Samsung is offering $50 credit if you register your interest in the Galaxy S24 today!


Samsung has confirmed that they will be hosting its next Galaxy Unpacked event later this month on the 17th of January. The event will see the company officially unveil the Galaxy S24 series. Pricing of the phones have yet to be confirmed, but if you’re looking to save some money, you’re in luck.

Samsung has announced a Reserve Offer which will run from the 2nd of January until the 17th of January. This is basically where customers who are interested can register their interest for the upcoming phones, and when they do, they will get $50 in Samsung Credit that they can use towards the purchase of the phone once pre-orders are live.

The best part is that this credit can be used with other discounts and offers that Samsung could be offering with the Galaxy S24 pre-orders, so you will get $50 on top of whatever deal Samsung plans to launch. Also, registering your interest is a no-commitment offer. This means that you only need to register your email to get the $50 credit, so even if you decide you don’t want the Galaxy S24, you can use it towards other Samsung products.

So if you’re interested, click here to go to Samsung’s website and register your name and email address today!

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