Creative Ideas of Interactive Posts for Facebook

Top 50 Creative Ideas of Interactive Posts for Facebook

If you come across some of the most thriving pages on Facebook, you’ll get to know that most of these pages get their audiences engaged through out of the box interactive content.

As far as Facebook is concerned, the efficient use of interactive content can be successfully applied in several ways. It is also crucial to set up your objective at the very first place as this will help you figure out interactive content most suitable for your page.

Just in case if you’re wondering about the type of interactive posts that you want to share, we have got you covered with the list of interactive Facebook posts that will obviously help keep your users active and engaged in the best possible way. Moreover, these types of posts are also the best tools when it comes to attracting new people who are interested in the type of content your page offers. Let’s dive in,

1. Getting Insights


Getting insights is the same as asking questions but the best practice would be to ask users to offer answers from their own perspective instead of expecting them to comment with definitive answers. It is also worth mentioning that asking for insights is specifically effective if your posts are relevant to a specific service or brand.

2. Do Polls Using Reactions

If you want to engage your users in a real sense, the best way to do this is by asking polls. As you can’t use a poll tool directly when posting, you can also ask users to give their poll answers via reactions. Yet another exciting way to do it is by arranging a live poll reaction session.

3. Ask for Feedback


Customer feedback is undoubtedly the best source of product innovation as well as ideas. Regardless of the fact as to whether you’re finding several ways on how to get brand new clients, how you could retain them, or how to ideally add more value to your products, the best way would be to inquire them directly for insights.

4. Shoot Product Photos

Product photos are especially designed to enable potential customers to imagine what they can be easily getting from your brand. In case if you own an e-commerce store, the best practice would be to recommend that you post only product-only photos.

5. BTS

People love to build personal and professional connections; however, they want to avoid brands. If you want to humanize your brand and also gain their trust, you must post behind-the-scenes content.

6. Engage Audience with Interesting Story

Compelling stories can easily evoke emotions and also engage the audience. The best thing about this practice is highlighting your authenticity as a brand can easily help you fully engage with others.

7. Spell Binding Video Content

Video Content

Digital audiences love to watch videos as they strike a deep connection to them. A marketing agency will definitely make users consume almost innumerable hours of video on Facebook.

8. Branding Graphics

Branded graphics that specifically align with your business is necessary for your brand identity to be ideally recognized in the industry.

9. Infographics

Infographics are undoubtedly the best visuals that can easily help people use the presented information.

10. Show your Personality

If you can give personality to your brand, you will make it more exciting and eye-popping to others.

11. Blog Posts

A true Facebook post idea will never go away is to share your company’s blog posts. 

12. Industry Tips

Sharing tips and tricks of the relevant industry is the best way to enhance engagement and reach with your audience.

13. Giveaways

A surefire way to easily grab user attention and enhance engagement is by hosting a giveaway prize that your target audience would really be interested in.

14. Discounts and Sales

Discounts and Sales

You can also share any sales or offering discounts that you may be running. This can be fun if you can easily flash sales or Facebook-only discounts for any kind of your followers.

15. Timing of the Post

While this may not be that creative idea, it’s still a good tip for Facebook posting in general. Make sure that your Facebook posts at times when your audience is online as well as engaged.

16. Posting Frequencies

Make sure that you have enough content as well as demand that they post to their Facebook Page frequently while other B2B companies might only post any kind of new content once a week.

17. Question Posts

Make sure that you engage your audience talking as well as engaging with one another by inquiring a burning question. Let’s say you could ask about what sort of content you should blog about next.

18. Clients Reviews and Testimonials

In case your company has dedicated fans, make sure that you let their voices be heard and also share their thoughts on any of your social media.

19. Tips and Advice

Apart from sharing an entire post giving in-depth tips as well as advice, you must share some tips that you think are brilliant.

20. Memes and Gifs

Apart from sharing media to your social media, you can also make the most of memes and GIFs while publishing your content.  

21. Content Posts

Make sure that you encourage people to participate in any kind of social media contest related to your brand will easily boost engagement with those who are your followers already.

22. Holiday Posts

It doesn’t matter as to where you live, holidays can easily show your holiday spirit by easily sharing a holiday-related post on your business page.

23. Events Related Posts


If your business hosts any kind of charity event or fundraiser, the best way would be to spread awareness is by sharing it on social media.

24. FAQs

Rather than consistently responding to this question regularly, you should easily solve it once and for all by posting the answer on your social media page.

25. Converse with a Leader in the Industry

Make sure that you cross-promote yourself by easily getting your name out there. The preferable way to do this is to initiate a conversation with somebody in your niche on a platform like Twitter.

26. Links to Free Sources

While keeping in view the fact that folks love free stuff, you should make sure to share the links of eBooks, white papers, or other downloadable content that your audience will love to appreciate the free resources.

27. Podcasts

Sometimes it can be really time consuming to read a content, so the best practice would be to give your audience some change and thus share a podcast episode.

28. Job Listing

Make sure that your audience knows about who better to work for your company as compared to a dedicated fan who’s watched your company flourish.

29. Job Listing

Make sure that you’re likely going to find the ideal candidate once you’ve easily found the right candidate and also take it a step further while showing them off to your audience. 

30. History Posts


Make sure that you can find something interesting that happened in your town or city in history and let your audience know.

31. Live Videos

Live videos have undoubtedly become a huge factor on social media quite recently and like other social networks, Facebook also has the option for going live.  

32. Email Sign Up

If you want your audience to easily attend a webinar or demo, you will have to let them know by offering the sign-up link on social media.

33. Image Scrambles

You’ll also have your audience scratching their heads immediately when you post image scrambles.

34. Inspirational Quotes


Inspirational quotes can be cheesy, however if done correctly, they can be really efficient. Make sure that you use quotes from industry leaders while knowing your audience to find it relatable.

35. Company Accomplishments

While keeping in view the fact that your audience cares about you, and they want to see you flourish, you must share your successes with them on social media and also celebrate them together.

36. Humorous Content

Funny videos have without any doubt become extremely renowned as folks worldwide are always on a lookout to keep themselves happy and entertained regardless of their hectic schedules. 

37. Selfies

With respect to popularity, you will never go wrong with a selfie post relevant to your business. It’s a brilliant way to connect your brand with the audience while easily personalizing it.

38. Fan Spotlight

Make sure that you exhibit your prospects that you put customers first by easily highlighting their achievements on Facebook.

39. Pricing

Pricing should easily support the value of the extreme benefits that your business offers.

40. Ask for Suggestions

Make sure that you ask the audience for suggestions while benefiting your company by offering data that shape how you serve or attract the brand-new ones. 

41. Involve your Fans

Brands can easily become more successful if they try to put the voice of the customer at the core of their business.

42. Post Business Books

People love knowledge and they can easily either seek to learn about business or enhance a particular aspect of it.

43. Posting Team Photos

Showing real people that are behind a brand can easily build trust with potential customers. You should physically see that there is a real team behind everything that is impactful in itself.

44. Tips

If you want your audience to easily engage with your social media posts, you must produce relevant tips that make lives hassle-free.

45. How to Videos

Apart from going live, you should also create simple and brief how-to videos explaining how a feature or tool easily works.

46. Product Review

Product Review

User reviews are the best proven sales drivers while something the majority of customers will need to see prior to making a purchase.  

47. User-generated Content

We already know that we have super fans out there and therefore you shouldn’t be afraid to show them off by posting user-generated content.

48. New Updates

Speaking of sharing your history while getting a new space, you should keep your audience in the loop and this can be done by getting a new space or launching a new product.

49. Creating a Regular Series

Here’s a brilliant way to use live video on social media and this can be done by creating a weekly series or show.

50. Sharing Your Company’s Earnings

In the case of large, publicly traded companies, it is more likely that your followers might be interested in getting to know about how you’re performing financially.  






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