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How to do Affiliate Marketing without a Website

The very first thing that pops up in our mind when we talk about affiliate marketing is a website, but that simply is not the case! In reality, it is easier to do affiliate marketing without a website than with having one.

As far as affiliate marketing is concerned, it is an arrangement between two parties where the affiliate and the online retailer, whose products are promoted by the affiliate work through a mutual understanding.

The retailer pays a remuneration for traffic, or more precisely, for leads or sales produced by each referral from the affiliate.

To put it more simply, your main goal as an affiliate is to deliver the exact offer to the appropriate customer at the exact time. And that necessarily comes down to two key elements: an offer and also a traffic source.

Can I start Affiliate Marketing for Free?

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In order to initiate affiliate marketing without any money, it is advised to carry out some research and planning. This guide will explain 4 methods through which you can nail your purpose.

However, remember that affiliate marketing is not something that can get you rich quickly. You will find tons of people online that will assure you how easy it is and promote quicker ways, but these are the people who are simply luring you to buy their products without offering insightful resources or training.

Even if you want to generate money as quickly as possible, you need to treat this profession like a real business and create healthy foundation. With each setback, just learn from them and keep pushing. So, while it possible to start affiliate marketing without a website, a resilient never-give-up attitude is key.

Moreover, things are now even more simple with other means such as social media affiliate marketing where you can easily earn money and with zero investment.

4 Ways to do Affiliate Marketing without a Website

1. Start a YouTube Channel

Start a YouTube Channel

Affiliate marketing on YouTube is a clever way to offer additional value to your audience, and earn profits simultaneously. Although YouTube comes with different methods to monetize your content, affiliate marketing provides direct control over the products you wish to promote and allows you to view more revenue. First, create a free YouTube channel and apply for the YouTube Partner Program that boasts more monetization chances.

Create engaging content

It’s crucial to attract your audience so that you don’t promote the affiliate links to zero viewers. This can only be done with top-tier content.

The better the quality of your videos, the more viewers will be encouraged to visit your channel and listen to you. So, jump in the right niche and make relevant videos about what you want to promote.

Add affiliate links in the descriptions

Remember to add affiliate links in the video description. YouTube poses no restriction on the number of links that can be posted. It’s also a great idea to mention the links in the video.

In case you’re a member of the YouTube Partner Program, links can be added directly to the videos. There’s a feature known as ‘end cards’ that enables you to add links to external websites and product links in the last 20 seconds of the video.

Be honest with your affiliate links

Transparency is important in this field and it makes it easier for the audience to trust you. So, clearly label the affiliate links. Be honest about what you and your audience will gain if they check out the links.

This shows that affiliate marketing without a website and a YouTube channel instead is possible.

2. Create an eBook

Create a eBook
  1. This kind of affiliate marketing strategy is pretty simple as you will have to create an eBook on any topic that appeals to readers the most and as a result your affiliate links into the content.
  2. Whenever somebody opts to click your affiliate link and opts to buy a product, you will earn a commission as a consequence.
  3. This method is most ideal if you want to do affiliate marketing without a blog. Comparatively, you will get more affiliate offers to promote and hence earn quite enough bucks.
  4. The best way to find a hot topic is by using Google Trends in which people are interested in. Besides, you should also look at what’s trending and do enough research on the topic.

3. Post on Online Platforms and Communities

  1. The Internet is undoubtedly an excellent place at bringing like-minded people together in certain online communities as well as forums. These places offer an exceptional opportunity to promote your affiliate products.
  2. The very first step is to look for a forum with an audience that will be more interested in the products that you are promoting.
  3. After you are done with finding a website with a solid online community, try to check the forum guidelines and also make sure they allow affiliate links, sign up, and initiate contributing to the online conversation.
  4. One of the best ways to get your affiliate offers in front of an online community of engaged people is by successfully creating your own Facebook group and also foster discussion around your niche. This way, you will not only have more control over the posting guidelines, but it can also be a profitable way to ideally promote your affiliate offers with successful weekly promotions.

4.     Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Affiliate email marketing is a method of affiliate marketing that includes promoting affiliate links via well-written and targeted emails. Such emails gain attention from your subscribers, and this boosts the website traffic and conversion rate.

Guarantee whether your email provider enables affiliate links

Owing to the delivery issues, many email providers usually restrict or ban the usage of links. If you don’t seek the permission, your account and mailing lists will vanish, making you start from scratch.

So, communicate with their support team and verify before getting started. The email providers that do allow marketing even provide instructions to marketers.

Select correct affiliate links

Profitability, relevancy, and constancy are the three attributes that should be present in your affiliate links.

Estimate the ROI for your email marketing campaign to know whether the profits you’ll gain are worth the effort. Even if there’s no fee to add affiliate links in emails, your efforts are important, which is why you should only focus on links that can generate revenue.

Your audience is interested in your niche and content. So, whatever you promote should be relevant to their interests. The more relevant your content is, the more sales you will make.

Finally, your affiliate links should be consistently valuable throughout the campaign. This means that the services or products you are promoting will be useful in the future. If the product is evergreen, there’s no need to edit or update your emails.

Add affiliate emails to your email sequence

This can be accomplished in two ways:

If there’s an existing email sequence that’s making click-through rates, the emails can be edited to add valuable links. This will boost your organic traffic via your content. The best part is that it won’t influence your open, click-through, and unsubscribe rates.

Another method is that if you have an email sequence, some changes can be made to the components. This is determined by the product being promoted. A great way to make the most of your existing email sequence is to add new emails that will contain your affiliate links.

Track your campaign

After the email sequence is launched and has started to work, the maintenance of your email list and campaign is vital to make sure that commission is generating. This means that you need to be active in monitoring your subscribers and make needed adjustments to the campaign.

Also, track the subscriber’s interactions with your emails to make vital improvements.

Wrapping Up

Making money as an affiliate marketer is pretty simple but it can take enough time and work from you. While a website has some advantages, it is also possible to make money without having one. Just give any of the above methods a try and you will reap the benefits.






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