Nokia Signs New Multi-Year Agreement with Vivo


After a entering into an agreement concerning 5G technology patents with Oppo, Nokia recently announced that it has also signed a multi-year patent cross-license agreement with Vivo. This agreement between the two companies is the latest development following a legal between Nokia and several notable brands under Chinese company BBK Electronics, which include Vivo and Oppo.

In addition to patent cross-licensing, the agreement will also allow Vivo to sell its handsets in German markets again, effectively undoing a verdict that prevented the brand from marketing its smartphones in select regions. Furthermore, the agreement resolves all pending patent litigation in all jurisdictions, with the terms of the new agreement will remain confidential as agreed by all the parties involved. Jenni Lukander, President of Nokia Technologies comments:

“This is the sixth major smartphone patent license agreement we have signed in the past thirteen months, and we have now almost completed our smartphone license renewal cycle…. We are delighted to have reached an agreement with vivo which reflects mutual respect for each other’s intellectual property rights. vivo is one of the leading players in the global smartphone industry. We look forward to bringing more innovation to their users around the world through our collaboration.”

For those unfamiliar with the whole story, Nokia originally pursued legal action against Oppo and Vivo, citing violations over several patents including those covering 5G technology. This resulted in the sales ban of select products in certain markets including Germany, although the new agreement does change the previous ruling.

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