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Top 10 Instagram Bots to Gain Quick Followers in 2022

The last decade or so has seen an immense rise in social media networking and the businesses using them as means to flourish by leaps and bounds.

That is why, we are witnessing so many social media networks out there these days out of which Instagram remains the best one for businesses, brands, creators as well as influencers, and many more.

The exclusive tools that Instagram offers to enhance reach and connect with people are truly matchless. Owing to the fact that there are endless opportunities that lie within Instagram’s platform, there is undoubtedly an insane amount of competition on the platform.

Owing to the aforementioned fact it can be so difficult to gain the level of popularity and interaction needed to flourish at a rapid pace. That is why, many tools and entrepreneurs have emerged to try and help.

Something that is really making rounds these days and has become more well-known these days needs some more of our attention than any other tools and is known as Instagram Bots.

What is Instagram Bot and why is it such a big deal?

An Instagram bot is a wondrous tool ideally used to automate your follower’s growth on Instagram. It basically consists of a follow and unfollow function, to ideally help automatically follow and interact with targeted accounts so your individual account can easily reach people outside of your own followers.

Instagram Bot
  • If you want to take your follower growth into your own hands, it can be a task that involves hassles and what is even more tiresome is getting engagements as it requires a lot of time spent on Instagram interacting.
  • That is where the concept of Instagram bot comes into play that can make or break your marketing campaign in the true sense of the word.
  • As far as an Instagram bot is concerned, it can literally make or break your marketing campaign. Just in case if you have been wondering that it was hard promoting your brand on Instagram a few years back, you should keep in mind that it is 2022 now.
  • It is also worth mentioning here that most Instagram bots aren’t effective anymore, and some of them can also land you in trouble by getting you banned.
  • This clearly means that the competition is far higher than it used to be and it’s comparatively harder to connect with your desired audience.
  • Having said that it is also true that there are still working Instagram bots and services that can flourish your account effectively and securely.

Best Instagram Bots to Gain Fast Followers

Let’s dive in and discuss the best Instagram bots that can help automate your follower growth in the best possible way.

1. Social Meep

  • The two beneficial aspects of SocialMeep is that it helps you stand above a lot of its other competitors. The foremost one is that it has an extremely well designed dashboard, with so many other integrated tools as well as features.
  • The second best thing is that they are the only growth tool that’s can easily able to produce organic and automatic results without follow or unfollow as well as commenting, or posting for you.
  • Instead their awesome service focuses on offering lightweight micro-interactions like story views, post likes, IGTV views, comments like and more, which are truly discreet that can keep your account safe.
  • The key features of Social Meep include audience targeting, auto-growth, cloud analytics, and reports to name a few.
  • As far as pricing is concerned, SocialMeep offers a basic plan for $49/month and a Pro plan for as much as $99/month. The advantages of the Pro service include access to premium support as well as faster growth, and SocialMeep Cloud.

2. Kicksta

  • Kicksta is a pretty simple Instagram tool as compared to the other bots and with just a simple function: follow and unfollow.
  • It’s obviously aimed at those who won’t get overwhelmed by the huge amounts of tools as well as functions the other bots can do.
  • Moreover, Kicksta’s checkout feature is also more convenient and straightforward.
  • The key features include follow and unfollow, simple UX overall, from onboarding to using the app and video on-boarding feature.
  • When it comes to pricing, Kicksta is not the cheapest and at $49 a month for its standard plan, and also $99 a month for its premium plan, where you can get more support and also ‘rapid growth’.

3. Social Caption

  • Social Captain is a mesmerizing platform boasting for more than 8000 active users that promises a pretty smart growth strategy, by offering a comparatively more customised botting experience.
  • The most amazing thing about Social Caption is that they claim to successfully utilise AI in their program and produce as many as 150 times better as manual interaction.
  • In addition, they also offer a 24 hr free trial and thus allow you to get a feel of the results when the magnificent bot is running for a day.
  • The features of Social Caption include smarter follow and unfollow bot, custom targeting for the accounts to interact with.
  • The coolest thing about Social Captain is that they offer a free trail and its paid plans begin at $39 a month.

4. Upleap

  • Upleap is an inspiring Instagram botting tool that exceptionally works as you’d expect. What makes Upleap truly distinguished is that they offer an account manager wholly and solely dedicated to every customer.
  • Owing to the aforementioned fact it can easily figure everything out for you if support enquiries ever come up, there will be someone to figure out everything right away.
  • Upleap truly enjoys a clear edge over the other competitors out there because the other ones won’t have someone wholly and solely dedicated.
  • This exceptional botting tool truly addresses inquiries that can turn from a simple fix to annoying the customer service pinball machine.
  • If you are someone who values customer service, Upleap is obviously an amazing platform to go for.
  • Some of the key features include Instagram follow and unfollow, dedicated account manager, Simple set up, view Instagram stories.
  • Upleap’s pricing starts at $39 a month for its follow and unfollow bot.

5. Combin

  • Combin is yet another Instagram tool that ideally helps you grow your audience. It has three main products i.e. growth, post scheduling and account audits.
  • What truly makes Combin distinguished is the extra account auditing function, which ideally comes in handy if you need to do any kind of instagram influencer strategy to enhance your growth.
  • The key features of Combin include custom targeting for follow and unfollow bot, scheduling posts, instagram account audit and free 7 day trial.
  • Combin truly gives users the clear option for a 7 day free trial and initiates at $15 a month later on.

6. Ingramer

  • Ingramer is a truly mesmerizing Instagram bot that you can effectively use due to the easy GUI.
  • The reason why Ingrammer is such a best tool is just because it is perfect for the beginners out there and this will truly be of help to you if you are just initiating.
  • In addition, setting up the Instagram bot is also extremely convenient and not to mention, it has pretty easy targeting features.
  • The most adorable feature about this bot is that there is a fascinating analytics view which easily makes it an ideal option for you.
  • After using it for some time, you will easily find that there are several aspects which others can’t offer. You will successfully be able to view your hashtags conveniently.
  • In addition, there is a pretty convenient view of the followers’ count and how much have you efficiently gained.
  • Besides, this software also helps in optimizing your conversions rates and which is successfully done with the help of hashtag targeting and various other features.

7. Bigbangram

  • Bigbangram is your right answer if you want true growth and rapid expansions as this is truly a very useful tool for you.
  • Some of the very few and significant reasons include that there are some truly defining features that you would truly love such as the proxy setup and various other automation functions.
  • The convenient part is that you can easily choose the setup from which you would need the automation to easily run accordingly.
  • Besides, this will also lessen the chances that your account is facing any kind of ban.
  • While you might easily find that automation bots have risks, they have truly got you covered with Bigbangram.

8. Instazood

  • Instazood is yet another follow and unfollow tool that is truly popular and has a vast range of functions close to Ingramer.
  • This tool obviously has it’s benefits and disadvantages, with an economical price and a modular payment options.
  • The reason why Instazood is truly unique is just because of the fact that it has Tik Tok automation built in, so with the quite significant rise in Tik Tok’s fame, it makes sense to enhance your followers on that platform as well.
  • The key features of this tool include automated follow and unfollow as well as automated likes.
  • Besides, automated direct messaging and Instagram search tools with comments tracking and scheduling posts are also some of the features that adds more to its elegance. Plus, Tik Tok automation built in is truly an inspirational feature.
  • The best part is that Instazood is quite affordable with just $11.99 a month for its main features.

9. Instamber

  • Instamber is a comparatively newly released tool as compared to the aforementioned tools, but doesn’t lack features whatsoever.
  • With the magnificent Instagram growth tools that you’d truly expect, it also has Tik Tok tools as well. That is why; it is yet another good option alongside Instazood if you’re looking to flourish on Tik Tok.
  • Instamber also has an amazing function of buying likes as well as extra views, which is truly not a strategy that experts recommend, but if suits you, then you have that ability built in.
  • The key features include Instagram follow and unfollow, buying likes and comments, Instagram DM, Instagram comment management and also schedule posts.
  • As far as pricing is concerned, Instamber is quite economical at only $10 a month for its exceptional follow and unfollow features.

10. UseViral

  • UseViral is yet another best tool that can easily help you grow your social media.
  • They even have an exclusive 3-day trial that you can successfully use to check out their growth service and depends as to whether it is a good fit for you.
  • They are of the opinion that they have a big network of industry professionals that conveniently spent time with more than the last few years and truly gained their trust to the point that they are pleased to promote their client’s content for them.
  • Yet another aspect of this tool is that they keep their margins comparatively small. This clearly means that you can make the most from them, while you don’t have to spend that much.
  • When it comes to pricing, you should get started with them for Instagram as it’s only going to cost you just $2.99.

Bottom Line

Choosing a reliable bot is truly a must to run your automation on. Moreover, Instagram Bots are ruling the market right now. If you want to be a successful part of the game too, then using these bots can be the only true option for you.






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