Timekettle’s X1 Interpreter Hub makes doing cross-border business incredibly simple


In the past if you went to a foreign country or if you were dealing with someone that spoke a different language as you, you would either have to hire a professional translator, which can be incredibly expensive, or use a phrasebook or dictionary, which is slow and clunky and doesn’t always capture the tone or the expression properly.

Thankfully, these days our smartphones and translation services have gotten a lot better, but if you want to take your translations to the next level, then maybe investing in a dedicated translation device like Timekettle’s X1 Interpreter Hub could be something worth taking a look at.

Timekettle is no stranger when it comes to translator devices. The company has several translator devices under its belt, like the Timekettle WT2 Edge which is perfect for travel, but if you want a more dedicated device that could be perfect for offices, then then X1 Interpreter Hub could be a good alternative.

Translate calls on the fly

One of the features that we like about the X1 is that it works great on calls. Let’s say you’re in the office and you need to make a call to your supplier or a client who lives in another country and they speak a different language. This is where smartphone apps may fall short, especially if you’re using your phone to make the call.

With the X1, it comes with a pretty nifty voice call mode where users can enter a unique six-digit phone number to enable a seamless remote conversation that can make interpretations on the fly. The X1 will be able to play back natural voices of the other party along with the translated speech, which means that instead of just listening to the translated speech, you can hear the tonality of the speaker’s voice.

This is important in communication because there are certain expressions and tones that are universal and can add to the nuances in a conversation, so you can hear things like surprise, happiness, anger, confusion, which helps to add context to the conversation so that communication can proceed smoothly.

Perfect for group meetings

In addition to being perfect for voice calls, the X1 also supports group meeting mode. A great example would be where you could be working in a company which might have offices situated around the world and where different employees speak different languages.

Instead of having everyone try to communicate in a set language, such as English, the group meeting mode will allow participants in a meeting, even remotely, to speak in their native language and it will be translated.

As we’re sure many of you have encountered at work or in your travels, sometimes when people try to speak a different language they’re not too fluent in, things can get confusing and the message might get lost in the process, which can cause confusion and miscommunication, which is something you definitely do not want if you’re trying to close a deal or while placing an order.

The group meeting mode is pretty robust as it will support interpretation for up to 20 participants and up to five languages at once, making it perfect for large group meetings or small ones, the choice is yours.

Use it online or offline

Another great feature of the X1 is that it works in both online and offline mode. If you don’t have a stable internet connection, don’t worry as the device can work completely offline. This can be handy if you need to bring it with you to lectures or speeches. It can also work with a connected pair of headphones or earbuds if you prefer not to disturb other people around you or if you need a bit of privacy.

In addition to being an interpreter, the X1 can also double up as a dedicated recording device. In case you need to refer to a conversation you had earlier, you can use the X1 as a recorder and play it back anytime you need it to. For those concerned about privacy, the X1 features an integrated design so all your conversations remain private and you can easily erase them when you’re done and no one will be the wiser!

Pricing & availability

If you’re interested in the Timekettle X1 Interpreter Hub, it will be priced at $799. We know it’s not exactly a cheap device and it does have a bit of a niche purpose, but considering its features, it might be a worthwhile investment for your business, especially if you deal with a lot of foreign suppliers and customers.

Students from a foreign country coming to another country for their studies could also find it to be pretty useful. If you’re already spending so much money traveling overseas to further your education, dropping $799 to ensure your lectures aren’t misinterpreted could be priceless.

As for availability, Timekettle will be releasing it at CES 2024 and it will be available for purchase from Amazon or directly from Timekettle’s website.


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