T-Mobile now offers free Hulu, but with two big catches


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  • T-Mobile is adding free Hulu as a perk for subscribers on January 24, 2024.
  • However, the subscription includes ads and is only available specifically for Go5G Next subscribers.
  • Regardless, Go5G Next customers will have four free streaming subscriptions by the end of this month.

Today, T-Mobile gives certain subscribers three free streaming subscriptions. Netflix on Us has been the longest-running promotion, and Apple TV Plus on Us joined the fray recently. Meanwhile, MLB.TV has been perennially offered for free as part of T-Mobile Tuesdays. Now, a new offer is joining: free Hulu.

Starting January 24, 2024, certain T-Mobile subscribers will get free access to Hulu. The Hulu on Us perk will work just like the Netflix and Apple TV Plus promos. Simply connect your T-Mobile account credentials to a new or existing Hulu account, and boom: T-Mobile covers the costs.

Before you get super excited about this, though, there are two significant caveats that don’t apply to the other three streaming offers. First, this is only available for customers on the Go5G Next plan. All other plans do not include free Hulu. Being that Go5G Next is T-Mo’s most expensive plan, it will eliminate a significant portion of its users from accessing this perk.

Additionally, your free Hulu subscription is the base-level one that includes advertisements. The Netflix, Apple, and MLB.TV promos are all ad-free, making this Hulu offer much less valuable.

Still, free streaming is free streaming. The Hulu (With Ads) subscription would normally cost you $7.99 each month, or $95.88 annually. That’s not bad, even if you only tune in once in a while.


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