September 2021 Report & Analysis. Here we go again, another lucrative… | by Alyona Shepilova | The CPAY Blog


Here we go again, another lucrative month for Cryptopay. Oh, and Bitcoin trades above $55k again, too. Dive right in to know more!

Total September 2021 revenue: €1,619,586
September 2021 Revenue share: €161,959
Share per 100 CPAY: €0.179
Distribution date: October 11th, 2021
September 2021 Revenue share in ETH: 52.3552 ETH

Another month went by, and Bitcoin is up $10k, now trading just below $55k. Meanwhile, most altcoins are still treading water or even seeing red. JPMorgan named 3 potential reasons for the BTC’s recent success (+35% since the beginning of October). The first of them is the newly awakened interest from institutional investors — apparently, they’re regarding Bitcoin as a better solution in hedging against inflation than gold. The second is the Lightning Network (layer 2 payment method) or rather Twitter boosting the former: wholeheartedly embracing the progress, the inhabitants of Twitterland can now leave tips in Bitcoin via Strike — a payments application built on the Bitcoin Lightning Network. For what it’s worth the third reason seems to be the US politicians and their heartfelt reassurances that they’re not planning to go too hard on crypto (not like China does, anyway). Stablecoins, on the other hand, are another matter entirely. As always, can’t wait to see where it takes us.

What did September 2021 bring us? B2B is up 5%: the old merchants are feeling strong, and the new ones likewise are ready to give them a ride for their money. Our sales managers have had a nice productive time at conferences in Barcelona and Amsterdam — and there we permit ourselves to hope that as we’re getting back to how things were, the new events will bring us many new clients (staying cautious as always, of course, better safe than sorry). Sustainable growth requires resources, and so we’re adding new blood to our team.

As for B2C, both card deposits and the card programme are pretty much the same as we left them the last time. Wallet exchange operations feel a tad under the weather, so B2B has to work double (which our colleagues impressively do). We’re finishing the new onboarding process, continuing to redesign web and app, and are making plans for 4Q 2021- 1Q 2022. All of this should lead to systematic growth and become a basis for new developments. And here’s to that.

Have you noticed the new coins? Add to your portfolio or hit us up in the chat if you want to, uhm, have a nice little chat about them with our Support team (they’ve got things to say!). In either case, don’t miss out! See you soon🙌.

If you came for the revenue share — you can withdraw it here. This guide will remind you how to do it.


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