Pixel 8a Features Faster Charging Speed Than the Pixel 7a


As spotted buy the publication MySmartPrice, two photos of the Pixel 8a’s box was published by a user known as Hung Nv on a Facebook group. Based on those photos, we can easily guess how much the device’s design will be influenced by the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, sporting rounder corners. Moreover, the rear visor where the dual cameras reside has been updated with a slightly taller profile., making it more prominent.

Google's Pixel 8a retail box
Google’s Pixel 8a is confirmed to feature a faster charging speed / © Facebook/MySmartPrice

The Pixel 8a’s image in front of the packaging is shown in black. This should be a legacy of one of the colors of the Pixel 7a (review), aptly known as Charcoal. It’s unclear what other colors the handset will be offered in, but a previous leak suggested the existence of a blue colorway.

Google Pixel 8a’s advantage over the Pixel 7a is the charging speed

Based on the text shown behind, you will not find anything to make your pulse race at first glance. However, eagle-eyed observers will notice how the Pixel 8a was listed with a USB PD (Power Delivery) feature and a charging rating of 7.5 to 27 watts. The latter value indicates it should charge faster considering how the Pixel 7a was only rated at 18 watts.

As a reference, the Pixel 7a can be fully recharged from 0 to 100 percent in an hour and 30 minutes. Depending on the battery capacity, the Pixel 8a should likely take approximately an hour to fully replenish its juice, which is still a welcome boost in time saved. Meanwhile, wireless charging speed remains unchanged at 7.5 watts without a charger included.

Google Pixel 8a in blue color
Early live images of the Google Pixel 8a in a blue colorway show rounder corners and a refreshed camera visor. / © X/u/AbishekYadav

Both live hands-on images and renders of Pixel 8a from last year revealed how the Pixel 8a will retain the prominent bezels and a centered punch hole in front. Similarly, dimensions of the new handset don’t differ much from its predecessor, which points to the same 6.1-inch OLED screen size.

Beyond the looks, Pixel 8a should be powered by a notably improved and faster Tensor G3 chipset, albeit at a slower CPU clock speed. It may also get a bigger battery capacity, similar to the standard Pixel 8. It’s unclear if we’re seeing better cameras on the Pixel 8a given last year’s Pixel 7a arrived with a new primary shooter.

Do you prefer this new Pixel 8a design? How would you change its specifications from the Pixel 7a? Share your thoughts with us.


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