Some OnePlus 12R units aren’t playing nice with Verizon


We’re sure that many were excited when OnePlus announced the global launch of the OnePlus 12R. A handset for around $500 with pretty much flagship hardware? It’s an easy sell. Unfortunately for some OnePlus 12R owners in the US, it seems that they are running into issues using their phones with Verizon.

Note that not all users have these issues. There are some using it just fine, but there are still quite a number of complaints on the XDA Forums of users encountering problems. According to some of these complaints, they were told that the OnePlus 12 is allowlisted on the Verizon network but the 12R isn’t.

The good news is that OnePlus is aware of the problem. In a statement made to Android Authority, the company says that they are investigating the problem. They also say that they are working with Verizon to rectify it.

“The OnePlus 12R is able to work with all major carriers and on all major 5G networks in the US, including Verizon. We are currently investigating unexpected cases that users may be having with Verizon’s network, and are working with the carrier to resolve the issue as soon as possible.”

This isn’t to say you shouldn’t buy the OnePlus 12R. If you do and you plan to use it with Verizon, there is a chance you could be affected. It also seems that there are no issues using it with T-Mobile or AT&T. Those are carriers you might want to consider if you think that this is a deal-breaker.


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