12 Tips for TikTok Videos that Will Gain More Followers

12 Tips for TikTok Videos that Will Gain More Followers in 2021

TikTok is undoubtedly one of the trendiest short-form video-sharing social media platforms, known for its amusing lip-syncing videos. The platform is specifically admired among teenagers and has millions of monthly users on iOS as well as Android.

Over the past few years, this app has been mesmerizingly growing across the globe under the radar to older users of Instagram, Facebook, as well as Twitter.

TikTok was initially started as a music video app and has amassed millions of followers since its inception due to its universal appeal.

Regardless of the fact as to whether you’re a business, an influencer or a business brand, you can’t skip this platform’s pervasiveness, most specifically for the Gen Z user group, a demographic that is infamously hard to break into and also to market to.

Just in case if you want to get more views or likes on your Tik Tok videos, the best advice would be to know about all of the trendiest videos on the app.

The question arises at this point is what types of videos can get the most attention and this can be easily done by doing some research. Here are some of the creative TikTok Video content ideas that can enhance your real followers. Let’s dive in,

1. Creating a Branded Hashtag Challenge Will Do

  • Just like other social media platforms, hashtags are also a basis on TikTok when it comes to searching and sorting content. But the best part is that hashtag challenges are specifically popular on the platform.
  • These kinds of challenges use particular hashtags for encouraging users to create videos on a theme, as part of a campaign or any kind of viral trend. If you remember the Ice Bucket Challenge from 2015, you would have come across a lot of videos tagged with this hashtag if Tik Tok existed in 2015.
  • There are lots of companies that have used branded hashtag challenges to a great extent and have achieved so much success by making the most of hashtag challenges.
  • It is pretty safe to consider that the majority of the people are well aware of the specifics about viral social media challenges such as the Ice Bucket Challenge. The brilliant thing about these challenges is that they have a tendency to go viral while spanning across platforms.
  • Therefore, if you want to gain more followers then you should equally participate in trending challenges and frequently post those videos on TikTok. In addition, if you need to take it a step further, you should start your own challenge while using a branded hashtag and hope for the best.
  • However, you should make the challenge more easy, make it fun and most importantly, should be based on what people love best about your brand.
  • Besides, it is also worth mentioning that a challenge that celebrates your most beloved products, qualities or promotions is most likely going to succeed. That is why; customer research and insights can easily help in this regard.
  • If you want to raise brand awareness, you should be clear on what you need to achieve so you can easily measure your impact. 

2. Partner with an Influencer

  • If you opt to work with a creator on TikTok, you are giving yourself an opportunity to ideally connect with their vast audience and make the most of their creativity and distinguished style.
  • One of the best reasons for partnering with an influencer is account takeovers. This allows a TikTok creator to frequently post content directly from your account. Besides, takeovers will be cross-promoted on the influencer’s as well as your account. .
  • In addition, you should also partner with influencers to boost your brand’s hashtag challenge to their audience.
  • You should also get influencers to enhance your brand or product on their own channel, as a part of a campaign or any kind of product review.
  • An influencer is so valuable in a sense that they have an authentic voice that their audience admires and respects. To be an efficient partner, you should let them have creative freedom in the content they produce or with your brand. Try to come up with a game plan together and don’t be too controlling.
  • As with every kind your social strategy, it’s necessary to have a goal in mind. Make sure that you track the outcome of your influencer partnership, no matter if it is sales, audience growth or campaign participation, to ideally measure your success.
  • Research reveals that influencers are going to be huge and more crucial on TikTok than they have been on Instagram, which is truly saying something.
  • Lastly, an influencer can be an exceptional inroad to a community or any niche that you face difficulty to break into.

3. Cute Imitation Videos

  • One of the best parts of viral Tik Tok videos is being cute and cuddly. That is why; you should also regularly imitate sweet songs with actions, either with your hands or even with your whole body.
  • In most of the cases, these songs will be trending on Tik Tok, and you will be well aware as to which ones are the most renowned. Besides, you should also try to be among the very first to rightly cover these songs so that you can easily capture the audience as quickly as you can.
  • Moreover, looking adorable and charming is an ideal part of TikTok viral videos and that is why; you must enact the song by lip-syncing or just even by recreating from the original video through making imaginative twists to the videos.
  • You can successfully attract the audience by imitating adorable songs along with reactions with your whole body as well as dance moves, eyes, and hands.
  • These songs can easily go trending number one on TikTok that will be the most renowned by just doing these imitations and most importantly, be the first to attract Gen Z audiences.

4. Funny Dance Videos

The best thing about short but funny dance videos with the appropriate hashtags have a lot of influence. All you have to do is to be sure to pair them with the apt songs.

It can be better if you can easily pick a song that’s renowned and trending as this will enhance the chances of your video being found.

A regular user of TikTok can easily tell you that the platform is ideally filled with dance videos. Moreover, creators have been using it to popularly showcase their dancing talent and usually invite other people for group dance performances.

5. Telling Humorous Stories

Telling short humorous stories while adding your own little twist in the video can be an ideal way of entertaining people. Besides, it can be anything, even inquiring about a simple question.

Moreover, you shouldn’t let the short time frame discourage you as well.

Be bold when it comes to telling your story as you can easily tell people about the stories, like what you come across while walking down the road or when you were hanging out with your friends. The important part is that you should keep it hilarious.

6. Short Videos of Object Singing

You might have come across some of the memes that went viral on Tik Tok and which includes objects singing popular hit songs.

This idea can really help and you can go for it for your Tik Tok videos. You can make use of any old object in the home and that thing also doesn’t even need to be moving.

The important point is to pair it with an ideal song to give the object a soul and make it look like a real person who performs the song.

7. Process of Making Art

Just in case if you are an artist that can easily create pictures, sculptures, comics, figurines or any kind of crafts, the best idea would be to film the whole creative process.

These kinds of videos that show the process of your creation are much welcomed on Tik Tok as some can easily enjoy seeing the creative process of an artist.

The amazing thing about filming this process is that it will also help promote your work on Tik Tok while giving you more exposure in the long run. Besides, you may also want to add more creative twists to your videos while making them look distinguished from the rest.

8. Creating a Branded Filter

Just like Instagram and Snapchat, creators can also add lenses and AR filters to their videos in order to create special effects.

Brands can make the most of the benefit of this feature by uploading custom filters. Let us take the example of NY Fashion Week that exclusively created a special photo booth filter for accompanying the events.

However, it is also worth mentioning that creating effects and filters needs design expertise on behalf of your team, so it may only be worthwhile for a mega event or occasion.

However when done exceptionally well, filters can easily boost brand awareness and also grow your audience and also generate a ton of on-brand content not only from your followers but also fan base.

9. Be Regular in your Content

Keep in mind that the mark of a fascinating influencer on any platform, including Tik Tok, is to have frequent content. This clearly means that you should post videos on a routine basis.

The best advice would be not to go for more than 2-3 days without content. It is also worth mentioning that the attention span on Tik Tok users can be so brief that is why you should work hard to hold your follower’s attention.

If you want to build up a strong follower base, you should post regular content that can keep your audience laughing, interested, or entertained.

That is why you need to start having a schedule and also set deadlines for yourself too.

10. Run a Contest

You might have observed that some of the popular brands ask participants to create videos of them doing a particular action and post these videos with a particular hashtag.

The coolest thing about these contests is the fact that they are open to creators from all across the globe in most of the cases.

These kinds of contests also gain the support of fans and attract a larger audience for their videos. It is always a win-win and a clear example of how user-generated content can easily help your brand.

Besides, user-generated content can easily boost your credibility and also trust and more specifically, when it comes from trusted creators.

11. Cover Trendy Events

While many viral trends may live and fade away on TikTok alone, it is also true that the outside world also has an influence as well. That is why; pop culture and certain major news infiltrate the platform as they can easily take on a new life.

Some of the popular news tabloids are especially good at turning topical events into TiKTok videos. After all, all the existing events are their brand. While easily finding ways to ideally transform those topics into engaging video content, these tabloids have certainly racked up more than 390,000 TikTok followers.

Moreover, they have also discussed serious topics that are delicate, as your funny video may easily turn into insensitivity or poor taste. But these tabloids have told us that it is possible to achieve a right balance of humor and information.

12. Educating your Audience with Informative Tutorials

Tutorial videos are very renowned on every social media platform and the same goes for TikTok as well. While keeping in view the short-form videos of TikTok; tutorials can be less informative and give self-explanation in most cases.

TikTok videos where you can make a quick tutorial displaying all the steps of methods without responding can be the best way to teach your followers. Besides, the most important part is that you can fast forward the entire video clip to ideally suit the tutorial within the apt time. 

Some of the best examples may be of beauty posts that can easily explain a makeup tutorial on TikTok while making one of their products.

Wrapping Up

TikTok is without any doubt the most powerful platform to show off your creative talents. It offers various video features to successfully create your videos in a completely different style. If you are someone who wants to boost your follower count, you can make the most of the aforementioned TikTok video content ideas to gain more and more followers.







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