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Is Pinterest a social media or not?

Pinterest is one of the most amazing image-based social media networks where users and businesses can easily promote and explore their interests by conveniently pinning images and videos on virtual bulletin boards.

Over the years, Pinterest has truly evolved into a highly-efficient selling tool for every kind of online businesses due to its visual nature as well as retail-friendly audience.

The very first question that pops up in our mind is how Pinterest is different from other platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Does it actually be considered as social media or rather something distinguished?

While being a renowned social media platform, Pinterest is quite dissimilar from Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok; it can still be considered as social media and a social network.

What’s the difference between a social network and social media?

What’s the difference between a social network and social media

As far as a social network is concerned, it mostly revolves around connected interpersonal relationships.

On the other hand, a social network is basically focused on successfully creating as well as maintaining relationships while social media mostly comprises sharing ideas, videos, and content using communities.

That is why we can say that the two are similar, but also not identical at the same time.

Is Pinterest really a social network?

Pinterest is different from other main social media networks such as Facebook and Instagram in the sense that it is not primarily structured around maintaining interpersonal friendships.

However, it qualifies as a social network in the sense that it’s an online site where folks can easily follow friends, send personal texts, join group boards and tailwind tribes, and also leave comments.

It is worth mentioning here that building community isn’t the prior most goal or priority of Pinterest. Although you can easily network and build a community on Pinterest yet it’s not the central focus.

However, the tools that are easily built into Pinterest make it convenient to follow your friends, post comments, collaborate, and also easily join new communities.

Major difference between Pinterest and other social media networks?

While we can argue that Pinterest can still be considered as a social network, it clearly comes down to one basic difference:

Major difference between Pinterest and other social media networks

Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn have a basic focus on creating relationships, communities, and also friendships.

Pinterest has a main focus on exploring brand new ideas. It mainly features many tools, features, and several options centered around building community, connections, and also collaboration. Moreover, group boards, tribes, following, and posting comments are a very main point of the platform.

How is Pinterest different from other social media?

Let’s have a look at the main mission statement of Facebook vs Pinterest:

Facebook’s main mission is to award people the authority to build community while successfully bringing the world closer together.

The main mission of Pinterest is to help empower people to successfully explore things they love and also inspire them to do those things in the practical world.

Pinterest wholly and solely focuses on discovery. They need to easily help folks find things to try as well as buy. Facebook is mainly focused on successfully building communities and also personal relationships.

People can easily share articles as well as blogs on Facebook but it shouldn’t be the main focus. People can easily build friendships, groups, and also conversations, on Pinterest but it shouldn’t be the main focus. Pinterest is the main platform for discovering ideas.

The way that folks find things is different on Pinterest too. On Facebook, you’ll mainly see content from folks you are friends with or follow. On Pinterest, you can easily find pins that are renowned whether you follow the creator or not.

How is Pinterest not dramatically different from Instagram?

You can easily share images and videos, explore pictures and videos you fascinate with, send personal messages, post comments, save/like posts, use hashtags, tag users.

The group boards and tribes can reality comprise even more collaboration than on Instagram. It apparently looks odd that Instagram would clearly fall under “a social network” while on the other hand, Pinterest would not.

Instagram also has more search features than a social media website such as Facebook. Even though it is not a visual search platform such as Pinterest, if you search any query on both Pinterest and Instagram, the outcomes will be similar

How is Pinterest valuable for businesses?

A recent study has revealed that more than 95 percent of Pinterest users have easily researched products on Pinterest, and as many as 90 percent bought something owing to the fact that they saw on there.

This high level of intent awards Pinterest more direct marketing potential as compared to any other social network, making a clear presence on Pinterest while making it a highly recommended option for ecommerce businesses.

The value of a post has a comparatively longer lifespan

Whenever a user or business account opts to post content on a social media site, that post has an average lifespan where visibility as well as impact diminish with the passage of time.

In addition, website traffic and sales leads through pins especially last longer than posts on any other social media website. Without any boosts from advertising, Facebook and Twitter posts mostly have an average shelf life of a few hours, whereas businesses often get leads from Pinterest after as many as 30 days or more.

How do more followers mean greater brand awareness on Pinterest?

It is also pertinent to mention that the more followers your brand has, the greater will the impact of your pins.

In its initial years, Pinterest opted to display content in chronological order, but all that transformed after the introduction of its Smart Feed. While being identical to the transformations Facebook made to its News Feed, Smart Feed is an highly advanced algorithm that successfully determines which pins users observe in their feeds, and brands with more and more number of followers often get more visibility.

Some experts opine that companies should pin between 15 and 20 times on a daily basis in order to grow a loyal following on Pinterest.

How businesses flourish on Pinterest?

Ecommerce stores will easily find the biggest success on Pinterest by mainly focusing on quality, frequency and also consistency. The network is ideally driven by a passionate as well as engaged community, so it’s crucial to successfully curate a compelling board that easily demonstrates the ideas as well as inspiration behind your brand.

Moreover, posting great content on a frequent basis will help you grow an audience that’s most likely to share and buy your products.

Brands can easily find creative ways to ideally repurpose content as well as enhance their reach by using other boards. Whenever your company opts to publish a new blog post or video, you can easily create a compelling image and also share it with your followers.

In addition, some businesses also schedule pins on group boards so as to enhance the reach and distribution of their content.

Pinterest is without any doubt the most sales-centric social media network that is available to ecommerce retailers these days. Not only can brands ideally create a loyal as well as engaged audience that successfully shares exciting products with other users but also enable folks to click to buy the item without ever leaving the website. Unlike the majority of other social media, Pinterest is an ideal destination for shoppers and also folks that are looking to connect with friends, and ecommerce stores must therefore focus their efforts on courting them.

How does Pinterest serve the users differently?

  • The main difference between Pinterest and other social media platforms is the way how it serves the users differently.
  • While keeping in view the fact that Pinterest, Google, and Youtube are the topmost three tools that folks use to search and discover, the main intent of the person opting for these platforms is to easily find a solution to a problem.
  • This is the way how Pinterest is such a powerful tool as a marketer. It is a powerful way to get traffic to your site, as long as you have the exact mindset.
  • You should be well aware of the fact as to who you are talking to and what you are talking to them about. You’re ideally marketing your products, services, and also content on the platform so that you can easily solve the user’s problem.
  • The users won’t be looking for connection or engagement as they aren’t interested in your influencer status. They simply just need their problem to be successfully solved. They are trying to dream, plan, and finally create or buy.

Wrapping Up

Pinterest is without any doubt the only digital marketing platform out there that’s specifically designed to get users to ideally click through to your website.

On the other hand, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter all need users to stay on their platforms. Pinterest needs you to ideally find the best outcomes for what you’re looking for, and also click through to the information and also product.






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