Samsung Galaxy S24 marred by new grainy display issues


Samsung makes some of the best displays in the market. They also supply a ton of displays to other companies. But it seems despite their years of experience, they still can’t seem to get it quite right. There are multiple complaints of display issues on the Samsung Galaxy S24 where users are noticing very visible “grains”.

According to a post on Reddit with over 300 responses, it seems that a fair number of users are noticing grains on their Galaxy S24 displays. This isn’t specific to a particular model. Users are reporting that these grains become more obvious when viewing content on darker or gray backgrounds.

If you are hoping that this is a software issue that is fixable via a patch, no such luck as it is most likely a hardware problem. This post on Reddit by u/erodeloeht suggests that this is an issue called “mura”. This is where the individual pixels on the OLED panel struggle to maintain the same brightness as the other pixels.

Some users have had luck exchanging/returning their Galaxy S24 units for new ones where the display issues aren’t present. Some weren’t so lucky. Samsung has yet to comment on the issue but this isn’t the only display problem they are facing. Previously, users were complaining about how the vivid mode on the Galaxy S24 looked dull. Samsung responded claiming it was intentional, but are working on an update to allow users to boost the saturation and contrast.


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