Affiliate Programs That Pay Per Click

Top 15 Affiliate Programs That Pay Per Click

Affiliate marketers are always hunting for ways to boost their profit. If you own a website with considerable traffic, the next step is to join a pay per click affiliate program. But there are many such programs in the industry, which can make it hard to decide.

Ahead, the 15 best affiliate programs with their characteristics are listed.


Media Net

This is a prominent pay per click affiliate program in the bigger Yahoo/Bing network. Advertisers from many countries pay to accomplish their pay per click advertising here. You can gather shares as one of the many affiliates hosting ads.

Even though doesn’t manage Google Ads, it’s still an extensive PPC affiliate program in contact with Bing. The platform serves above $6 billion of PPC and different ads annually on high-traffic websites.

And the best part? It is not a compulsion to possess a big amount of visitors to make this platform work for you. Owing to abundant rates for impressions, and the significant number of ads that can be posted on each page, an affiliate can gain thousands of views per day while earning hundreds of dollars a month. Lastly, accepts niche websites and boasts three adverts on each page.

2.  RevenueHits


This pay per click affiliate program is proud to offer a hands-off experience to monetize their websites. RevenueHits presents PPC affiliate programs and different ad revenue choices for advertisers and affiliates.

The platform selects the PPC ads that showcase on the 20,000+ publisher’s landing pages and blogs. This lack of choice is balanced by top-tier optimization algorithms compatible with ads similar to the traffic of the destination website. Plenty of visual banner sizes and shapes are available, which don’t interfere with any affiliate links.

RevenueHits boasts a multi-leveled reporting and tracking system, is CPA driven, and offers AdBlock monetization. Other perks of choosing RevenueHits are:

  • Free to sign up with quick setup
  • Versatile range of flexible pricing models – CPI, CPA, CPM, and CPL
  • Industry leading payouts
  • Above 5000 advertising pools

3.  Skimlinks


The biggest reason to choose Skimlinks pay per click affiliate program is that they offer abundant money at 35% of what they earn annually for each publisher you refer. Sufficient promotion resources are given – custom Banner ads, text, and disclosure badges.

After you sign up, you’ll be presented a distinct referral ID to send new referrals. Any commission earned from your referred publishers is automatically credited to your account. The important features of employing Skimlinks as PPC affiliate program are:

  • The ability to automatically transform user product references to affiliate links.
  • If you’re a WordPress user, you can utilize their plugin through which you can easily integrate with Skimlinks
  • By being their affiliate, you can avail 75% of the revenue divided from Skimlinks network

4.  Infolinks


Infolinks is a superior Adsense alternative used by over 100,000 publishers. It comes with versatile ad format units to monetize the website traffic. Some of their ad formats that don’t depend on traditional banners are – InText, InTag, InScreen, InArticle, InFrame, and InFold. Their minimum payout limit is $50 which can be delivered to your Payoneer, eCheck, and PayPal.

Perks of choosing this pay per click affiliate program are:

  • Mobile ads to monetize your mobile traffic.
  • It employs smart ad unit targeting system to reveal relevant ads on your website
  • Access to plenty of ad formats
  • Huge pool including thousands of advertisers

You can run Infolinks and Adsense together at the same page without interference. The same applies to lots of other ad networks. Best way to earn on Infolinks? Pair it with another program or other PPC affiliate program.

5.  Adblade


This is a content style pay per click affiliate program where you’re paid for each click you gather on the PPC ads on your website. Grow your revenue with Adblade which enables you to attract high-quality advertisers.

Although their mode of payment is PayPal only, their platform receives 3 times more clicks as compared to standard display ads. In short, if you want to get paid more for each click, look no further.

Choose Adblade because:

  • It brings access to real-time reporting to discover your number of impressions and other details
  • Huge pool including advertisers
  • Amazing display ad demands, such as standard IAB units including their proprietary News Bullets

The content style ads are published at the end of your content. In this way, it doesn’t interfere with affiliate link anchors in your content.

6.  Outbrain


Hunting for a native advertising pay per click affiliate program to monetize your website traffic through high conversion rates? Pick Outbrain because:

  • It’s an industry leading platform
  • Features native advertising options to showcase PPC ads that don’t interfere
  • Enables you to monetize your website by articles, pop-up ads, interstitial ads, and in-stream ads
  • Access to video ads, mobile optimized or article based ads

The native ads allows you to display your ads via:

  • Promoted & search listings. These are ads that are visible in the sidebar content recommendations or the top of Google
  • In-Feed ads. These appear in the news feed of social media.
  • Recommended articles

This premium PPC program can be used as a network to promote sponsored content via a website or blog to gain more money. One can generate money through Outbrain by audience exchange, native engagement server, sponsored content, traffic shaping, and lookalike audiences. Important stats to know about Outbrain is that 70% of their traffic is derived from organic recommendations.

7.  Taboola


Taboola is an unrivaled ad publishing pay per click affiliate program that serves 450 billion recommendations to over 1.4 billion rare visitors monthly throughout the world. As an affiliate, you can promote ads by sharing on all platforms – websites, newsletters, and apps.

One can employ this network to earn via sponsored videos and sponsored content. By adding a video, publishers are offered an extra $3 to $9 CPM. They have an extraordinary feature called User Visit Value by which you can calculate the efficiency of your campaigns by tagging URLs and UTM codes. This function boosts your earning and brings more traffic to your website.

Reasons to consider Taboola are:

  • Access to extremely insightful data insights and A/B alerts to boost your earning
  • Ability to monetize your video content by including PPC analytics and ads from Taboola
  • Ability to exchange audience to drive relevant traffic to your website

The commissions are paid by Payoneer.

8.  Adsterra


Adsterra claims to enjoy above 25 billion impressions each month. Most of their publishers are actually affiliates who have an additional income from affiliate links. Advertisers and PPC affiliates have access to sufficient advertising models – CPM, PPC, CPI, CPA, CPO, and CPL.

While other platforms offer commission for limited time, it’s not the same with Adsterra because by signing up, you can gain 5% of the revenue by your referred publishers for a lifetime.

Their enviable reputation was achieved by filtering inferior advertisers from the PPC program. Adsterra quickly pays its affiliate marketing partners and publishers.

Why should you choose Adsterra? Here’s why:

  • Payments are made twice a month.
  • It can be utilized with other monetization methods – Adsense, Infolinks, and more without interference
  • Monetization can be accomplished by pop-ups, push ups, display banners, slider ads, interstitials, and direct links
  • No language barrier
  • 100% fill rate for all ad formats

Payouts are made by different methods.

9.  MintClicks


This pay per click affiliate program employs matching ad delivery and automatic keyword detection to offer highly relevant and extremely profitable PPC ads on your website. Unlike other platforms, you can earn from each click you generate on MintClicks

You should choose MintClicks because:

  • It supports different PPC ads, including interstitial, POP, banner ads, and text ads. Depending on your website aesthetic, you can customize the ad code styles.
  • It offers quick publisher account setup.
  • Payouts are made via check, PayPal, and bank.

Due to these reasons, MintClicks is hailed in the industry.

10. Bidvertiser


This is a direct display advertising pay per click affiliate program to monetize your website by placing different ad formats, like PPC ads. With Bidvertiser, it’s possible to monetize everything – extensions, websites, mobile apps, toolbars, domains, and search.

Boasting a solid expertise of 10 years in the industry, it offers access to advertisers from everywhere. Bidvertiser ensures full coverage for mobile and desktop with real-time optimization models.

Features of Bidvertiser are:

  • A great variety of ad formats, including pop unders, banners, smartlinks, programmatic, sliders, XML.JSONP, and more
  • A minimum limit of $10
  • Brings access to totally reliable ads to monetize any website traffic
  • Range of payment methods are check, wire, Payza, and PayPal
  • Free and quick setup

Even if you earn $10, it can be withdrawn.

11. Ezoic


This is a small-scale but innovative pay per click affiliate program where AI features are available, such as advanced testing features and automated optimization to boost conversion rates. Ezoic is capable of adapting and responding to different visitors who see your page. The ad platform promises that these features improve the UX.

Ezoic replaces the standard RPM tracking with their own which measures more factors – the time of day the user visited and how many times. Another important function is the device sending the traffic.

With the Ezoic calculator, one can estimate the income on the PPC affiliate marketing website depending on the traffic. It employs a rare measurement to schedule session earnings – Earnings Per Thousand Visits.

12. Google AdSense

Google AdSense

This is the biggest advertising pay per click affiliate program home to millions of affiliate marketers. It boasts an unreal control of ads. With their huge selection of ad controls, you can decide where ads appear, block some, and filter the ones that don’t look good on your website. Their in-article text ads look similar to your affiliate links.

Another strong feature of Google AdSense is automatic optimization for tablets and mobile phones. The PPC ads automatically resize for perfect viewing while seeing on different devices. This instantly improves the clicks you get. 

Publishers can enjoy Google’s prominent technology perk. Some of the best analytical tools are available along with search insights.

13. Sovrn


Another small-scale but substantial pay per click affiliate program, it works with above 40,000 independent websites. Lots of PPC sizes and formats are available.

Their feature “AdBlock Monetization” detects visiting users that are employing ad blockers. By giving them customized requests to whitelist your website, you can expect high conversion rates. They have another feature known as Signal through which you’re taught how to monetize your audience activity.

At Sovrn, testing is a breeze by combining with the analytical features. You can easily optimize and view the revenue, audience, and other measures.

14. Mediavine


This is a praiseworthy pay per click affiliate program boasting strict controls to limit engagement by inferior PPC affiliate publishers and advertisers. The network enjoys positive relationships with premium advertisers and owns major publishers.

It’s also known for giving exceptional support for publishers and affiliate website owners. You’ll gain 75% of gross proceeds. This share increases 1% or more each year.

15. Adcash


This is best for the gaming and entertainment industries. Through real-time and extensive reporting options, publishers can also optimize content manually. Adcash operates in 196 countries which means lots of language options are available.







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