The Galaxy S24’s Instant Slow-Mo is the most magical AI feature I’ve ever used


For a few years, new smartphones would often claim to have the best slow-motion video, culminating with the Galaxy S9’s ability to shoot 960FPS slow-motion video. Since then, though, we haven’t seen any big revelations, as most new phones still offer the same slow-motion video options that have been around since the Galaxy S9.

But that all changes with the advent of Instant Slow-Mo on the Samsung Galaxy S24, a new feature that lets you add slow motion to any video. Yes, even the old ones. If you were looking for a great reason to preorder a Galaxy S24, this is it.

Prior to the Galaxy S24, the only real way to have proper slow-motion video was, of course, to record the video using a phone’s slow-motion mode. If you happened to forget to do that, you were generally out of luck. Sure, you could “slow” the video down, but that only really drags out the frames, making the video feel choppy.

(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

But Samsung’s new Instant Slow-Mo feature uses the power of AI to create new frames, keeping videos as smooth as in their original capture. Now, every single video you have in your digital photo album can be easily slowed down and over-dramatized with ease!


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