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Other Android phones will get Circle to Search, but it’ll take a little while


What you need to know

  • Samsung suggests that Circle to Search will be available on other Android phones starting October.
  • Like most Google features, Circle to Search will eventually reach other Android devices, although for the majority of the year, it remains restricted to Galaxy and Pixel phones.
  • Delayed release until September could be a strategic move to build hype and exclusivity for upcoming Google and Samsung launches, including the rumored Pixel 8a and Galaxy Z Fold 6 / Z Flip 6.

Samsung has revealed that Circle to Search will be exclusive to Google and Samsung phones for the majority of the year.

Samsung had quite the brag fest in a press release about the Galaxy S24 series smashing sales records in the Netherlands. The company also dropped a bomb: Circle to Search is ditching exclusivity and coming to other Android phones by October this year.


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