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Protect and enhance your Samsung Galaxy S24 with Encased cases


The Samsung Galaxy S24 is not a cheap phone by any means, but you get what you pay for. The phone features the latest smartphone tech available in the market right now. It also features brand new AI software that will change the way we look at our phones. If you plan to keep your Galaxy S24 for a while, then these Encased cases might be worth checking out.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra in the Encased Clear MagSafe Case

The Samsung Galaxy S24 features a similar design as its predecessors. It’s a bit old in the tooth, but it’s still a nice design. The problem with a lot of cases is that they tend to hide the design of the phone, but that’s where the Encased Ultra Clear MagSafe Case shines.

The case features a transparent design that lets you show off the Galaxy S24.

Encased is using a PC backplate and flexible TPU edges that offer a better grip when holding the phone. Shock-absorbing bumpers are in place to protect the phone from impacts during drops. The case also features raised edges along the display and cameras for enhanced protection against drops.

Users also don’t have to worry about the case discoloring as it features anti-yellowing materials.

Also, as the name implies, this case offers MagSafe compatibility. The Galaxy S24 does not come with Qi2 support so this is one of the few cases that will offer compatibility.

For those unfamiliar, Qi2 is based on the MagSafe’s design which means that you can use this case together with other MagSafe and Qi2 wireless charging accessories. It will also help with accessories like phone mounts, docks, wallet attachments, and more.

The Encased Ultra Clear Magsafe Case is priced at $25.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra in the Encased Thin Armor Case

If you’re looking for a Galaxy S24 case that offers protection that won’t break the bank, then the Encased Ultra Thin Armor could fit that bill (and your phone) perfectly. The case utilizes flexible TPU material to provide protection against both drops and scratches. It has a sleek black exterior that creates a minimalist look, so if you want something that looks a bit more “serious”, then the Ultra Thin Armor could be it.

It has a non-slip matte finish that makes the phone nice to grip in your hand. This is versus other cases that might feature materials that are slippery. There are also raised buttons that will provide you with tactile access to the physical buttons of the phone. One thing to note is that the Ultra Thin Armor offers wireless charging compatibility, but it will not be MagSafe or Qi2 compatible.

The Encased Ultra Thin Armor is priced at $20 which is honestly quite value for money.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra in the Encased Titan-X Waterproof Case

Last but not least, we have the Encased Titan-X Ultra Waterproof Case with Belt Clip Holster. We know that everyone uses their phones differently. Some of us keep them in our bags. Some of them keep them in our pockets, but if you need quick access to your phone, then hanging it onto your belt is the answer.

That’s pretty much what the Titan-X Ultra Waterproof Case with Belt Clip Holster offers.

While it is designed for quick access, this is also one of the most rugged cases for the Galaxy S24 we’ve seen so far. The Titan-X has an IP68 rating when it comes to both water and dust resistance which will keep your phone safe for at least 30 minutes in up to 1 meter of water.

It also comes with a built-in screen protector so you’re pretty much good to go right out of the box. The case completely seals its ports to prevent dirt, dust, or water ingress. According to Encased, they have tested it to survive 15-foot drops without any issues. It also features a built-in microphone cover that provides additional protection, and you can easily open and close this flap when making phone calls.

The accompanying belt clip offers users quick and easy access to their phones whenever they need. It can also be rotated so if you need to wear your phone in portrait or landscape orientation, you can.

The Encased Titan-X Ultra Waterproof Case with Belt Clip Holster is priced at $40 and comes with a built-in screen protector, belt holster, and rotating belt clip.


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