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Top 5 Business Intelligence Tools in 2021

Truth be told, making business decisions can quite often leave your mind in limbo, and things have got even worse with the abrupt emergence of technology into the business. As far as business intelligence tool is concerned, it can have a huge influence on your business performance by delivering relevant and valuable business information.

These tools can also be very useful in identifying customer behavior while enhancing the visibility and performance of a business. Besides, it can also help you to collect data from the dynamic business surroundings and helping you a lot to make effective decisions in the best possible way. 

While keeping the aforementioned facts in view, choosing the best business intelligence tool can be one hell of a decision and should therefore be dealt with care.

Below are some of the trendy and sophisticated Business Intelligence (BI) Tools in the industry that are designed specifically based on the user interface, usability, and most importantly, features and functionality. Let’s dive in, 

1. NetSuite – Best customizable business intelligence tool 

NetSuite is the trendiest cloud-based ERP business intelligence tool that can combine financial information, reporting features, dashboards, predictive analytics, and several other features to offer a full-fledged set of BI functions.

The best part is that it allows users to automate project creation when particular services are sold and track completion percentages by default and analyze time spent on project tasks. Besides, it also gives you the best analysis of reports utilization and backlog help to analyze employee performance and workload.

As far as the NetSuite Project Management is concerned, it can manage revenue recognition, cost, unbilled balances, and also other finance-related project matters. Some of the various other capabilities include, 

  • Multiple Project Types
  • Mobile Time and Expense
  • Performance Measurement
  • Project Tracking Reports 
  • Automate Job Creation
  • Project Center 
  • Time sheets

2. Xplenty

Xplenty is undoubtedly one of the best data integration cloud-based solutions that can bring together all your data sources in the best efficient way.

They also offer solutions for marketing with effective functionality for data enrichment. Moreover, it will also help you in keeping your marketing automation up-to-date. Besides, your customer information will also be accomplished with Xplenty while making your marketing campaigns even more efficient.

It also offers omni-channel marketing as well as data-driven insights in the most efficient way possible. Besides, it can also help you in the best possible way to build a complete Sales Analytics solution. It also offers a sales solution and offering features of data enrichment, efficient analytics, centralized database, etc.

The coolest thing about this sophisticated business intelligence tool is that it can also offer the best customer support analytics that offers full-fledged insights, data enrichment, customized support solutions, etc.

3. Izenda

Izenda is a trendy, lightweight BI platform being specifically built for native embedding while enabling real-time exploration of data exploration as well as report creation. While deployed on-premise, cloud, or in hybrid surroundings, Izenda can proudly run on different user infrastructure while utilizing an application’s current security.

Moreover, it is also built on micro service architecture with a highly-advanced open-source front end that guides in integration with various languages such as Python, Ruby, Java, .NET, PHP, and several other options. 

Izenda also connects to the most renowned databases through a direct connection string while leveraging data from virtually any kind of web-service, such as Salesforce and Quickbooks. It also features ad hoc reports as well as interactive dashboards.

In addition, it offers a white label for flawless integration and an OEM licensing model for successful data monetization. The best part is that it also has multiple pricing plans for all use cases.

4. Clear Analytics 

Being an exceptionally designed business intelligence platform for Microsoft Excel, Clear Analytics is undoubtedly the best self-service business intelligence tools you can ever imagine.

The best part is that it gathers data from other sources while imports it into Excel. It also includes Excel features and offers direct access to data while using a highly advanced dynamic query builder.

The most important feature is that Excel novices can easily build queries and reports while using browser drag and several drop features.

It also supports a unique feature in the shape of the central warehouse that houses spreadsheets and visualizations while making them simple to share. Besides, owners control who can analyze documents and who has full authorization to make edits.

It also provides a highly developed business intelligence analytics platform for Excel users. Besides, it also allows on-premise access to users with permission while installing on the existing application server. It also gathers and imports data from sources out of Excel. 

5. ClicData

ClicData is a highly advanced cloud-based data analytics BI platform that cleans and changes data from several sources using ClicData’s ETL software. Its most important feature is drag and drop tools that can create dashboards, visualizations, and most importantly, reports.

Its collaboration with the attached PDF will allow for shared dashboards. The most important feature set permissions that can easily help with protecting data from unauthorized users. 

It also allows on-web, mobile, and cloud access while using ETL software to transform any kind of data from multiple sources. Besides, it also centralizes data in an advanced hosted cloud data warehouse while offering drag and drop tools to create dashboards, visualizations, and reports.

It also shares dashboards in emails with ClicData’s Live Link or alternatively via export as PDFs and images. It also stores shared content with owner-assigned permissions. 

Final Say

Business intelligence (BI) tools mainly aim to offer convenient ways to visualize data for the better identification of actionable insights. Besides, it is also especially significant that contemporary businesses can now collect data on the individual aspect of a business to comprehend the overall performance and profitability. That is where Business Intelligence will never disappoint you.






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