Samsung and Microsoft collab will turn your Galaxy phone into a PC webcam


What you need to know

  • Samsung announced at CES 2024 that its partnership with Microsoft is set to bring “Intelligent Connectivity” features to its Galaxy Book 4 series and Galaxy phones.
  • One such feature involves turning a user’s Galaxy phone into a webcam for the laptop, packed with AI camera filters, and camera swap abilities.
  • Samsung states it will also bring more AI features to its laptop, courtesy of Microsoft’s AI helper, Copilot for texting and searching.

Following Samsung’s CES 2024 showcase, the company has detailed new features awaiting its smartphones, thanks to its laptop’s new AI chipset.

In a press release, the company highlighted its “New Intelligent Connectivity” features, which involve turning your Galaxy phone into a webcam for the Galaxy Book 4 series. Samsung states users can engage in video conferences on apps like Microsoft Teams.


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