Pinterest boards in your company’s categories and also ask to join & contribute. In many of the cases, the board administrator will also try to include instructions on how you can easily describe the group’s description.

If the aforementioned way doesn’t work out for you, try to contact the board owner through email directly. Besides, you can also usually find them by spotting the first person listed under the board’s followers.

7. Inclusion of detailed description is a must

As already mentioned, your fascinating image may have captured attention, but to keep that attention it is also necessary that you should have a stimulating caption.

Make sure that you go beyond short, single-sentence descriptions and also provide information that could easily compel users to take a deeper interest in your brand.

Keep in mind that the most effectual Pin descriptions are really interesting.

8. Repin Content from Others

It can be difficult to find enough posts if you opt to pin just your own content. That is why; repinning material from others must be a major part of your Pinterest marketing strategy too.

This is also a fascinating way to get noticed by the real source of the content and make them follow your page.

Besides, you shouldn’t skip to edit the descriptions on your posts while including your own keywords and also distinguished takes on the material.

It is also worth mentioning that you can also find top Pinterest content to pin and which is the type of content that has been proven to be successful on social media already right inside the Post Planner.

9. Be Choosy When it Comes to Selecting your Boards

You should also keep in mind that Pinterest is comparatively different as compared to other social media platforms. It should not be about the person posting the content, but also the type of content and how folks relate to it.

The best advice would be to not waste time promoting all your boards but instead choose the ones that are truly successful and put all your effort into promoting them.

Experts suggest that the board with the most pins could not be your most popular board.

10. Choose the Best Time for Pinning

Keep in mind that the timing of your pin is as crucial as what you pin. Regardless of the fact of how fascinating your pins are, they won’t be effective if no one comes across them.

The question arises at this point is when is the best time to pin. Experts suggest that you should pin around the afternoons as well as evenings. As far as the weekdays are concerned, you should most likely post between 2-4 p.m. and 9-11 p.m.

11. Follow More and More People

The simple rule of social media platforms such as Pinterest is that you’ll get more followers on Pinterest if you opt to follow other folks.

The best advice would be to follow 5 to 10 people a day as it can make a big difference compared to waiting for other people to follow you.

12. Try to Include Keywords on your Pinterest Boards as well as descriptions

If you have got an effective keyworded profile as well as beautiful Pins, you should also figure out how to be found on Pinterest.

When Pinners try to search, the default recommendation is Pins. That is why, it is definitely important to effectively use keywords on your profile as well as Pinterest boards.

Besides, you should also include up to 500 characters in your Pin description and also write 2 or 3 conversational sentences that comprise the keywords your audience searches for.

The most important thing is to include call-to-action telling Pinners what to do next like “Visit the blog for all the specifics” or “Buy now.”

13. Schedule Pins in Advance

While keeping in view the fact that Pinterest is usually used for planning, it’s a nice idea to opt for staying ahead of the calendar. Pinterest also recommends that brands should share seasonal content up to 45 days prior to a holiday or event. It may also happen that Pinners even plan 3-4 months in advance of certain events.

14. Use the Follow Button

Make it simple for people to follow your company and this can be easily done with the Follow button. Try to install the button on your website as well as newsletters, in email signatures, or anywhere online that could possibly attract followers.

In certain other situations, you should also use the Pinterest P icon for the promotion of your brand’s profile. Besides, you should also ensure to also link to Pinterest in the bios of your other social accounts.

15. Make the Most of Special Occasions

While keeping in view the fact that folks love to make wish lists on Pinterest, it is better to make boards for special festivals such as  Christmas, Thanksgiving, Eid and Hanukkah so that it can attract more and more people from across the globe.

All of this will easily help you relate your products to any kind of event. You can also even use a cultural/traditional sentiment for directing customers to your website at any point in time.

16. Delete Pins with Poor Performance

The whole idea of creating a profile on Pinterest is to get as many engagements on your pins as possible. That is why if the pins aren’t performing well, having a Pinterest account is useless.

You should definitely opt for deleting your pins if you have duplicates of the same pin, but some might have extremely low re-pins Besides, if you have pins from a while back but aren’t cohesive with your brand

It is also worth mentioning that poor-performing pins can also bring down your Pinterest ranking to a great extent.

17. Keep your Target Audience in Mind

It is true beyond the shadow of doubt that honing in on a particular target audience is so useful for your Pinterest profile.

It should also be kept in mind that your Pinterest profile must be relevant, helpful for 100% for your audience.

If you didn’t find other content on Pinterest attractive and want to pin it, you can do it on secret boards. Keep in mind that secret boards work the same as the normal boards but the main difference is that here you’ll be the only one to see them in this case.

18. Running Contest Could be Highly Effective

Try to create a contest where it must be followed on Pinterest as an entry requirement. Make sure to create a hashtag and also shareable images so that the participants can easily encourage more followers to join.

In addition, try to make sure the rules of entry are clear and you can easily comply with Pinterest’s contest guidelines prior to getting started.

19. Build a Widget

One of the other ways to integrate your Pinterest account with your website is with the help of widgets. Along with the Save and Follow button, you can also embed Pins and showcase your profile, or display a board on your website.

It is also worth mentioning that website visitors who have Pinterest accounts will tend to be more compelled to follow you after witnessing these previews of your Pinterest content.

20. Connect Offline with Pincodes

Much like QR codes, Pincodes have been designed to help folks find your company on Pinterest while offline. Pincodes can be included in business cards, brochures, print ads, packaging and any other merchandise.

Besides, you can also rapidly scan with the Pinterest camera that will bring them right away to your Pinterest profile, board, or pin.

21. Make the Necessary Connections

Keep in mind that your Pinterest account can’t stand on its own. That’s why it is highly advised to connect it to your website as well as social media accounts, or online shops.

When you opt to do this, Pins from these accounts will definitely get attributed to you. You can also get useful analytics on your Pinterest content.

22. Standing Out is the Key

You couldn’t agree more to the fact that when you do something different, people will obviously get noticed more.

That is why, it is highly advisable to be creative, be yourself and most importantly, take risks.

23. Commenting on Popular Pins

Make sure that you comment on popular pins so that folks can easily learn about you and can easily follow your page. Just ensure that your comments are not spammish as the policy of Pinterest with respect to Spammers is very strict.

24. Test, Evaluate, Adjust and Repeat

It goes without saying that trial and error is the main part of the job. Pinterest analytics thoroughly offers various tools and actionable insights that can help you see how much your audience is engaging with your content.

Regardless of the fact as to whether something is working or not, it’s the best practice to take a necessary step back and evaluate why.

25. Use an Older Account

As far as Pinterest is concerned, it takes into consideration how long you’ve had your account and thus consider it as the more trustworthy. Just in case if you’re considered an established pinner, your pins will certainly pop up in the feeds more.

 Wrapping Up

Boosting your Pinterest following cannot be something as child’s play but like everything, it gets much more convenient with time. While keeping in view the fact that there have been plenty of changes happening around Pinterest quite recently, it is more effective to keep up with the up-to-the-minute strategies and reap the benefits as a consequence.

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