Phil Spencer Gives Statement Regarding Xbox Rumours


The gaming landscape has seen a lot of change over the past year, with multiple layoffs, transitions, and acquisitions affecting some of the biggest names in the industry. With that in mind, Microsoft’s Xbox division head Phil Spencer recently posted a statement of sorts clarifying persistent rumors surrounding the Xbox console line.

More specifically, these rumors include predictions claiming that Microsoft is planning to make several of its exclusive video game IPs available on rival platforms such as Sony’s PlayStation family of consoles, as well as on Nintendo systems. Commenting via his social media page, Spencer stated that Microsoft is planning a “business update event” regarding the company’s vision for the future of Xbox.

Aside from the announcement of the upcoming presentation however, not much else was shared in the short Tweet. It’s predicted by some that Microsoft might even go so far as to ditch its Xbox consoles in favor of instead developing third-party content for competing platforms, similar to what SEGA did after exiting the console market.

Just recently, Microsoft moved forward with a massive number of layoffs, cutting as much as 1900 jobs from its Xbox division as well as its recently-acquired Activision Blizzard studios.


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