The Geekom Mini IT11 is a great PC for your office and living room


Geekom is a well-known company in the mini PC space. The company basically specializes in small form factor PCs. These types of PCs are great for those who are tight on desk space or want something that can power their living room entertainment. If that’s you, then the Geekom Mini IT11 could be for you.

Small and powerful

Small form factor PCs usually have to sacrifice certain things compared to their larger counterparts. Sometimes this means going with a smaller GPU (or no GPU at all), smaller fans, and so on.

If you’re worried that the small size of the Geekom Mini IT11 means you’ll be taking a drastic hit in performance, you won’t. At least not entirely.

We won’t lie and say that the Mini IT11 can do everything a gaming or production rig can do, but it definitely punches above its weight. The PC can be configured to use the 11th Gen Intel Core i7 processor, which should be more than enough power to run day-to-day things.

It also uses Intel’s Iris XE graphics which offers a marked improvement of 1.5x over its predecessor. This will allow you to run games and also professional applications (more on that later). The Mini IT11 can also be configured with up to 64GB of DDR4 RAM, which is more than enough for most people.

It also packs a PCIe SSD so when it comes to read and write speeds, you don’t have to worry about speed.

Play games or work

We mentioned that the Mini IT11, despite its size, is a more than capable PC. If you want to use it in your living room as a media center for streaming shows and movies, you can. But if you want to do work or play games, you can do that too.

Geekom’s website lists games such as Overwatch 2, Elden Ring, League of Legends, and Metro Redux, just to name a few, that the PC is capable of running. The company says in some cases, you can even play at 1080p at 60 fps at higher settings.

The built-in fan should help keep everything nice and cool. Geekom says that even under max load, users should expect the PC to produce less than 45dB of noise. If you’ve ever heard the fans kicking in on a laptop and PC, then you can probably appreciate how quiet this is. If noise is a concern to you, then this should be a selling point.

It is also a great PC for production work. If you work with files that need to be opened using Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, or Illustrator, you will have no problems doing so.

There are a host of display connections on the back of the PC. This includes mini DP, HDMI, and two USB-C ports. If you prefer using a multi-display setup, Geekom says that the Mini IT11 can support multiple 8K displays. This should offer a nice boost in productivity.

Other features that might be useful for gaming or work include support for Bluetooth 5.2 and WiFi 6.

User upgradeable

One of the problems with PCs that you buy directly from manufacturers is that they aren’t very upgradeable. PC makers generally prefer if customers upgrade directly from them, but this is usually the more expensive route.

The Mini IT11 is already priced pretty competitively, but if you want to save even more money, you can opt for the model that you can afford first. This is because Geekom has designed the PC to make it easy to upgrade in terms of memory.

Unlike some PC makers that rely on glue or soldered components, upgrading the RAM or storage of the Mini IT11 is straightforward. Users can just unscrew the case and install their RAM and memory with relative ease.

Pricing and availability

If you’re interested in the Geekom Mini IT11, it is priced starting at $359 for the Intel i5 model. For those buying directly from Geekom’s website, be sure to use the phandroid20off coupon code to knock $20 off the price. Those who prefer to do their shopping on Amazon can use the PHIT114OFF for a similar discount.

Our readers in the UK will also be able to get in on this deal from the Geekom UK website or Amazon UK by using the phandroid20off and PHITUK04 coupon codes respectively.

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