Samsung’s New Update Plans to Address the S24’s Display Woes


After a multitude of complaints surrounding the Galaxy S24’s display issues, it looks like Samsung has finally issued an OTA update designed to fix the problem, which has plagued a number of users. The update is scheduled to go live on February 22 for the Samsung Galaxy S24, S24 Plus, and S24 Ultra.

The new update will provide a fix for the S24’s Display Vividness Option, which was a point of complaint for many users, following several reports that the S24 Ultra’s display looked washed-out. The issue wasn’t limited to the S24 Ultra, as users with the base model Galaxy S24 as well as S24 Plus variants have likewise complained about the issue.

For those unfamiliar with the problem, Samsung’s phones offer a way to adjust the display saturation thanks to selections like Natural and Vivid mode. The latter mode is supposed to introduce a more saturated color profile, although some users state that this isn’t the case on their respective units.

Other features that will come with the software patch include updates to camera functions such as zoom, portrait and night mode, as well as video recording. The update will also bring improvements to Galaxy AI’s language capabilities, such as language recognition and accuracy for the 13 supported languages.

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