Not a fan of YouTube ads? Then a VPN could be the answer


The ads on YouTube can be a bit annoying sometimes, which is why many users are resorting to ad blockers. Unfortunately, YouTube has started an aggressive campaign against ad blockers. If you want to watch YouTube without ads without relying on ad blockers, then perhaps the answer could be a VPN.

A post on Reddit has revealed that setting up a VPN and selecting Albania as your location could offer a workaround for YouTube ads. The comments claim that apparently it’s illegal to stream ads in Albania, but Android Police doesn’t think so. Instead, they cite a Euronews article in which it explains that this is because Google’s ad platform doesn’t support the Albanian language yet.

This means that once they activate it, ads could appear, although the exact timing remains uncertain. We haven’t tested it out for ourselves yet, but the comments on Reddit all seem to suggest that it really does work. Unfortunately, we believe this won’t serve as a long-term solution, especially now that it has become public.

Google will most likely find a way to deal with this as they have done with ad blockers. It’s really only a matter of time before this loophole gets closed, but in the meantime feel free to try it out if you’re curious!


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