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A Detailed Guideline of SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is truly one of the best ways to reach potential clients and keep them up-to-date about your services. The technique has quickly become the norm rather than exception.

Prior to deciding if you should go for sms marketing as a useful tool for your business, let’s see as to what all of this means and how it works. It’s also a fact that we all want to reach a bigger audience through marketing but it’s not that easy.

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing aka text message marketing, is an ingenious method by which businesses as well as organizations send out exclusive deals, coupons, promotions, alerts, and even more through highly chosen, permission-based, opt-in text messages. It is worth mentioning here that these SMS messages are limited to a max of 160 characters.

The reason why SMS marketing campaigns are such a stand-out tool is just because these mostly revolve around a keyword and a shortcode. Folks who opt-in to a campaign will be sent a greeting message with the keyword and shortcode.

Why is SMS Marketing the way to go?

While keeping in view the fact that almost everyone has access to a smartphone in the modern world, SMS marketing can turn out to be a game-changer in most of the cases. Besides, you couldn’t agree more that these users also spend a specific amount of their time on these devices.

While keeping in view the aforementioned facts and figures, there’s a proportionate chance that your SMS messages will reach your subscribers. Just imagine how quickly you check your phone after you hear the notification come in for a text message.

In case of other marketing platforms such as billboards, radio ads and even email marketing, the engagement can be less. On the contrary, you don’t need to worry about engagement in case of SMS marketing. The coolest thing is that your audience is just a text away.

How does SMS Marketing work?

It is true beyond the shadow of doubt that SMS marketing can be highly beneficial. The reason why businesses prefer this form of marketing is just because it’s a quick, efficient, and economical way to access their target audience.

The cost of SMS marketing in comparison to other marketing campaigns is very little. Just in case if you don’t want to pay the specialised companies to help with your text messaging, you can hire a special programmer to build a custom texting program for you.

Regardless of the fact as to which way you opt to go, the costs are minimal in comparison to the ROI you observe from setting up and running a substantial mobile marketing campaign.

Best Practices for SMS Marketing

1. Timing of your messages is crucial

As compared to email that is merely checked a few times on a daily basis, people opt to open text messages almost immediately. This works really great for urgent messages, but you don’t have to abuse this power by annoying contacts at odd hours in the day.

To prove the aforementioned point valid, it is worth mentioning here that there are certain countries that even have laws about when you can send marketing text messages.

2. Be clever and concise

Once your potential clients have expressed a will in hearing from you, try not to spoil the privilege. When you are sending any sms marketing message, be clever, precise, and engaging. Try to offer them something exclusive they can’t deny or a piece of information that really matters.

Just in case if you aren’t striking the right balance, you are definitely running the risk of opt-outs and your valuable contact list will quickly shrink. If done exceptionally, your customer may offer you the same attention level as a text from a friend.

In addition, you should also make the opt-out process concise. If your customers can’t opt out, they’re most likely to start complaining and thus resulting in potential filtering of your messages at the end.

3. Use SMS to complement the remaining marketing strategy 

The best thing about digital marketing is that there are various channels that you can use to interact with your customers. All of these channels combine together to form a marketing communication system that establishes businesses to build relationships with clients and leads at great scale.

SMS and email marketing are two of the most wonderful channels that are so complementary. You can create wondrous campaigns through both of these channels, using email for including more thorough information and SMS to communicate more time-sensitive or compulsory information.

4. Be converse and respond in ideal time

By sending an sms message, you’re making a close connection with your clients and offering them the opportunity to respond and give you precious feedback on your products. They may profess as to how much they value your brand, use a coupon to shop an online product, or start a productive conversation.

The ideal way to keep them engaged is by making the most of an auto-responder to immediately and automatically send personalized and follow-up sms messages.

Wrapping Up

While keeping in view the fact that SMS marketing helps you to communicate with your potential clients through an efficient way, it is highly advisable that you should make the most of sms marketing to flourish your business by leaps and bounds.






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