Zhiyun FIVERAY M20C: A compact and affordable way to light up your photos


One of the key things to consider when taking photos is lighting. Lighting plays an important role when taking photos or shooting videos. This is because with enough light, your camera won’t try to compensate for it which results in very “noisy” photos. Choosing the right lighting can also alter the mood and tone of a photo. If you’re looking for a compact lighting solution, then maybe the Zhiyun FIVERAY M20C could be the accessory for you.

Pocket-sized lighting solution

A lot of professional lighting systems tend to be big and bulky. This is perfectly fine if you own a studio where you can keep the lights in place, or if you’re shooting on location and have a crew to help you move things around. But if you’re a solo photographer or videographer, then you won’t have that luxury.

This is one of the main advantages of the Zhiyun FIVERAY M20C. It is small and compact and can easily slip into a bag or pocket. The fact that it runs off batteries also means you never have to worry about finding a power outlet.

Despite its small stature, Zhiyun has thoughtfully included physical controls into the accessory. This will let you control the light through the device itself so you don’t have to fiddle around with apps. It does support Bluetooth and can be used with the ZY Vega app. This is more for users who want to group multiple lights together and control them all at once. But if you’re only using one unit, you don’t have to.

Another cool feature of the accessory is its magnetic mounting system. This will give users the freedom to mount the lighting accessory to any metallic surface. This means that if you want light coming from above, you can attach it to a water pipe if that’s available. You can stick it onto a pole, a fridge, a metal door, and so on. The possibilities are endless!

Small but bright

Now don’t let the small size of the FIVERAY M20C fool you. While it may be small, it is incredibly powerful and bright. It punches well above its weight for its size and amongst the competition.

Zhiyun says that the device can output 20W of power, meaning that it will get crazy bright if you need it to be. It also offers dimming features so you can adjust it according to your needs and artistic style. The modifier pack, which we will get to in a bit, will also unlock the door to various lighting styles and effects.

If you’re concerned about heat generated by the light, Zhiyun has made sure to equip the device with the DynaVort Cooling System MARK II. This is an improvement over its predecessor, resulting in a slimmer heat sink, better airflow, and reduced drag. This means that you can use the accessory for extended periods of time without worrying about it overheating.

The FIVERAY M20C also supports a wide range of color temperatures, so if you want to create a photo with a “cooler” look or a “warmer” look, you can. Zhiyun also promises reduced flicker which is important when shooting videos, unless you’re going for that strobe-light effect.

Multiple lighting effects

Some professional lighting systems are “boring” in the sense that they can only illuminate one color at different temperatures. But if you want to take your photographs and videos to the next level, tossing in a bit of color helps. The FIVERAY M20C has support for RGB which will allow you to create all kinds of cool and funky effects.

In addition, the accessory supports features like lighting effects such as music mode, synchronized speed, and more. If you want to create a music video with lights that can shaft color according to the beat, the FIVERAY M20C will get it done.

Now, we previously mentioned that the FIVERAY M20C has a modifier pack that’s sold separately. This modifier pack will include a diffuser to help create softer lighting. It also comes with honeycomb grids for more targeted lighting without spillover. There’s also a four-left barn door attachment that helps you play with light and shadow to create more dramatic or moody effects.

These modifiers can be attached quickly and easily to the FIVERAY M20C, so you can switch things up on the fly.

Pricing & availability

So, if you think that the Zhiyun FIVERAY M20C will help you elevate your photography and videography game, you will be able to grab a unit from Zhiyun’s online store. The accessory is priced at $139, which considering all of its features is actually pretty reasonable. You can also add on the modifier pack at a 25% discount if you want to expand the device’s capabilities.


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