U-tec unveils new Matter compatible smart home, smart bulbs, and a new smart home ecosystem


Are you thinking about turning your home into a smart home? If you are, there are several good places to start, like with your lighting system that will allow you control over your lights remotely and with voice control, and also a smart lock system that will give you more control over the lock and allowing people into your home even when you’re out.

If these sound like upgrades you might be interested in making, then you’re in luck because this year at CES 2024, U-tec has unveiled a couple of new smart home products that could be worth taking a look at. This includes the U-tech ULTRALOQ Bolt Matter Fingerprint and the U-tech Bright Bulb.

Starting with the ULTRALOQ Bolt Matter Fingerprint, this is a smart lock with a deadbolt design that the company has created with Matter compatibility in mind. This means that it will play nicely with other Matter products, as well as smart home platforms from Google and Apple. It offers a bunch of ways to unlock your door, like with fingerprint recognition or passwords, and users can even create backup keys, offer mobile app access, and more. It uses 8 alkaline batteries that are good for an entire year.

As for the Bright Bulb, this is an A19 bulb that offers 1,100 lumens, making it insanely bright compared to the competition. It comes with built-in WiFi mesh that will make it easier to group together other Bright Bulbs for easier grouping and control.

Last but not least, U-tec has also announced U home. This is the company’s own smart home ecosystem that will connect its various smart home products – like the ULTRALOQ and Bright Bulb – together. For those who hate having to control their smart home products separately and if you already own some of U-tec’s smart home products, then the U home ecosystem will make everything feel a bit more cohesive.


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