How to Buy Unclaimed Amazon Packages

How to Buy Unclaimed Amazon Packages: A Complete Guide

It may happen sometimes that Amazon orders never make it to their destination owing to the fact that the addresses are either inaccurate or obsolete or the carrier partners aren’t able to successfully deliver the orders.

Due to the aforementioned situation, a certain kind of unclaimed Amazon packages come into being that is then actioned off to the highest bidder online or in person.

The question that arises at this point is that how to buy unclaimed mail and the right answer would be to look for store owners, vendors as well as eCommerce websites that will obviously offer Amazon packages as exciting mystery boxes for any kind of bidding.

Why Amazon are Unclaimed Packages Such a Big Deal?

Have you ever wondered as to what happened to the Amazon unclaimed packages and you will be amazed to know that those unclaimed Amazon dispatches are finally auction off to the highest bidder.

As a consequence, small businesses as well as vendors purchase some of these mails and then resell them to make a profit.

In addition, you can also buy unclaimed mail at physical auctions or any kind of online liquidation sites that absolutely have no idea whatsoever about the content of the box.

It is also worth mentioning that the unclaimed packages are put up for sale in lots instead of individually while the buyer end up with a bunch more products to sift through, resell, or donate.

How to Buy Unclaimed Amazon Packages?

It is absolutely legal to buy Amazon unclaimed packages. But what does it mean? When the postal service attempts to deliver the Amazon order, but it isn’t received or claimed by the person who placed the order, it becomes an Amazon unclaimed packages.

Each year, thousands of packages become unclaimed by Amazon users. There are different reasons behind this. For instance, the buyer didn’t receive the parcel from the collection point, the address was wrong, the parcel was lost in the transit, or the recipient got shifted.

If the package is not taken or claimed under 90 days from the postal service of the warehouse, it will be automatically auctioned off.

But the Amazon unclaimed packages are not sold separately. Rather, they are auctioned off in bulk. Many small vendors and business owners purchase Amazon unclaimed packages to resell them in their stores. This earns them huge profits.

In the next section, we’ll talk about the best platforms to purchase these packages.

Top Amazon Liquidation and Clearance Websites to Buy From

Amazon unclaimed packages are similar to Christmas gifts because of unpredictability. If you are purchasing from a local postal swap, you are bidding on an unknown or mysterious gift. Sometimes, you can earn huge profits, but sometimes you end up paying more than the actual price.

Even though most websites display pallets of boxes aside from description, the box consists of different electrical fittings, wall plates, conduits, junction boxes, and similar electrical items. This is useful for making a sound purchase rather than buying something useless. Now, let’s discuss the top Amazon liquidation and clearance websites.

1. Direct Liquidation

As far as Direct Liquidation auctions are concerned, they offer you Amazon unclaimed mail with a buy now option. The best thing about this website is that they feature both new as well as refurbished stock under as many as 90-days warranty.

In addition, they also offer shipping, but the client can still arrange to choose the assortment of items. Besides, direct Liquidation is also an e-liquidation business that several people trust as well as rely on. Moreover, the company ideally works around effectively, conveniently and efficiently.

When it comes to direct e-liquidation, you can get convenient transactions, and thus tock is available in all sizes.

Regardless of the fact as to what your budget is, you can always look for Amazon unclaimed packages and you can easily use to make them some profit.

The best part is that you can also find Amazon unclaimed packages at any of the Direct Liquidation convenient outlets across the US.  

2. GovDeals

This is the most reliable and knowledgeable company in the liquidity service industry. GovDeals boasts 14,000 sellers and has achieved $2.6 billion in sales. Plus, thousands of packages are sold weekly in tons of categories, including real estate, transport, equipment, etc.

GovDeals sells many Amazon unclaimed packages. The platform sells bulk containers and individual packages with descriptions. The buyers place their bids, and the highest bid wins the package.


As far as is concerned, they sell unclaimed lots from Amazon through truckload, pallet as well as box. Besides, you can also buy unclaimed mail in several conditions, mostly in the apparel electronics, houseware as well as industrial, vehicle, and also computer categories.

It is pertinent to mention that the unclaimed packages auction at as many as $100 bids, but certain pallets sell immediate purchase. In addition, the auctions are easily available for non-US buyers through wire transfer.


BULQ is an American based liquidation business that ideally deals directly with Amazon along with several other e-commerce companies.

The amazing e-liquidation site successfully lists new inventory three times a day with changing prices that mostly depend on each seller.

While some can easily bear a fixed price, several others run a two days auction. Moreover, BULQ purchases are final, having no returns or exchanges.

Besides, you can also either ship the pallets or lots yourself. Alternatively, you can also pay the BULQ $30 flat shipping fee while only shopping in a US address only.

5. Barton’s Discount

Barton’s Discounts offers unclaimed packages liquidation services and the company ideally helps Amazon conveniently process the overstocks, shelf pulls, and also unclaimed returns.

In order to access some liquidation pallets or truckloads for Amazon, then obviously give Barton’s Discounts a shot.

They have an amazing business that dates back 10 years built to ideally deliver efficient as well as effective services to customers without much worries.

6. American Pallet Liquidators

America’s most trustworthy liquidation company is this one. It’s a large scale company that boasts amazing selling expertise in Amazon unclaimed packages.

American pallet liquidators is a massive network of wholesalers, retailers, and other huge liquidators that sell truckloads and pallets of unclaimed packages from categories to dozens.

7. Quicklotz

This is one of the best choices for purchasing Amazon unclaimed packages. It’s the biggest liquidation platform in the USA. The best feature of Quicklotz is that buyers can choose from a variety of sizes, including truck loads to pallets and boxes. This means that you can have the quantity you desire. Here, all types of products can be found.

8. BlueLots

This is one of the biggest liquidation platforms in the country that directly sells Amazon unclaimed packages. It ships through USPS, FedEx, and UPS and charges $300 to $400 per pallet.

At BlueLots, you can filter out your preferred brand, cost, unit, and category.

Making Money Out of Amazon Unclaimed Packages

It’s possible to initiate your own e-commerce business by selling clearance parcels from Amazon unclaimed packages. Actually, the more you are willing to pay, the less high the cost, similar to the return on investment when you sell the very same item.

Moreover, you can reuse the item as it boosts the value. Other methods to boost the value are:

  • Bundle products together.
  • Accessorize.
  • Refurbish and fix everything.

But remember that unclaimed packages are similar to blind boxes. Don’t make many investments as it can lead to loss. Always shop at credible auctions and research all Amazon return pallets you buy.

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Last Thoughts

You must know that you can easily buy those unclaimed Amazon packages and thus easily make a profit from them. However, you should keep in mind to bid properly prior to bidding for those packages and the most important part is to research about them, and select reputable liquidation websites. Besides, you can also buy unclaimed Amazon mail and also resell the same at a margin.  







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