OnePlus Exec Shares Camera Samples of OnePlus 12


If you look at the past flagships from OnePlus, you can’t deny that they come with robust camera configurations. But even with better hardware, OnePlus has always struggled with camera performance. After all, in the smartphone photography world, it’s more about optimization and computation tricks rather than hardware. Well, that changed with the OnePlus Open. And the OnePlus 12 will take it to the next step.

Just two days ago, OnePlus confirmed that the upcoming flagship will feature Sony’s new Lytia dual-layer sensor. It will equip the OnePlus 12 with a better camera configuration than the OnePlus Open. And as the camera samples from Li Jie Louis showcase, the phone is also about to come with better optimizations.

A Closer Look at the Camera Samples of OnePlus 12

As the name suggests (dual-layer), the brand-new sensor of the OnePlus 12 comes with a stacked design. This design improves the sensor’s ability to gather light. As a result, with optimized algorithms, it’s possible to take some amazing shots. And it seems that OnePlus has nailed it in that regard.

Gizchina News of the week

The teaser photos posted by Li Jie Louis, the president of OnePlus in China, showcase the OnePlus 12’s capability to handle tricky lighting conditions. As you can see from the images attached below, the captures show stunning detail. Even the region under the shadow has proper exposure.

In addition to these images, Li Jie Louis compared the camera performance of the OnePlus 12 with the Xiaomi 14 Pro. He shared three sets of pictures, which were taken by both phones. He didn’t mention which set is from which device, though.

Both phones showcase their great camera performance in the photos attached above. But by taking a closer look, you’ll notice that the left image from each set is slightly better than the other. Considering the fact that these photos come from Li Jie Louis, it’s likely that the better photos are from the OnePlus 12.


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