QDOS PowerLink Combi 8-in-1 USB-C Hub – Review.



  • Space Grey, multi-port USB-C Hub with tuck in cable design
  • Charge your USB-C enabled MacBook/laptop with pass through PD charging at Max 87W
  • 10cm built-in cable
  • The slimmest and lightest 8-in-1 hub, easy to transport
  • 1x USB-C (PD 3.0, Max 87W)
  • 3x USB 3.0 (5Gb/s data transfer)
  • 1x SD card reader
  • 1x Micro SD (TF) card reader
  • 1x HDMI (4K display)
  • 1x Audio Jack (3.5mm).

In an era where our collection of devices is constantly expanding, the QDOS PowerLink COMBI emerges as a contemporary tech savior. This space grey, multi-port USB-C hub is more than just a gadget; it’s an essential tool for those reliant on digital technology. It’s a compact dynamo that pledges to de-clutter your workspace and un-complicate your connectivity requirements. Let’s delve into the realm of QDOS PowerLink COMBI and ascertain if it genuinely matches its acclaim.


Let’s start with the visual appeal. The QDOS PowerLink COMBI’s space grey hue is not just stylish, but also adaptable, harmonizing effortlessly with a broad spectrum of devices, particularly those within the Apple ecosystem. The inclusion of a tuck-in cable design is a considerate feature, preventing your bag from becoming a jumble of wires. The hub’s slender and featherweight structure attests to its portability, making it the perfect travel accessory for today’s professional.

Connectivity and Performance:-

The PowerLink COMBI truly excels in terms of connectivity. It comes with three USB 3.1 ports, providing a rapid transfer speed of 10Gb/s, enabling you to synchronize large files in an instant. The USB-C port, equipped with PD 3.1 and a maximum output of 100W, is a game-changer for users managing power-intensive devices. This feature ensures that your MacBook or laptop remains powered, even when the hub is operational.

The addition of an HDMI port capable of 4K display output caters to the requirements of professionals and creatives who depend on high-resolution external displays for their work. Not to mention the classic 3.5mm audio jack, a cherished feature that many manufacturers have regrettably phased out.

For photographers and videographers, the SD and Micro SD card readers are a blessing, supporting data transfer speeds up to 480Mbps. Collectively, these features transform the QDOS PowerLink COMBI from a mere hub into a comprehensive command center for all your digital needs.

In Use:-

Usng the PowerLink COMBI is as straightforward as connecting and using. Its adaptability with USB-C compatible MacBooks and laptops guarantees that it serves a wide user base. The inbuilt 10cm cable is adequately long for convenient connection, yet sufficiently short to prevent mess. The hub’s capacity to charge rapidly, synchronize smoothly, and display without a hitch isn’t mere promotional rhetoric; it’s a tangible benefit that substantially elevates your technological experience.

One of the standout features of the PowerLink COMBI is its slender and lightweight design. Its portability makes it a breeze to carry around, fitting effortlessly into a laptop bag or even a pocket. For on-the-move professionals and students, this hub is a blessing, providing the advantage of numerous ports without the added heft.


To sum it up, the QDOS PowerLink COMBI is an exceptional supplement to any technological toolkit. It masterfully combines aesthetics and utility, providing substantial connectivity features in a stylish, compact design. Whether you’re a digital wanderer, a creative expert, or simply someone who values an organized workspace, this hub is tailored to cater to your requirements. Its impressive performance, user-friendly nature, and visual charm render it an indispensable device.

The ODOS Powerlink COMBI is available from QDOS and Amazon for £35 


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