12 Most Powerful Instagram Marketing Tools

12 Most Powerful Instagram Marketing Tools 2021

It goes without saying that Instagram has been flourishing by leaps and bounds with an incredible speed over the years and is considered as the topmost social media platforms these days.

The popularity of this oh-so-inspiring social media platform can be estimated from the fact that lifestyle influencers and business organizations are enthusiastically contributing to this trend as well.

Something that speaks for its stupendous growth is the fact that more than 80% of brands think about Instagram engagement as the most crucial metric.

Besides, it is also true beyond the shadow of doubt that Instagram offers you the golden opportunity to reach your target audience and that also without spending that much money. 

Instagram Marketing for Businesses

Instagram Marketing for Business

Instagram is undoubtedly the most ideal channel to reach a huge audience of more than 1 billion active users monthly. It has also been estimated that users spend 53 minutes on average each day on Instagram and which makes this platform the second most frequently visited social network after Facebook.

Instagram has been truly adored by businesses for it facilitates maintaining your close relationships with customers as well as prospects.

It is also worth mentioning here that people enjoy keeping up with brands through this exceptional network and as many as 90% of users follow at least one company on Instagram.

Why are Instagram Marketing Tools such a big deal?

Instagram is undoubtedly a must-have social media platform for marketers. However, your presence on the same media won’t make any kind of difference if you try to make it more impactful.

And for that, you should rely on Instagram marketing tools to flourish your business. You also couldn’t agree more with the fact that there are several hindrances to establishing a foolproof Instagram marketing strategy.

Producing leads, spreading brand awareness, establishing social proof, and enhancing engagement are all just a handful of features you should be considering to grow your brand profile quickly.

12 Instagram Marketing Tools for Business Growth

Instagram Marketing Tools

The coolest thing about Instagram tools is that they provide features as well as functionalities such as scheduling, posting, hashtag suggestions, and analytics, to name a few that can easily help you with marketing your business on Instagram.

Depending on the tool, it can provide various perks like automated publishing, organic growth, smart scheduling, powerful analytics, etc. Instagram Marketing tools will help you with understanding your audience, increasing the followers, and engaging with the audience.

This following list of Instagram tools will help you achieve most of your goals successfully, right from direct Instagram publishing, thoroughly analyzing posts to successfully learn about the customer personas as well as thoroughly scheduling your Instagram posts and much more. Let’s dive in,

1. SocialPilot

  • SocialPilot should be the first Instagram marketing tool on your list of Instagram marketing tools owing to its robust feature set, phenomenal customer support, and durable pricing.
  • This awe-inspiring tool connects various social media profiles, including Instagram and the best part is that all are managed in one place. That’s why SocialPilot has undoubtedly become the most favored among business owners with growing teams.
  • SocialPilot also takes your Instagram strategy to the whole next level by scheduling your posts directly in advance to save hundreds of hours for your team.
  • Besides, this fascinating marketing tool is also integrated with Canva, so you establish breathtaking Instagram posts right from the SocialPilot dashboard.
  • You can also combine all of these fantastic features with the fascinating ability to research trending topics as well as posts, and it’s convenient to see why SocialPilot should be your priority when it comes to Instagram marketing tools.

Why is SocialPilot A Must?

  • You can easily Schedule up to 500 posts in bulk all at one time.
  • Help in brainstorming new blog post ideas with the easy-to-use content curation feature
  • Help you with direct Instagram publishing to your business accounts.
  • It also comes with a URL link shortener and ideal for creating extraordinary shareable content.
  • The tool is equally useful for sharing your content on all social media platforms.
  • SocialPilot keeps all of your social media chat conversations well organized in just one place with the help of a social inbox.
  • Easily built with a full suite of in-depth social media analytics as well as reports.

2. HubSpot Ads Software

  • HubSpot’s ads software is yet another Instagram marketing tool that lets you establish, manage, and also successfully track the performance of your ads not only on Instagram but also Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn.
  • Moreover, its native integration with the HubSpot CRM will easily enable you to see which ads are successfully converting into new contacts. With this data, you can establish custom lists for better targeting as well.
  • This distinguishing feature about this tool is that it is part of HubSpot’s CRM platform that offers you with all the tools you require to flourish your business.
  • In addition, this ads tool can also help boost your marketing on Instagram, but you will also successfully gain access to other lead generation tools such as form builders, email marketing, landing pages, live chat, chatbots, and more.

Why HubSpot Ads Software?     

  • This tool is easy-to-use ad builder while identifying high-converting ads and also tracks your new leads long-term with the HubSpot CRM.
  • HubSpot Ads Software successfully targets audiences on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, as well as Google.
  • This tool also optimizes your return on investment with retargeting, automation, and also advanced attribution reporting.
  • Last but not the least, HubSpot offers you a convenient way to tie your advertising efforts to your whole marketing strategy, all in one place.

3. Buffer

  • Buffer is a fascinating Instagram marketing tool that helps you schedule posts for your Instagram account quite in advance so you establish thoughtful and steady content for your Instagram presence.
  • This tool helps you in posting content on a frequent basis with image uploads and links. This fact is indeed very useful for busy solopreneurs or business owners with small social media marketing teams.
  • Buffer also integrates with other social networks to bring desired outcomes such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
  • Its smooth UX also ensures that first-time customers will easily learn it rapidly.
  • Besides, comprehensive analytics reports are also available to enable you plan better content strategies in the future.

4. Tailwand

  • Tailwind is an exceptional marketing tool that can be used for Instagram and Pinterest scheduling. This Smart Instagram assistant will easily help you establish scroll-stopping posts.
  • It also offers Hashtag Finder that will easily help you to reach more people.
  • It will help you save top-performing Instagram hashtag lists. It offers you the features as well as functionalities to tag related users as well as locations and also format your caption.
  • Tailwind offers the features of unlimited scheduling and also 1-click Hashtag Suggestions.
  • With its Auto Post features, you can also schedule photos and videos.
  • This marketing tool has the features of SmartSchedule that will easily pick the time of your audience when they are engaged mostly.
  • It will also let you create a successfully branded landing page for free.
  • Tailwind offers you simple analytics for profile performance, posts, and summary reports.


  • It goes without saying that Instagram is all about visuals and which clearly makes it special to establish high-quality imagery if you want your brand to rise above the rest.
  • In addition, if you’re not satisfied with Instagram’s default filters, you can make the most of a photo editing tool like VSCO to establish beautiful and artistic photos.
  • It comes with various free filters and an all-inclusive set of editing tools.
  • In addition, you can also pay for a membership to easily access more than 130 presets and also more advanced editing tools.

6. Onlypult

  • Onlypult is a powerful social media management tool with mesmerizing functionalities such as image & video editing, hashtags, and teamwork.
  • This tool can be used to post to social media, blogs, and messengers. It also offers functionality to establish multiple links and micro landing pages. This Builder will enhance sales as well as manage your social media traffic.
  • Besides, you will be able to successfully manage various accounts from one window simultaneously. The best thing is that you will not have to switch users.
  • This tool will help you to successfully analyze the best time to publish, volume & increase the number of followers.
  • Onlypult offers you features like calendar, Hashtags, Analytics, Image & Video Editor and also Planner to name a few.
  • This tool also has features for automatic post deletion.
  • Onlypult will help you schedule posts as well as publish them in real-time.
  • This tool also has delegation features that will help you give your SMM manager careful access to publish without sharing a password.
  • You can also analyze the most popular hashtags. 

7. Shorby

  • The most annoying thing about Instagram is that it helps you to add only one link in your bio.
  • While you can easily add links to Stories, however that option is only available to accounts having more than 10,000 followers. This is extremely inopportune when you’re a small business or startup that needs to market its products, services, or any kind of content.
  • That’s why tools such as Shorby come into play as it helps you make the most of your Instagram bio link.
  • You can also establish a mobile-optimised landing page that has various clickable links to various destinations. This could be anywhere from your blog posts to any of your product pages.
  • Besides, you can also then share the landing page link on your Instagram bio and thus your followers can conveniently access the links.

8. Later

  • Later can easily help you establish visually appealing content for your Instagram.
  • This Instagram marketing tool will easily allow you to establish and schedule posts with a fascinating drag and drop visual planner.
  • This tool also organizes your pictures as well as content in advance while previewing its look when visitors successfully land on your profile.
  • It’s also worth mentioning here that Later is not ideal for medium to large businesses. However, it’s a far better choice if you’re running 1-5 social media accounts and only require the bare minimum features.
  • In addition, Later comes with a free version for folks who only want to easily manage a single social media account.
  • You should also use the visual planner to see what your images will give results like on your profile prior to posting them. You can also use this feature to establish and schedule various images.
  • You can also get access to lots of valuable premium options.

9. Blog2Social

  • Blog2Social is an inspiring WordPress plugin that will enable your full access to your social media accounts from your blog.
  • You can also track all of this data from your website with the help of this tool and thus your time and money will both be saved.
  • Rather than swapping back and forth between an uploader and your WordPress site, you can easily keep track of both platforms in just one place.
  • Blog2Social also easily allows you to successfully automate and share across a huge number of social media platforms.
  • The amazing thing is that you can also see the best time when it comes to sharing your posts depending on where your target audience lives.

10. Awario

  1. Awario is a powerful social listening tool that enables you to monitor crucial conversations about your industry.
  2. Moreover, you can also use Awario to easily look for influencers on Instagram that will boost your brand and find fascinating ways to connect with your target audience while also looking for your competitors.
  3. This tool also has got small and medium-sized businesses covered as they can easily benefit from it.
  4. In addition, if you are working for various clients, this software will help you track several accounts simultaneously.
  5. The best part is that you can easily track down relevant keywords in your industry and thus successfully connect with your target audience by making the most of appropriate hashtags and descriptions in your posts.
  6. In addition, its up-to-date, personalized reports offer you with the useful information you need to tweak your social media marketing strategy.

11. Autohash

  1. Just in case if you’ve been doing Instagram marketing for quite a while, you’ll know that hashtags are essential for enhanced visibility.
  2. With that said, the hashtags also have to be relevant to your industry and post apart from being widely used.
  3. Moreover, you can use an app like Autohash to successfully discover the most relevant hashtags for your post and boost the visibility of your posts.
  4. This app analyzes the objects in your photo and frequently finds the best hashtags relevant to those objects.
  5. It even makes sure that you don’t go more than the 30-hashtag limit. The app also has a brand new location-based hashtag recommendation feature that recommends location-based hashtags if you turn on your GPS.

12. Kapwing

  1. This Instagram marketing tool has a robust video editing feature that is truly ideal for optimising your Instagram video strategy.
  2. Besides, it lets you resize videos to fit the platform’s standard dimensions and also trim, rotate, loop and reverse them.
  3. Besides, you can also add subtitles and text to your videos, improve the look with the right filters, or change the playback speed even.
  4. The specialty about Kapwing is that it even lets you add music to your videos or mute them as per your requirement.
  5. You might even need to use the stop motion maker for developing creative and engaging original videos.

Wrapping Up

While keeping in view that there are innumerable million business profiles on Instagram and thus various Instagram Marketing tools are available in the market to successfully help with staying relevant among the audience. Moreover, one should easily consider its positive influence on business growth while selecting the appropriate Instagram marketing tool.



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