Save $300 on Roborock Q5+ Cleaner with 7-Week Hands-Free Cleaning


If you’re starting your year by keeping your space clean, a robot vacuum is always a handy cleaner you can consider. It effectively vacuums your floor without requiring effort on your side. Plus, they can also be managed remotely for a total hands-free cleaning. The Roborock Q5+ might be one of the best options out there, and it’s now 43 percent off on Amazon.

For the current price of $399, you get to shave a massive $300 off the regular price of the Roborock Q5+ at $699. More importantly, the plus means this set already includes the base station for automatic dust collection and charging.

Why the Roborock Q5+ is a perfect robot cleaner purchase without breaking your bank

The Roborock Q5+ itself is a reliable and smart robot vacuum cleaner. Its suction power is not as strong as the pricier Roborock Q7+ Max we reviewed, but at 2700 Pa, it does more than the job by suctioning dust and debris. With the efficient brush design, it rids off stubborn hairs from carpets as well.

Like more premium Roborock robot vacuum cleaners, the Q5+ is equipped with LiDAR technology for smart and accurate navigation. This identifies and avoids obstacles while cleaning. Plus, it generates 3D maps of your rooms and floors so you can better manage them on your mobile through the app.

Roborock Q5+
Roborock’s Q5+ robot vacuum cleaner features 2700 Pa suction power. / © Roborock

Between charges, the Roborock Q5+ can cover an area of up to 1,912 sq. feet in 2 hours. On the other hand, the base station with a large 2.5-liter dust bag can hold dirt for up to 7 weeks. Roborock’s Q5+ also supports voice commands through Alexa. However, you need to buy a separate Amazon Echo speaker to take advantage of this feature.

We want to know how do you clean your house or space? Would you think the Roborock Q5+ will be a great cleaning machine in your arsenal? Tell us in the comments.


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