Samsung could be refreshing the Galaxy Watch 4 this year, and we don’t know why


The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 was launched in 2021. Fast forward to 2024, it looks like Samsung is planning to revive the smartwatch. That’s according to a post on X by tipster Roland Quandt who believes a refreshed version of the Galaxy Watch 4 could debut later this year.

Samsung should launch the Galaxy Watch 7 this year, but the refreshed Watch 4 could debut before that. The rumors are claiming that Samsung could equip it with a faster Exynos chipset. We’re not sure why the company is refreshing such an “old” device, but perhaps it could act as a cheaper alternative to the Watch 7.

If that is the case, Samsung could be following in Apple’s footsteps. Despite the Apple Watch Series 9 being the latest model, Apple still carries the Apple Watch SE from 2020. This gives customers a more budget-friendly alternative, so maybe that’s what Samsung is aiming for here.

The Watch 4, at its current pricing, is already cheaper than the Watch 6 at almost half its price. If Samsung maintains it but upgrades it with a faster chipset, it could reignite interest. Take it with a grain of salt, but check back with us later this year for more updates.

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