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Best CMS Platforms to Look forward to in 2021

A CMS (Content Management System) is a wondrous platform that helps you to establish a website conveniently without the comprehension of any code. The platform helps you to manage the creation and modification of digital content. 

With so many CMS options available, the question that pops up in mind is that which CMS platform can be the best option for you to choose. Moreover, it can also bother you as which can the best CMS for your website type, i.e. best CMS for eCommerce, CMS for news website and so on and so forth. 

In the following lines, we will shed light on some of the important CMS platforms that can give a better understanding about the comparison between different CMS platforms. Let’s dive in, 

1. WordPress 

No matter how long the list goes on, WordPress will always be on top when we talk about CMS platforms. The fascinating platform was launched back in 2003 and has ever since been the main part of the internet. Based on PHP and MySQL, it offers you with best tools to establish a feature-packed website or blog (whatever the case may be) using written content, graphics, and videos, to name a few. 

It also gives you the ability to install a combination of pre-made and third-party themes in order to personalize your personal website. The best part about this platform is that it serves all sorts of industries, from retail to hospitality. 

Along with the fact that you can download the software free of cost from WordPress while installing it on your server, you also have the option to get a domain and hosting rights with WordPress. Moreover, the availability of WordPress native apps at your disposal and Block Editor mobile-support has further made WordPress the best option for website owners. 

The biggest perk is that the business plan is really economical with a cost $25 a month while giving you full access to the theme store as well. Besides, it also gives you unlimited storage space and also the custom domain option. 

WordPress is not facing any threat from the competitors for the time being, and 2021 will still remain the year of WordPress. That is why investing in WordPress won’t be a bad option for you, and you can easily create a website of your own and maintain it going forward.

2. WooCommerce

With Ecommerce becoming the new word on the street, WooCommerce is truly making waves while becoming the most renowned eCommerce platform in the world. The best thing about this CMS platform is that it is really flexible and pretty convenient to manage.

WooCommerce has become a new trendy CMS platform for eCommerce websites, and it is also worth mentioning that this new phenomenon is not a true CMS platform in the true sense of the word. In reality, it runs as a plugin on another CMS platform, i.e. WordPress, and that is why you already need to have WordPress on your site for installing WooCommerce. 

Although, the markets share of WooCommerce is not that much for the time being, yet it is also true that more and more website owners are opting for this platform due to its ease of handling. Moreover, with the eCommerce industry flourishing by leaps and bounds, this platform is expected to attain more growth in the coming days. 

3. Magnolia

One of the best attractions of CMS platforms is that they are rather more convenient to set up and use, and that is where the concept of java-based Magnolia CMS comes fit. The coolest thing about this CMS platform is that it is targeted specifically for companies that need websites for pretty much every sort of thing. Besides, it is can also be the best answer for sports a hub integrating areas like e-commerce, analytics, automation in marketing, CRM, social media, and ERP. The coolest thing about Magnolia is that it allows you can to add amazing functions with the passage of time when your business flourishes.

The reason why Magnolia will shine in 2021 is just because security lies at the heart of the system and employs an architecture that will split your website’s private and public elements while proving to be the best in case of cyber attacks. Besides, you can also define what users and admins can do, so you can have a better idea as to who can write, edit, review and also publish certain content. The economical part is that pricing is tailored according to business needs.

4. Shopify 

Shopify is undoubtedly one of the best all-in-one hosted CMS platforms. The distinguishing feature is that here you won’t need to purchase hosting, install any kind of software, or manage things such as updates and backups. 

The reason why website owners prefer Shopify is because it has a straightforward drag as well as drop interface. Moreover, it also supports in-store sales, which is the right answer for both your physical and online stores. 

As far as payment is concerned, Shopify won’t disappoint you as you can easily accept credit and debit cards with the help of Shopify’s integrated payment solution, i.e. Shopify Payments. For users’ convenience, PayPal has also been included as one of Shopify’s default payment options. 

The most important feature is the availability of loads of extensions and themes available, and you can also add third-party apps that help you add all kinds of features to your online store.  

5. Wix

Wix is a cloud-based web development platform and remains the best option for mobile-optimized sites. It helps you to create HTML5 and mobile-optimized websites conveniently. 

The coolest thing about this platform is that it offers a drag-and-drop system that can help you to add more functionality by installing more plugins. Wix also caters for elements such as email marketing, e-commerce, community forms along with contact forms. Here, you will also have the option to remove adverts, use your separate domain name and get enhanced bandwidth by opting for a premium plan.

While keeping all the factors into consideration, Wix remains the ideal option for small businesses, and you can make the most from its other benefits such as uncapped bandwidth, 20GB storage space, a free domain, an online store builder as well as ad vouchers to name a few. 

Final Say

In order to maximize your operation’s potential, an intense need is felt for a reliable CMS. Although, you can easily find loads of them out there yet it is also a fact that some are more efficient than the others and that is where this article can come to the rescue. 






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