YouTube gives AI chatbot early access to select Premium subscribers


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  • YouTube is rolling out a variety of features for Premium subscribers.
  • A limited number of Premium subscribers will be able to get early access to the site’s new conversational AI tool.
  • Enhanced 1080p HD bitrate is now available on Android, web, and smart TVs.

Earlier in November, Google announced it was testing out AI tools designed for YouTube. The company is now giving YouTube Premium subscribers early access to those tools, as well as several other features.

Today, Google announced that YouTube Premium members will be able to get early access to two new AI experiments it has been working on. One of those experiments is a conversational AI chatbot, and the other is a generative AI tool for summarizing comment sections.

According to the tech giant, the chatbot is capable of answering questions, suggesting related content, and more. You’ll also be able to use this chatbot without interrupting the video you’re watching. This tool currently supports English and will only be available to some Premium subscribers on Android in the US. Google says those who get one of the limited spots will see an “Ask” button appear underneath the video, giving them the opportunity to submit prompts.

As mentioned before, the other AI experiment is meant to summarize the comments section. It is reportedly designed to organize comments into digestible themes and help creators more quickly jump into discussions.

Another notable feature that’s coming is enhanced bitrate for 1080p HD videos. Google initially launched this feature for iOS, but now it will also be available for Android, web, and smart TVs.

In addition to these features, Google announced Premium badges, promotional deals and offers, and the ability to pick up from where you left off on more devices.

Speaking of AI, YouTube recently announced new guidelines for AI-generated content. Content creators will now have to disclose if their video contains altered or synthetic content created with AI tools.


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