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Top 10 Facts About Digital Marketing

Owing to the fact that digital marketing is progressing by leaps and bounds, new trends are forming every now and then while making it the fastest growing in terms of revenue and digital advancement. That is why; digital marketers today are required to gain knowledge about the landscape while planning their strategies efficiently.

Truth be told, digital marketing has seen tremendous progress in the past few years. That is why digital marketing has turned out to be one of the basic essentials for any business organization

While keeping the aforementioned facts in view, a general curiosity develops on the part of the user to know more about the digital platforms. We have tried our level best to give you further insight into various aspects of digital marketing below. 

1. Search Engine lies at the fore-front of Digital Marketing 

It is true beyond the shadow of a doubt that almost all online interactions initiate with a search engine. That is why; investing in search engine optimization is undoubtedly one of the best ways for digital marketers to get their money’s worth. It would really amaze you that as many as 93% of online engagements initiate from a search engine. 

Keeping the aforementioned facts in view, it would be a better practice to have your business rank high on search engines, most importantly Google, as it is one of the best advertising modes.

2. Social Media is the #1 Consumer Activity Nowadays

Some of the recent statistics reveal that watching video content and social media engagement is the most widespread among consumers. It would amaze you to know that online users watch as many as 500 million hours of video content in a single day.

That is why; it would be a better practice for online advertisers to incorporate these two wide-spread channels in their marketing strategies for a more wide-spread audience-reach. 

3. Facebook is the best option for B2C and B2B marketing.

While having several millions of active users, Facebook is undoubtedly one of the best social media platforms that can allow businesses for creating relevant ads for targeting a specific audience demographic.

Besides, it is also an important fact that Facebook remains to be one of the renowned social media tools for B2C and B2B brand marketing.

4. Invest in Analytics to Boost Your Sales 

Studies reveal that marketers who invest in analytics enhance their sales by 25%. With more advancement comes more multiple ways for advertisement, and that is why digital marketing has gone well beyond posting online ads.

That is why; marketing statistics show that brands which tend to monitor their online campaigns can easily adjust their marketing content in the best possible way while exceeding their sales target. 

5. Amazon Emerges as a Third Best Option 

Amazon has emerged as the third-best option for digital advertisement after Google and Facebook. Like other sectors, the #1 online retailer has also turned out to be one of the best platforms for digital advertisement.

Besides, while observing an upward trend in terms of revenue, the platform has assumed a more upward trend when it comes to revenue that it brings from the ads.

6. Technology and Consumer Behavior Decides Digital Marketing to Great Extent 

Despite the fact that the basics of marketing like customer reach and consumer satisfaction remain constant, the mode of conveying these fundamentals to the consumer keeps on altering.

That is why consumers keep on adopting new communication technologies every now and then, and businesses must make sure that they have to keep updating their strategy for the accommodation of these new introductions. 

7. Website Users Don’t Come after Bad Experience. 

You will be amazed to know that as many as 88% of the website visitors don’t come back after a bad experience. It has been a common observation that users get frustrated when they navigate through a website that is less mobile-friendly.

Besides, businesses with sites and e-commerce stores not being mobile responsive tend to lose clients owing to this fact.

8. Customer Recommend Brands that offer Positive Social Media Experience. 

Social media marketing has remained the most crucial economical form of digital marketing. It has undoubtedly given businesses access to a larger audience that has also become their highly effective ambassadors.

Studies show that almost 71% of people who receive a good experience with a brand give a high recommendation to it.  

9. Facebook ads Influence Purchase Decision 

As businesses find more unique ways to influence buyers’ purchase decisions, the use of Facebook ads has remained one of the best ways to accomplish this.

That is why there are various brands creating video content wholly and solely for Facebook sharing.

10. The majority of the Consumers remember Video ad content. 

There are various online videos that are important for breaking through the constantly changing online market. That is why; video content has tended to be even more memorable, as consumers can retain important information in it.

While keeping this fact in view, using video to promote products has become a more good strategy for the majority of the brands. 

Bottom Line 

Digital marketing will effectively minimize shortcomings for your strategy. That is why; you need to be realistic about marketing to enhance your strength to handle it in the most efficient way possible. Digital marketing can be a worthwhile investment as it can risk and align with your business aims.







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