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As has been custom for a while, CES 2024 kicked off the calendar year with an impressive collection of tech products. Be it updates to devices from the past year or all-new hardware, there was much to experience and learn about on and off the show floor.

At Pocketnow, we’ve combed through the numerous announcements, which brought about a feeling of innovation, charm, and, in general, excitement to come up with our Best of CES 2024 list. So, let’s look at the products that won our hearts without further ado.

Hisense 110UX ULED TV

hisense best of ces 2024

To start our list, we have the Hisense 110UX ULED TV that uses Mini LED technology. This display — also a CES 2024 Innovation Award Honoree — is an engineering feat that we find astonishing. It boasts a peak brightness of 10,000 nits and features 40,000 local dimming zones, meaning a visual experience setting a high bar for display performance. The TV is also bound to impress with color reproduction, covering 95% of the BT.2020 color palette.

Looking past some of this hardware info, the Hisense 110UX also implements a 16-bit AI neural chipset that powers the Hi-View Engine X, which helps with image upscaling. The TV even supports Dolby Atmos Flex Connect to let you create the best listening experience for your watch parties.

ASUS ROG Phone 8 Pro

asus zenfone best of ces 2024 pocketnow 2

When it comes to gaming phones, the ROG Phone series has been a stalwart. And for 2024, ASUS is bringing the ROG Phone 8 Pro with refinements that make it more suitable for day-to-day use, all while retaining many of its gaming aspects.

The ROG Phone 8 will ship in Q1 2024 — retailing for $1200 — and brings a 6.78-inch FHD+ LTPO AMOLED display that can refresh at 165Hz. It’s also protected by Corning’s Gorilla Glass Victus 2. And powering the phone is the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor — supported by a 5,500 mAh cell — the flagship chipset from Qualcomm that’s taken the fight to Apple’s mobile silicon dominance.

Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Gen 5 Hybrid

lenovo thinkbook plus best of ces 2024 pocketnow

Nailing the 2-in-1 form factor is something we’ve seen many companies struggle with, and while Lenovo has its Yoga series, which offers some of the best hardware and a bang for the buck experience, it’s not willing to stop.

At CES, Lenovo showed off the ThinkBook Plus Gen 5 Hybrid, and this device is taking the 2-in-1 term a little too word-for-word, giving users access to a device that runs both Android and Windows.

The Lenovo ThinkBook Plus is a Windows laptop powered by Intel’s Core Ultra processors when connected to its keyboard. And, when disconnected from the keyboard, it becomes an Android tablet powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 1.

It’s an adaptable device that we can’t wait to experience when it enters production and becomes available in the market for $2000 in Q2 2024.


casetify best of ces 2024 pocketnow

At CES 2024, CASETiFY took to the stage to announce a comprehensive lineup of cases for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S24 series that’s expected to launch at the Galaxy Unpacked event on January 17. These accessories come with a unique array of finishes and also offer features that aim to add convenience.

CASETiFY is also introducing the Snappy Magnetic Ring, which brings the ability to use magnetic accessories with devices that don’t have the necessary hardware. The most notable of its upcoming product lineup is the Impact Ring Stand Case, which can withstand 2-meter drops — due to the EcoShock absorbing technology.

Rabbit R1

rabbit r1 best of ces 2024 pocketnow

Next up, we have the Rabbit R1. This is a compact computing device that aims to harness the power of Large Action Models, in addition to the LLMs that we’ve grown accustomed to in the past year, to make life more seamless for users.

Retailing for $199, this pocket device markets itself as a tool that will learn and interact with websites and other built-out workflows to accomplish tasks for users. It’s simple: ask for what you want, and the device will jump through the traditional app-based workflow for you, delivering the end result. While it doesn’t accomplish anything you can’t already do with a few taps on your iPhone, the seamless scenario that Rabbit is marketing has us excited to see how it evolves, especially as the device is expected to make its way into the hands of users this year.

ASUS Zenbook Duo

asus oled best of ces 2024 pocketnow

The ASUS Zenbook Duo made its way to the CES show floor with a form factor that we saw in 2023, but its primary appeal is in the refinement it brings to the experience and also the top-of-the-line hardware.

The ASUS Zenbook Duo is the definition of eye candy with its sharp 14-inch 3K OLED displays. You can maximize productivity with these displays with the help of the detachable magnetic keyboard and the built-in kickstand.

The device is expected to start at $1500, and if you choose to upgrade, you can choose to deck it out with the Intel Core Ultra 9 and 32GB of RAM.


clicks best of ces 2024 pocketnow

If you’re someone who appreciates tactile feedback when typing away, the shift away from physical keyboards on smartphones may have been something you wish didn’t happen. To provide some respite, CES 2024 brought with it the Clicks Keyboard Case for iPhone.

The product comes with a backlit keyboard that replicates the digital one on your iPhone and connects to it via the Lightning/USB-C port. Once connected, the keyboard on your iPhone will disappear, giving you access to a lot more screen real estate. If you’re a power user who has been looking for a compact keyboard solution for working on the go (and not just texting, although that’s fine, too), this is something to keep an eye out for!

Samsung Odyssey G9

samsung best of ces 2024 pocketnow

To help gamers deck out their setups this year, Samsung is introducing an updated version of the Samsung Odyssey G9 monitor. The screen comes fitted with a matte panel that’s perfect for limiting light reflections on the OLED panel. It also comes with several of Samsung’s smart features for monitors, with the most notable being the Multi-View mode that will allow you to track up to three different activities on the 49-inch curved screen at one time.


tcl qm8 best of ces 2024 pocketnow

The TCL QM8 has belonged at the top of most television lists when it comes to finding a product that delivers excellent picture quality, and at CES 2024, the manufacturer took the wraps off another iteration where it improves upon last year’s hardware. It still features Mini LED technology and is available in 4 different sizes. As for key specs, it boasts a peak brightness of 5,000 nits and also has 5,000 dimming zones. For those interested in large screens, there’s even a new 115-inch iteration in the QM family that’s worth looking at!


tcl best of ces 2024 pocketnow

TCL’s NXTPAPER technology has continued to improve year-on-year, and this year at CES 2024, the NXTPAPER-based product that took us by surprise is the NXTPAPER 14 Pro. This device implements the NXTPAPER technology in an interesting manner, as with the flip of a switch, you will be able to swap seamlessly between a stripped-down experience and one that displays a wide array of colors. Other appealing aspects of this tablet are the 2.8K resolution on the panel and the MediaTek Dimensity 8020 chip (with 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage).

LG Signature OLED T

lg best of ces 2024 pocketnow

A head turner at CES 2024, the LG Signature OLED T is a device that brings the awe factor back into technology.

Based on the concept showcased at CES 2023, the LG Signature OLED T features a transparent panel that you can see through or display content upon. While it’s still unclear how much the device will retail for, if you’re looking for something truly new, it doesn’t get better than this.

And if you’re wondering about actual usability, there’s a contrast film to ensure you’re able to enjoy your TV for what it is. But when you’re in transparent mode, there are quite a few software changes that will help increase immersion. It’s surely a unique product and one that’s interesting to see making its way to production rather than remaining as vaporware.

Xreal Air 2 Ultra

xreal best of ces 2024 pocketnow

Last on the list is the Xreal Air 2 Ultra; this new set of glasses offers another option for users who are interested in the mixed reality-based future. It features a lightweight titanium frame and is compatible with a vast range of devices.

It also further builds upon the Xreal Air 2, featuring two 3D cameras on its front to help capture the environment around you and then project information on it. As for the displays within the glasses, they are micro OLED panels from Sony with a 1920×1080 resolution per eye.

For $699, the Xreal Air 2 sets itself up for success as it undercuts the Meta Quest Pro and the Apple Vision Pro; we will keep a keen eye on this product and how it develops throughout the year.


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