OnePlus 12 teardown video reveals huge vapor chamber


The OnePlus 12 is the hottest new Android flagship to launch in China and local media have already begun testing the device in every imaginable way, including a complete teardown performed by the WekiHome team. The full video details the complex structures inside the new OnePlus flagship and gives us a closet look at all of the OnePlus 12’s key components.

The process starts by removing the SIM tray and heating up the back glass until the adhesive is ready to be pried off. The motherboard and the rest of the key components are hidden behind a three-piece plastic cover which also incorporates the wireless charging pad and NFC antenna as well as the LED flash and ambient light sensor.

OnePlus 12 teardown

OnePlus 12 teardown

We then see the three camera sensors headlined by Sony’s 50MP dual-layer stacked Lytia 808 sensor and the 70mm equivalent 64 MP telephoto periscope module with 3x optical zoom and OIS. The motherboard also features a dual-stacked design with a special copper foil aiding the heat dissipation process around the chipset.

OnePlus 12 features a 9,140 mm2 vapor chamber

OnePlus 12 features a 9,140 mm2 vapor chamber

The teardown then proceeds to gut the phone until we reach the massive vapor chamber below the phone’s screen. The video also emphasizes the multiple rubber gaskets protecting the phone from water damage which goes with the IP65 rating.


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