These are the Best Cases for Samsung Galaxy S24 and S24+


We collected the best rugged, thin, clear, lightweight, silicone & colorful cases we could find on Amazon to protect your Samsung Galaxy S24 and S24+.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 series is here, and as usual, Samsung has introduced three models: the S24, S24+, and S24 Ultra. These new devices come with upgraded processors, improved, brighter displays, and a range of AI features. However, it’s worth noting that the S24 Ultra comes with a significant price hike, now starting at $1299.

If you’ve opted for the more affordable Galaxy S24 at $799 or the slightly pricier S24 Plus at $999, it’s essential to think about protecting your investment with a reliable phone case. To assist you in selecting the right case, we’ve compiled a list of top protective options for both the Galaxy S24 and S24+.

Please note that since the Galaxy S24 and S24+ share many similarities, we’ve combined their case recommendations together in the same box. However, to make it easy for you to find the right case for your device, we’ve included separate links for both devices.

Best Cases for Samsung Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+

  • Supcase UB Pro S24

    SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro case for Galaxy S24

    Promoted Pick

    In partnership with Supcase

    The SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro is one of the best-rugged case series on the market, and the Galaxy S24+ version continues this tradition. It features a built-in screen protector, easy-to-press buttons, raised and textured edges for a better grip, and precise cutouts for all ports and buttons. Moreover, it includes a handy kickstand and a rotating belt clip holster.

  • S24 Standing Grip case

    Samsung Standing Grip Case for Galaxy S24

    Kickstand + Grip Case

    $47 $59 Save $12

    If you’re searching for a practical case for your S24, Samsung’s Grip case is a great choice. It features an adjustable finger grip on the back, which can even double as a horizontal kickstand for watching content. Its smooth texture makes it comfortable to hold, and the raised edges provide great protection from all angles.

  • pitaka_magez_case_4_case

    Pitaka MagEZ Case 4 for Galaxy S24

    Premium Pick

    The Pitaka MagEZ Case 4 for Galaxy S24 is made from woven aramid fiber, known for its exceptional scratch and wear resistance. Despite its durability, the case remains slim and lightweight, ensuring minimal bulk. Moreover, it adds the convenience of MagSafe wireless charging to your Galaxy device.

  • Spigen Liquid Air for Galaxy S24 pbi

    Spigen Liquid Air for Galaxy S24

    Editor’s Choice

    The Spigen Liquid Air is a simple yet highly functional case for the Galaxy S24. It boasts a rubberized back that offers a comfortable grip and slim profile. The case is adequate to provide protection against minor falls. You can choose from four stylish colors: black, gray, purple, and green.

  • Incipio Duo for Galaxy S24

    Incipio Duo for Galaxy S24

    Simple and Sturdy

    If you’re looking for a case that provides excellent drop protection and a slim design, Incipio Duo case is the way to go. It offers dual-layer protection with a smooth, antibacterial outer surface and incorporates Impact Strut technology for safeguarding against drops of up to 12 feet. Plus, it’s made from recycled materials and offers a simple look.

  • Shield Case for Galaxy S24

    Samsung Shield Case for Galaxy S24

    Official Rugged Case

    If you’re looking for a case that safeguards your phone from accidental bumps and scratches, the Shield Case has you covered. With its rugged yet modern design, it not only adds a stylish edge to your phone but also ensures it stays secure and protected wherever you go. It’s also made from eco-conscious material.

  • iBlason Armorbox for Galaxy S24 pbi

    iBlason Armorbox for Galaxy S24

    Rugged Protection

    In partnership with i-Blason

    If you’re looking for a top-notch protective case, consider the i-Blason Armorbox. This sturdy case, made from TPU and PC materials, features raised edges for screen protection, dust and moisture-resistant port covers, and a camera cover as well. Moreover, it offers a kickstand for hands-free viewing experience.

  • Spigen Ultra Hybrid for Galaxy S24 pbi

    Spigen Ultra Hybrid for Galaxy S24

    Best Clear Case

    If you’re looking for a transparent case, consider the Spigen Ultra Hybrid case. It comes with a clear or matte finish, and you have the option to choose from a variety of frame colors. This case has a simple two-piece design and is one of the reliable transparent cases for Galaxy S24 out there.

  • Dbrand Grip Case for Galaxy S24 pbi

    Dbrand Grip Case for Galaxy S24

    Customizable Pick

    If you want a Galaxy S24 case that’s compatible with skins, go for the dbrand grip case. It’s slim, offers a strong grip, and delivers excellent protection. You can even personalize it with over 20 unique skins, and it comes with raised edges to protect your screen and camera from potential damage.

  • 12692439x2_samsung-galaxy-s24__color_onyx-black_16006552.png.1000x1000-w Background Removed.m80

    Casetify Impact Ring Stand Case for Galaxy S24

    Best Kickstand Case

    The Impact Ring Stand Case for the Galaxy S24 is built with EcoShock technology and features a raised bezel to provide all-around protection. It can withstand drops from up to 6.6 feet and offers three times the shock absorption of MIL-STD-810G standards. It now comes with a built-in kickstand for hands-free viewing experience.

  • ringke s24 silicone case

    Ringke Silicone Magnetic for Galaxy S24

    Best Silicone Case

    Ringke’s Liquid Silicone case for the Galaxy now comes with MagSafe compatibility, and it’s available in four different colors. This case incorporates MagSafe wireless charging on S24, even though it officially lacks Qi2 charging. It is available in four color options: Black, Lavender, Stone, and Pink Sand.

  • uag clear case s24

    UAG Plyo Galaxy S24 Case

    Tough Clear Case

    The Plyo series case for S24 provides dependable military-tested 16-foot drop protection along with a sleek, modern design. It is lightweight, equipped with a reliable UAG armor shell and an impact-resistant soft core. They also feature scratch-resistant skid pads and air-soft corners for added cushioning.

  • rokform s24

    Rokform Magnetic Rugged for Galaxy S24

    Magnetic Case with Rugged Protection

    The Rokform S24 case is known for its secure attachment to magnetic surfaces, ensuring extra strength. It offers military-grade drop protection of up to 6 feet. It’s versatile, with an integrated twist-lock mechanism suitable for use on bikes, cars, and more. It also includes magnetic and non-magnetic center RokLock plugs to accommodate various use cases.

  • ZAGG Denali s24

    ZAGG Denali Case for Galaxy S24

    Grippy Case

    The ZAGG Denali case for the S24 is made with graphene. Graphene’s thinness, flexibility, and heat conductivity make it the perfect choice for unbeatable case protection. Plus, it features an antimicrobial agent that defends against microorganisms. Plus, Denali is environmentally friendly, as it’s made with up to 100% post-recycled material.

  • caseology_parallax-case-for-samsung-galaxy-s24

    Caseology Parallax case for Galaxy S24

    Premium Case at Low Price

    Caseology Parallax case for S24 is a great option providing a comfortable and ergonomic grip. Plus, the raised edges ensure your cameras and screen stay protected. This slim case won’t interfere with wireless charging and comes in three stylish colors. It’s a durable and flexible option for your phone.

  • spidercase s24

    Spidercase Clear Case for Galaxy S24

    Best Value

    $15 $20 Save $5

    If you’re in search of an affordable and dependable clear case, the Spidercase Clear Case for the Galaxy S24 is a solid choice. It boasts a unique ergonomic design and is made from anti-slip Germany Bayer materials, along with anti-oxidant coatings to prevent fingerprints and marks. Plus, it’s compatible with wireless charging and won’t yellow over time.

  • S24 Wallet case pbi

    Samsung S-View Wallet Case for Galaxy S24

    Versatile Official Case

    Samsung’s official S-View offers a handy card slot inside the flap for holding a few cards. Additionally, it features a window that displays the time and battery charge. It seamlessly works with the Galaxy S24 series, allowing you to protect your phone while still seeing essential information. It is available in four colors.

  • uag plsama xte s24

    UAG Plasma XTE for Galaxy S24 case

    Premium Rugged Option

    The UAG Plasma XTE case for the S24 has everything you need. It offers an impressive 20 feet of tough drop protection and features a built-in magnet module that works seamlessly with all third-party accessories. Plus, it comes with a handy fold-out metal kickstand for easy viewing angles when you’re on the move.

  • torro-samsung-galaxy-s24-plus-leather-black-red-white Medium

    Torro Leather case for S24

    Best Leather Case

    The TORRO leather case for the Galaxy S24 is crafted from genuine cowhide leather, ensuring both style and durability. It provides sturdy protection and comes with a built-in stand. It features 3 credit/debit cards slots and has a magnetic clasp that keeps the case securely close. Not to worry, it is compatible with wireless charging as well.

  • otterbox-defender-series-pro-for-galaxy-s24 Backgrou

    Otterbox Defender Series Pro for Galaxy S24

    Reliable and Rugged

    OtterBox Defender for S24 features a thicker build, making it exceptionally durable against drops compared to its rivals. It comes in three colors: black, baby blue, and purple. Besides its ruggedness, the case provides a comfortable grip, features an anti-microbial coating, and includes holster clips for easy attachment to bags and belts.

Our Recommendation

If you’ve gone through the list of the best Samsung Galaxy S24 cases and are still unsure about which case to buy, here are some of our recommended choices:

Best Overall

When it comes to the best case for Samsung Galaxy S24, Pitaka’s MagEZ Case stands out as a top choice. Made with aramid fiber, this case is both strong and durable all while being lightweight, so it won’t add bulk to your device. Weighing just 0.67 oz and measuring a mere 0.05 in, it’s incredibly slim and light. It has an excellent in-hand feel ad even adds MagSafe charging to your S24. Although it comes with a slightly high price tag, it’s undeniably the top choice for your S24.

Rugged Case

If you’re looking for a rugged case for your Samsung S24, Supcase UB Pro case is an excellent choice. It features multi-layer TPU and polycarbonate materials for ultimate drop protection. Moreover, this case packs a built-in screen protector, a rotating belt clip holster, and a handy kickstand for hands-free viewing. Another excellent option is the OtterBox Defender series case, which also comes with multi-layer protection but offers comfortable and handy grip.

Clear Case

If you’re looking for a reliable clear case for your Galaxy S24, consider the Spidercase Clear Case. It is budget friendly and offers a unique ergonomic design, up to 10ft drop protection, and anti-oxidant coatings to prevent fingerprints and marks. It also supports wireless charging and has anti-yellowing properties. However, if you prefer a more established brand, the Spigen Ultra Hybrid Clear case is a good alternative.

Stylish Case

For those looking for a stylish case that adds a personal touch, Casetify Impact Ring Stand case is a great choice. There are hundreds of designs to choose from, and this case still provides rugged protection from up to 6.6 feet drops. Moreover, this case packs a kickstand for hands-free viewing experience. The dbrand Grip case is an excellent option, allowing you to customize your case with their skins, while providing top-notch protection.

Silicone Case

If you’re looking for a reliable Silicone case for your Galaxy S24, we recommend you to go with the Ringke Silicone Magnetic case. It provides dust-resistant premium silicone for a secure grip and even adds MagSafe functionality to your S24. Another great option is the Samsung Grip Case, which not only features a silicone build but also enhances grip and includes a built-in kickstand for your phone.

Leather Case

For those seeking a top leather case, the Torro Leather Case is a standout option. It is crafted from genuine cowhide leather for both both style and durability. It comes with a built-in kickstand and even offers three cards slots for added convenience.

Wallet Case

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a wallet case for your S24, the Samsung S-View Wallet Case is a great pick. This case features a wallet slot inside the flap for cards and a window that displays essential information like notifications, time and battery charge.

Galaxy S24 Black pbi

Samsung Galaxy S24

Samsung Galaxy S24 is the latest compact flagship from the brand. It ships with a 6.2-inch AMOLED display, a powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset, a reliable triple camera setup, and plenty of useful AI features, including a magic photo editor, Circle to Search, and more.

s24 plus pbi

Samsung Galaxy S24+

Samsung Galaxy S24+ ships with a 6.7-inch AMOLED display, a powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, and a reliable triple camera setup that can capture moments. It also packages several AI features, including a generative AI-based photo editor and other useful implementations.


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