The Meta Ray-Ban smart glasses just got a big AI update, but you should act fast to get access


What you need to know

  • The Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses can now analyze a photo to tell you what you’re looking at.
  • The new multimodal AI features also include Bing search results to your queries.
  • These features are only available via an early-access beta in the U.S., but will roll out globally next year. 

At Meta Connect 2023, CEO Mark Zuckerberg promised that the company’s new Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses would be able to analyze your surroundings, similar to Google Lens, starting in 2024. Now it turns out that U.S. smart glasses owners can get a head start if they’re quick.

On Instagram, Zuckerberg showed off the Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses‘ new multimodal AI tech in several use cases. He asked the Meta AI what to wear with a striped shirt, what type of fruit something was, and to translate a Spanish meme into English. 


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