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How to Do Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest in 2022

No one would have thought a few years back that certain social media sites would appear out of nowhere and compete with giants in the industry, such as Facebook and Twitter and steal the show. This truly stands true for Pinterest that has become a more powerful and even more reliable source of traffic in recent days while allowing you to use Pinterest affiliate marketing to branch out your income further.

Is Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Useful?

Pinterest affiliate marketing can be the most useful way for you to recommend products on this particular social media site for your followers to purchase. As soon as your followers opt to buy these products, you will get your share in the shape of the commission. 

Is Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Useful

The best thing about affiliate marketing through Pinterest is that this doesn’t cost anything extra to the reader and undoubtedly benefits both. In a nutshell, you get paid while your followers get something that they wanted. 

Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest Without a Blog

The best thing about Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest is that you don’t need a blog or detailed written content to attract your audience. On the contrary, you can easily add affiliate links to Pinterest and end up making lots of money. 

Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest without a blog

First of all, you’ll have to create a pin-like normal, and this can easily be done from your profile page. All you have to do is click the plus sign under the search bar, followed by clicking the ‘Create Pin’ option. This is followed by adding the title of and also a description. After that, the only work left is to add an affiliate link and also the desired image. 

How to Make Money on Pinterest with Amazon?

Amazon is undoubtedly the #1 online retailer globally, and its affiliate program i.e. Amazon Associates, helps you earn money quite easily. As far as its EU affiliates are concerned, Amazon has verified that they can use affiliate links on Pinterest. Other affiliates around the world, including the US, are rather unclear. 

How to Make Money on Pinterest with Amazon

Owing to the aforementioned circumstances, Pinterest traffic can easily be used to drive online visitors to your blog, and you can end up making affiliate sales. It is also worth mentioning that you are not supposed to use Amazon’s pictures on Pinterest and other social media sites (or anywhere else) and instead get your own. 

3 Best Ideas to Do Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest 

Best Ideas to Do Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest

As we have already discussed how to create pins with affiliate links usefully, let’s discuss how to make the most of these pins and earn money through Pinterest affiliate marketing. Let’s dive in, 

1. Create a Number of Boards and Start Pinning

The foremost thing that you should do with your profile is to create various distinct boards. A sincere suggestion would be to keep the number from 8-10, and this can be a pretty useful starting point. When people check out your profile, you want them to look like you are genuine with a broad range of interests.

Create a Number of Boards and Start Pinning

It should also be kept in mind to keep these boards diverse and must contain posts within your niche. Some of the useful niches with potential board ideas can be fitness, outdoors, home living, dogs, and crafts. 

2. Gain as Many Followers as You Can

If you are gaining more followers, you will likely get more traffic on your posts and which can be helpful for Pinterest affiliate marketing cause. 

Gain as Many Followers as You Can

As far as the primary ways of gaining more followers are concerned, you can easily gain followers by following other people and also repinning the most popular content. 

When you have got a few boards filled up and various published pins, you should start following other profiles. Besides, it is not necessary that the profiles you are following should be exactly like Pinterest Profile. 

The best thing about using the above tactic is that you might easily get a few followers while making sure that you have built an authentic profile.

Sincere advice would also be to pin content that is already-renowned as there is already an audience for it. It is worth mentioning here that this content has been successful in the past, and it will make waves in the future too. That is why you will be doing yourself a huge favor if you decide to publish it.

Once you are done with gaining enough followers, the next step would be to start pinning affiliate content or pins that serve the cause i.e., redirect users directly to your website, blog, or whatever the case may be. Remember that you need to scale your Pinterest operation once you have gained a few hundred followers. 

3. Scale Pinterest 

When you have several boards, and you’re done pinning a lot. Moreover, you have built up several hundred followers, and also your account is beginning to get some traction. This is probably the best time for you to have a filled out profile that looks genuine and have some followers of your own. AT this point, you need to start joining group boards in order to scale the operation. 

Scale Pinterest

There are various places where many of the people can opt to join and post their pins. Whenever a profile joins a group board, all of their followers also join the board. 

When you decide to join a particular group board, your followers can easily see pins from several other people. Truth be told, it can be a kind of dilution for your followers somehow, but the best thing about this practice is that you can have access to a huge number of eyeballs in a comparatively shorter time. 

The easiest way to find a group board is by searching your favorite topic within the group board. Besides, spotting particular group boards of your choice can also be easy as the picture of the owner will be having several people. 

Once you are part of a particular group board, it’s time for you to initiate directing users to your website. Keep in mind that your content has the potential to access innumerable people now. Besides, you should continue to publish renowned pins but try to sprinkle in more pins for your own content. 

It is worth mentioning that joining group boards is undoubtedly the quickest and convenient way to scale your flourishing Pinterest account. Try to keep your number of pins and repins high, and you can end up owning a significant account.

4. Analyze Outcomes and Take Informed Actions

It goes without saying that analysis is a crucial step for any kind of affiliate marketing campaign. Luckily, Pinterest Analytics is without any doubt a treasure trove of information. Make sure that you take a look at your topmost pins by link clinks.

Make sure that you find out which of your affiliate-link comprising pins is performing exceptionally. Can you try to create more versions of this pin and is there anything that you craft a same blog post and also spin-off extra pins for that new development?

If it is the case that Pinterest is your main traffic-driving strategy for your affiliate links, you must make the most of Pinterest Analytics as that is where you’ll need to successfully discover which types of content are driving more and more revenue for you.

Why is Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Worth it?  

Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Worth

The best thing about Pinterest affiliate marketing is that it has a comparatively higher ROI than the social media networks. However, that being said, it is also true it needs some effort on your behalf to make things even more amazing. Besides, you should also use inexpensive tools that cost a few bucks and automate your pinning as a result. 

Top Niche Ideas for Earning More Through Pinterest Affiliate Programs 

Niche Ideas for Earning More Through Pinterest

Below are some of the top niches that can give you a better chance to make money online with Pinterest Affiliate Programs. 

  1. Travel
  2. Food
  3. Health and Fitness
  4. DIY Crafts 
  5. Fashion 
  6. Beauty and Personal Care
  7. Gift Ideas
  8. Entrepreneurship 

Apart from the niches mentioned above, you can also try to find your luck with anyone that interests you the most. In other words, do something that you can do the best. 

Wrapping Up 

Affiliate marketing is not something like a child’s play, and when it comes to Pinterest, you have to be more than creative and hardworking to earn more money. Besides, it is also true that it can take a lot of work to get started, like passive income. Try to make Pinterest a significant portion of your affiliate marketing strategy, and you will reap the benefits as a consequence. 



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