OnePlus 12’s First Hefty Update Adds the Vibrant Ultra HDR


As OnePlus is starting to ship the OnePlus 12 (review) and OnePlus 12R globally, it has also rolled out the first software update for both Android smartphones. This is no ordinary update for the OnePlus 12, as this comes in a hefty size and adds saucy features including the “ProXDR” which is called Ultra HDR on Pixels and Super HDR on the Samsung Galaxy S24.

What is ProXDR on OnePlus 12

For starters, OnePlus 12’s ProXDR mode is essentially the same as with the Android 14’s Ultra HDR multimedia format on Google or Samsung’s smartphones. Ultra HDR is an upgraded version of the HDR that we’ve known of. The difference is that Ultra HDR photos possess more natural and life-like colors in addition to increased dynamic range.

But unlike with HDR, viewing ProXDR or Ultra HDR files requires supported hardware, which is present on the OnePlus 12, Galaxy S24 series (review), and Google’s Pixel 8 (review) and Pixel 7 series. Additionally, shooting Ultra HDR content may require a capable camera, although this is something that can be remedied through a software trick, and Google said Ultra HDR is backward compatible with JPEG.

And as it appears, ProXDR can only be utilized when viewing the said formats on Google Photos app at the moment. OnePlus has not given any clues if it will support third-party apps similar to what’s available on the Galaxy S24, being the first device to bring Ultra HDR on camera previews and uploads for select third-party apps like Instagram.

What else is coming with this first OnePlus 12 update

Elsewhere, the first system update for OnePlus 12, tipping at 6.7 GB, includes a few fixes and additions. Particularly, OnePlus added the “Master mode” when using the default camera app on the camera phone. This new mode gives users access to Hasselblad color tuning controls.

There are also improvements in the overall stability of OxygenOS 14 on the OnePlus 12, which is a skinned version of Android 14. Along with it, there are enhancements when using the fingerprint scanner, NFC, and Wi-Fi.

OnePlus 12R
OnePlus 12R in graphite or black color. / © Weibo/OnePlus

OnePlus 12R first software update

A smaller firmware for the OnePlus’ mid-ranger 12R has also been released this week (via Android Authority). The most notable change associated with the device update is in the camera department. OnePlus says that the software should improve the camera performance and lowlight photography on the OnePlus 12.

Other than that, the usual system enhancements are also covered in addition to fixes in NFC and networks. The update is already available for OnePlus 12R in India, so it should come as a first out-of-the-box update for users who are yet to receive their units.

Have you already tried the new Ultra HDR? How can you distinguish it from standard HDR? Share with us your experiences in the comments.


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