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Not really a question but 99% sure it is a scam, so warning to all.

My father was recently a victim of a romance scam (Karin Fang Yumei) where after months of building trust, he “invested” into bitcoin. 4x profit of the investment with 1 week was demonstrated with cleverly built website, only deeded 34% tax to be paid to withdraw.

Anyway, he finally realises that it is a scam and finds online someone (Igor Kosmach, lawyer at Orbital Limited) that promises to help return funds – for no fee, only commission afterwards.

Miraculously just after a week wallet has been found with 170k USD accompanied with a formal letter from Blockchain and FCA, stating that in order to get access to the funds, he needs to verify his identity with the wallet and pay 1-2% of the found money. The account/wallet is of course frozen only for 2 days, so mega urgent. This is claimed to be “a formal rule from the regulator that controls money transfers”. Asking to send the full name and website of the regulator I get replied that “the regulator does not have a website for clients, it is a closed structure so there is no website. The transaction must be made to an official Blockchain account created using my fathers data”. Conveniently my father was stupid enough to share a copy of his passport upfront before..

Also I’m being told that “Blockchain, like any bank, makes money from commissions for money transfer; there is no point in them deceiving you”.

Just had a call with his “colleague” based in Czechia who spoke English…if I wouldn’t be so confident that he was full of crap I totally would have bought it. The confidence level of these guys is unbelievable.

Also, I have already googled and searched for all the names and company names, don’t exists. Orbital limited website was created 15 days ago.


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